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    The world tells us that we need to live according to a social contract, that keeps everyone safe, and any variance from it is rebellion. Throughout history those that deviated and rode the wave of innovation and creativity have left the most lasting legacies. When was the last time a cat abided by someone else’s rules? πŸ˜†

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    I’m so happy HRH is home.

    This is what the Ortho said – Hyaluronon is similar to stuff that occurs naturally in the joints. It acts as a lubricant and shock absorber in the joint. It is the last step and its strongly recommended for one time injection. I got an injection in each knee and it hurt (understatement). I have bone spurs in my left knee and he hit those on the first injection. πŸ˜₯ It’s been 8 hours and my knees don’t feel any better.

    I’ll cya l8r and have a happy~

    Kuwa salama na kulala vizuri – Swahilli
    (Be safe and sleep well)



    Crossover pic –



    PG, I’m glad that HRH is home too, and she had better stay there by the sounds of the storm that’s coming. MS, praying for you and everyone there, that you stay safe, protected from any harm or damage from the storm!

    PG, so sorry about your knees. I hope they are feeling better this morning. Bone spurs are (you guessed it) lovely arthritis and it hurts like a b*%ch!! And that’s an understatement. I’m so glad that the shot in the hip I received before my surgery was put in while I was sedated. I always opt for sedation in cases like that, but I don’t know if they do it for knees. The shot is wonderful when it works–mine only lasted for about a week, letting the surgeon know that my hip needed replaced. One of the best things I’ve ever done.

    I like walking on the wild side, I’ve pretty much done it all my life. I do not like being told what to do or how to do it, and pretty much will cut my own nose off to spite my face when that happens. Yes, it’s caused me much grief, must be a personality flaw…. πŸ˜† I do have a personality a lot like a cat. I love dogs, my cats are my heart!



    Paw up, midweek waves from sunny yet still cool around my n’hood!
    Well, ‘puter updates now installed as #10 – so yes, I’m finally #10 LOL

    tuxie with puter
    Tuxie figured it out awhile ago…always has been a purry #10 πŸ™‚
    hump day mug
    Now time for cuppa fave brew and back at it…later!



    *giggling about HRH’s new nicknames, Hussy & Sassypants*
    Hi all – So relieve to hear Shadz came home, defiant one she is. Mama Cat is the first tortie I’ve known closely and I now know firsthand what tortitude is! Sending protective vibes as you deal with the storm.
    I understand those shots take a while to kick in so I sure do hope you are starting to feel better, PG.
    The kitty with the flower hat on catnip cracks me up. Huey got brave and came inside today, knowing there was catnip just inside the door at one time. He played with a toy for a while but then got nervous, so he went out. I don’t make any of the cats stay in but I want them to know it’s a safe place when they need it.
    I like to walk on the wild side too, or at least follow my own path. I do not like to follow, but I don’t go out of my way to lead.



    Paw up waves eastward – Hi Joan πŸ™‚

    Oh agree – MS, happy HRH made it home safe/sound.
    Brought back mems of my once feral kits. Both Crock & Luck were indoor/outdoor kits for awhile after moved in. I used to fret more if they were gone more than a day… Crock moved in permanently after about 6 months – when winter arrived! Lucky took awhile longer as had to do it on his terms: He decided upon a return w/o wearing his collar he was here to stay!
    (Think someone wanted to adopt or just took him…but he “escaped” back to me πŸ˜€ Yay!) Never really wanted to go outside daily again!
    Sigh, Luv my kittehs w/happy mems of Crock heavenward but still have Luck with now diva Scoot!
    Plus today I had a double treat…both Oj and Kiki were around for breakfast! Oj even meowed as hi…first time ever. Kiki is more affectionate – will come for pats w/leg rubs πŸ™‚ OK, back to my desk…still checking out Windows #10…yup, I’m finally a 10 πŸ˜‰



    Hi JK – fond memories of ‘our’ Crockey. Glad Oj & Kiki were around today, it’s always a relief to see the outdoor kits. Scritches to Scoot and Lucky from Auntie Joan.



    Hi all! Stay safe, those of you in foul weather!
    Glad our HRH is back and eating
    I remember our sweet Crockey, she’s probably up to shenigans with Queen Cuddles, Jiggs, Shaddo and many others!
    Sitting on the porch with Caddy in my lap …. its our afternoon routine. ….. our bonding time ….. hope the skeeters dont eat me alive!! L8R all!



    Goodmorning all, the main body of rain and apparently the gale force winds is very close to us now. We had a drizzly night, no dramas. I opened the curtains this morning and found the reason for the odd noise I heard last night. We had a tree down or rather a large shrub. Not sure why as we can’t get through all the branches to wee what went on at ground level yet. Sadly it was HRH’s favourite tree for climbing as the branches were wide and fairly horizontal and ran like highways leading from one to another.
    Heard from Airy and KK and they are about 2 hours away now after an early start. πŸ™‚
    PG, that was interesting reading about the treatment you had for your knee.
    Ouch ouch ouch, I know that ‘bum’ knees are painful anyway without needles and bone spurs adding to it all. Hoping that the pain is easing back by now PG.
    Oh, HRH has been outside and inspected her fallen tree and now she is a prisoner inside and not appreciating our actions at all. She has gone off to bed to sulk but we do a thorough check before we open any door in case she is lurking.
    Huey is getting more inquisitive and braver about coming inside which is good should he need to be inside in the future.
    JK, love how Crock dispensed with the collar and chose you to stay with. Great to hear OJ and Kiki put in an appearance.
    AV I wish I was sitting on your porch with a lapful of cat instead of waiting and preparing for this ex-cyclone. It is supposed to big, gnarly and potentially damaging and coming on to land in my area in 6 hours. The entire country is under threat from the rains and winds. Schools are closed, rubbish collections postponed, some evacuations from low lying areas and all emergency services ready.
    I will just pretend that I am on your porch.



    MS, I see you in the cafe and I hope that means you are safe and sound in the storm, and HRH is inside with you–sulking under a bed somewhere perhaps, or maybe just lounging on your or her daddy’s lap.

    Please send prayers and white light to my sister’s cat. She is in the vet hospital as she was barfing, not eating or drinking last week. She got better when sis called me and asked me what should she do. I told her she MUST get fluids into her any way she could. She made her drink water every 20 mins. or so and even finally got her to eat after her dehydration was taken care of. But instead of taking her to the vet, she waited. Now it’s happening all over again, and she is in hospital. They seem to think there is a intestinal blockage or maybe a tumor. I’m not crazy about this vet, but sis has confidence in him. I’m thinking they are waiting too long to do surgery to see what this is (I think she may have eaten something she shouldn’t, like part of a toy or string) and am afraid for her. πŸ˜₯ They haven’t even done bloodwork to check her kidneys or liver. πŸ˜•



    Oh KZ, sending heaps of White Light and Healing Energy for your niece kitty. I hope they can find out what is causing her to be sick quickly.



    Indeed, will do, kittie zee. Moonshadow, am I to understand that the original feline Moonshadow or Shadz is alive and well? Wonderful news if that is the case.



    Prayers sent KZ.

    Missed you guys!

    Checking out yest and today’s posts seems like I’ve missed a lot!

    MS, so glad that HRH made it home safely!
    That little minx … saucebox … scapegrace! And she’s allowed out again? Not grounded for the near future? Guess that you can’t fight city hall – or HRH!

    Take care in extreme weather.

    PG, hope that the shots do you a great deal of good and are worth the pain of the treatment. And mega-thanks for covering CafΓ© for past 2 days, despite your not feeling 100%.

    JJ, another baby for your family – super!

    Anyway, I’m at sixes and sevens what with my reg routine being all off whack, not going into my stuff, ‘cept to say that I’m headed off to open Thurs. CafΓ©, then heading off to bed as early start tomorrow.

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