Wednesday 12-07-2017 – Oh Joy! It's National Pecan Pie Day

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    A great day to eat pie … especially of the pecan variety! If you like nuts, and you like pie, and you like sweets, then today is your day. However, any pie will suffice.



    What better way to celebrate Wednesday than with pie. Pie is good. Pecan Pie is a too rich and gooey for me. Lemon meringue pie, Yum!

    I regret nothing!

    I’m having lunch with a friend after I take my car in for tire inspection. I now have Miss Moppet in my lap and she’s giving me the look. 😮 She found her fave blankie for suckling.

    Cya and have a happy~

    Ma hope – hiamoe (Hawai’ian)
    At last sleep



    Awwwwwwww love the cutie pie pic and the kitty with bear in the cherry pie bed.
    Have a great lunch with your friend PG. Asss Ms Gaea has her fav blankie.
    Cold here tonight but the fire is so cozy.



    Good morning – I was told there would be pie. That cherry pie cat bed is adorable!
    Enjoy lunch, PG. Awww, Miss Gaea has her blankie and Miss Moppet has your lap, all is right with the world. What is LilBit up to?
    Glad you are cozy by the fire, MS. That’s one of the very few things I like about winter, cozying up to the wood stove. That and a yummy brew or meal from the slow cooker. I hear the crud is starting to ease. Hope it leaves for good very soon.
    It’s a pretty morning here in Jersey, with storms on the way later. I need to get up and going soon. Feeling a bit sore and tired from pushing my workout, but I’m trying to make up for the two days a week that I’m working and don’t have time to get out to walk.



    Far too sweet for me. The only kind of pie or tart I’d like this time of year is made with a preformed base, and then fresh berries are piled in. Yum. We have wonderful strawberries and raspberries now; blueberries will come in a bit later.

    Why do so many of these days commemorate extremely sweet foods?



    Morning all!

    Lagatta that pic of fruits in your local market is lovely! I have a sorta outdoor market on Cote-des-Neiges conveniently across the street from CDN library and within walking distance. That said, I buy frozen fruit, all neatly bagged, cut and ready to go.

    Since you’re not one for sweets, I guess there’s savoury quiche.

    I actually like pie crust better than pie filling. ‘Cept I do adore the wee Basement Kitty filling in PG’s cherry pie gif! 😉

    Just finished a quick volunteer translation. Worked on it while my nail polish dried LOL. Can basically chill until I leave for 6 pm spin class.

    Strange how little injuries can be so annoying. I took a fall on Mon and landed up with tiny cut over bruise on foot. The thing aches, but I’m taking care of it. Purrhaps a plan is to take off my shoe and keep on icing it. I did put arnica on the bruised part, but one can’t apply it to the tiny wound as it stings. Whatever.



    Yum, Pie…last time I had pie was June at pie place as Key Lime 🙂
    Pecan is a Fall favorite:
    FYI Vegan Friendly Recipe
    Easier Treat: Maple Pecan Pie Bars:
    (Something I would attempt sooner than pie!)
    Prep time
    10 mins
    Cook time
    25 mins
    Total time
    35 mins

    Maple Pecan Pie Bars

    maple pecan bars
    Anyways, still have to finish up part 1 day 3s fun…later/hopeful…


    Lois DELL Sweatt

    Oh, KJ I’m sorry you cut your foot over a bruise already there and that it’s aching! Keep it elevated as much as possible but you’re probably going spinning. After that, just stay off it as much as you can. I laughed when I read you only like the pie crust because I only eat the filling and give the crust to the racoons. My favorite pie is egg custard.
    Publix has stopped making them until the holidays so I guess I’ll have to buy a double boiler and learn to make it myself.

    I am in sympathy with all who are going through pain from trauma/injury or degenerative processes. I would love to have at least one day without pain. I’m going to try our sauna as I am told it helps with joint inflammation like the arthritides. It’s very hot in there and am going to try to stay 30 minutes, the max recommended.

    I’m going to rub my blind cat’s furry mice in this new herb I found out about . It’s called Silver Vine and is even stronger than catnip. The other cats went nuts when I put it on their scratchers. I hope the treated toys will get her more active, less depressed and lessen her sleeping. She’s a sweet kitty and loves for me to hold her in my arms. Her name is Tar Baby from the Brer’ Rabbit tales but now I wish I hadn’t named her that.

    I don’t think I told you all but about 4 weeks ago, it was raining hard and I went out to my car at 10 am to go to work and there was a cat carrier in the driveway behind my car. I picked it up and thought there must be several cats in it as it was so heavy. However, when I got it in the house it turned out to be a HUGE calico—she must weigh 30-35 pounds! Leaving her there was not nice but allowing her to get that fat was worse. I’ve had her on a strict diet and plan to get her on the treadmill soon. She only likes Weruva chicken and she gets only one 6-ounce can a day. When she first came, she wouldn’t touch anything bu dried food and they left a small amount of I guess what she had been fed before and it is junk! She quickly learned to like the canned chicken, though. I’ve never seen a cat this fat before and I feel it’s cruelty to animals to allow a cat to eat like that.

    Thanks for letting me get that off my mind. Warm thoughts to all, Dell



    Thanks for taking in the Calico girl. I see so many cats (and dogs) that are obese and it does make me mad.



    Oh that is horrible. I feel the same way about parents buying a pile of junk for their human children (though I’d never lecture them). Poor callie; hope she isn’t diabetic.

    Kz, I do like very slightly sweet things such as that tart with the fresh fruit, perhaps a bit of ricotta or something. But tonight I may simply have berries with some goat feta I desalted for a couple of days (simply by putting it in fresh water) but as the salt is the preservative, it has to be eaten now.

    I do make something similar to quiche but it is more like what Deborah Madison calls vegetable tarts – there is far more vegetable and less egg and cheese. Not vegan, but vegetarian and vegetable-centric and not too rich. My friends love them.

    Yes, those bags of frozen berries are very good, and the freezing process is much better now than in decades past. I’m familiar with that vegetable stand, as it started when I was still studying at UdM, and was open until late, so a lifesaver.

    Dell, is Tar Baby black? You could just call her Baby. Is she a foster kitten?



    I made it into the cafe late, but I made it!! And what a great topic–pecan pie day! I bought some little pecan tarts from the bakery the other day and they were just perfect: a wonderful mouthful of pecans, a little sweetness, and crust without having to eat a whole piece of pie. (Not that I couldn’t, but shouldn’t!!) 😆

    JK, those pecan bars look really good! May just have to jot that recipe down.

    Avery is with her momma today looking forward to going to their local fair for a while, then off to the pool to cool off. She loves going to the pool and splashing while momma holds her and she can pretend swim!!


    Lois DELL Sweatt

    PG, she doesn’t appear to be diabetic; she isn’t excessively thirty and doesn’t wee-wee a lot so I”m hoping I can get her weight down before she suffers anymore.

    Lagatta, Yes, Tar Baby is solid black. She wasn’t a foster; she was a stray that came into my yard years ago. She was pregnant but I took her in to see if they could abort her and spay her but, just as I was lifting her carrier up to the counter, she started giving birth. So, we raised her two kittens and she eventually was spayed. I don’t think she was having trouble seeing when she came or if a medicine I gave her caused her blindness. She had gotten very sick with an URI and my vet gave me ***BAYTRIL, an antibiotic for pets. I gave the ***BAYTRIL injections like he said for a week and she got well but that was when I noticed her vision problem. I started looking up ***BAYTRIL and found that it can cause blindness in cats. The literature says it is rare but, since then, I’ve read a lot of stories of cats going blind following ***BAYTRIL. I called the vet and he said he’s never heard that so I told him to look it up. As far as I know, he’s still using the drug. So, please get the message out to anyone you can so another vet can’t give ***BAYTRIL and risk blindness in someone’s baby. (I starred and capitalized hoping it might catch someone’s eye.) <span style=”text-decoration:underline;”></span> <span style=”text-decoration:underline;”>



    Thanks, agree KZ…may be yummy treat in the near future for me too!
    Had a chance to take a li’l walk at lunch again. It was still overcast but humid:
    Pink Star Gaizer Lily
    Pretty as Pink Lilies!

    Plus some glowing Daisies – must have been the diffused light of shade that created glowing look!

    The sun has since come out from behind clouds & it has warmed up too!

    Back on the flip…later kits!



    Well, I finally made it here today! Busy work morning ….. love the pics, especially the pecan brittle bars and flower JK!
    Lois, you are an angel for rescuing the big callie …. I can’t believe people would let their babies get so obese ….. they must know it’s not healthy ….. and then to just toss her away ….. *unfluffy* thoughts ….
    It poured rain again yesterday afternoon, and looks like it might again today! ….. my yard loves it ….. Miss Caddy, not so much …. Abby likes to curl up in her donut bed by the French doors and watch it come down ….. she spends a lot of her day there, watching what goes on outside …. doesnt’ want to go out, but loves to watch things pass bye …. hope everyone is having a nice day!



    Well, it’s a rarity but I’m headed off to bed like now. For some reason tonight’s spin class was not only super-fab, but super-hard! Some of us were near to tears as we made our way down the stairs to the locker room. And we were laughing at the same time, in a giddy manner! We were all so high! Sometimes the vibes just work.

    Got a lot of knitting done today so arms ache but had a catnap in pm which might have added to my energy.

    So have a good night all and ’til tomorrow.



    Yes, I agree with Super High Cat but I’m sure my high is a bit different.
    Glad you had a rocking class, KJ.


    Lois DELL Sweatt

    Jeankit. I don’t know where you live but it’s wonderful that you see so many beautiful flowers when you take lunch walks. Thank you for sharing.



    Paw up waves to Lois from Brewtown: Milwaukee WI…thank you Lois!
    It’s a pretty way to break up the day’s doldrums at work!

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