Wednesday – 11/01/2017 – It's Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day!

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    “Inner kids” know that splashing and jumping into puddles is fun. And when this results in splashing a friend, doubly so. It’s also the purrfect way to lose one’s friends!
    <img src=”
    ” alt=”” />



    Crossover pic –

    Had a txt from Airy earlier –
    Shake shake shake, shake shake shake
    Shake your building, shake your building
    Oh, shake shake shake, shake shake shake
    Shake your building, shake your building.
    Yes they are still getting quakes, this was a 5.1 severe quake but no reports of damage that I have heard of.



    Tks for late night earworm MS – and thank goodness Airy and n’bours are singing and that no damage has been reported.

    Those kits with rain pouring on windshield – awwwww!!!!! Similar weather here, but looks like it might be freezing over and no one will be smiling. ๐Ÿ™



    Kewl – The sideways rain and the kits in car with the wipers! ๐Ÿ˜† I admit that a strange verse Airy sent you.

    Not many kits in water puddles so how about sun puddles!

    It’s the middle of the week so happy Hump Day and remember

    I’m watching Tombstone with Kurt Russell, Sam Elliot, Val Kilmer and others.

    Cya l8r and have a happy~


    nighty night



    It’s already Wed. and I’m all tuckered out after mattress toppers/pads rsch. I’m thinking that a down-like one might be better for me than lying on a slab of what looks like sized up bath sponge. And yeah. PG, most if not all foam types are polyurethane. Which supposedly sells. Machine washable (ie laundromat) would be nice. And hypoallergenic. The reviews can drive me over the edge! Plan A is going into specialty store ad getting more info. Plan B is giving up and using my body pillow which is polyfill (done by self.) This is not urgent. In any case time that I headed to my bed as is. ๐Ÿ™‚





    Good morning all! Yes, it’s splash your friends day, but stepping in a puddle right now would land you on your tush, as they are frozen–but not for long. Almost 50* today, and more rain for this afternoon, that’s when the splashing should begin!! We had high winds and a thunderstorm warning last night, and lots of power outages around us. We were lucky, and I hope we stay that way!

    KJ, PG and MS, the pics are great! KJ, keep researching those toppers and reading reviews–take your time and you will find one that’s just right for you. I don’t like the down ones so much as they have feathers that poke through the fabric and ‘get’ you, and once they are through they get everywhere. There are so many companies that make them here, I would send you some links if you like, not sure if they ship to Canada, but they probably do.

    MS, hope your mom is doing well in her boot and isn’t feeling any pain now. Also scary stuff with the earthquakes, hope everyone is okay and there’s no damage.

    PG, I agree that time with cats is never wasted! I love the pic with the windshield wipers the best!!



    Midweek good morning!
    Li’l time to sneak in and say hello plus get cuppa java from fave kit Tux!
    cuppa java with cat mug
    Mwah – thanks Kit!
    My 2.5 cents for theme:
    coffee as hot tub
    No puddles here – all frozen over! How about a hot tub of java instead!

    Saw this on net today – reminded me of KJ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    zip around sweater
    Ward of winter’s wrath in special sweater!
    OK…back to part 3’s fun…woot woot!



    Morning everyone! Pics are great today! … JK, the total sweater made me LOL!
    MS, I hope your Mum is doing better, and Airy stays safe with all the ‘shakin’ going on! ….. and to answer your questions from yesterday, yes, Son made it home safely from Canada, and we still have Luna and Venus with us as house guests. We will be ‘grandkit’ sitting until the end of this month, as Son is traveling numerous times up/down the east coast.

    Our weather has warmed up to ‘purrfection’ mid to upper 70’s and should stay so for the balance of the week! …..

    Back to inputting for me, have a great hump day all!



    Hi KZ-we had those winds and a temp. around 55f/12c which melted everything. Hopefully, your ice puddles will melt as well. That is a problem with down mattress toppers. I discovered a down alternative which is much nicer and it’s hypoallergenic. My nephew is allergic to everything and this works great for him.

    I can use a Java bath, JK. I love that sweater! If I could stand anything around my neck, I would get one.

    Are you running a cat house, AV? ๐Ÿ˜† It’s great you’re able to help your grand-kits out. So your temps. have warmed up from the 40s of last week? I’m sure A’tuin is happy turtle. Does he still have his girlfriend, Miss Bluebelle?



    There is also latex foam, which isn’t a petroleum product.

    The streets here have NOT been properly cleaned. It is nice and mild, and I’d love a walk, but there is treacherous ice. I think I’ll take my late mum’s cane, which has spikes (since unlike Livia, I don’t have effective claws). I would like to find a panettone marked down after Christmastime…

    Livia did go out this morning and sniff around the wet garden. Not for long…



    Hi everyone – lots of puddles of the wet kind around here as we had rain overnight. It washed away a lot of snow which makes it easier to feed the kitties on the back step.
    Those quakes must be scary, MS. Glad there have been no reports of damage though.
    Hope your power stays on KZ. It’s cloudy and somewhat mild, looking to be warmer tomorrow. They’re talking snow for Saturday!
    Wow, that’s one serious sweater, JK – what it needs is eyeholes!
    I like the sound of the 70s weather, AV, purrfect!



    JK that sweater is … well I don’t quite have the purrfect words. For sure I wouldn’t have to bother getting my “look” together as in hair/makeup. As for not being able to see where I’m going, well …

    Srsly windy here today, I think they said 90 mph which for me was scary. Warmer though. Only slept like 3 hrs and feeling it.

    But English Palaces/Country Homes course looks like it will be right fit for me. Lecturer keeps to topics, lots of slides, vids to come. Lots of these places are used in TV/film, ie Downton Abbey, Brideshead Revisited. Now my own place seems kinda small, but I did mention that I would not want tourists walking all over my “pile” even with non-accesible living area. A title might be nice, though. Duchess KJ or even the Honourable KJ has a nice ring to it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also am class means I have pm free until spin class and ideally can get a bit of rest in.

    Really never thought looking for mattress toppers would become so tiresome LOL. Tks guys for advice/help, but might give this idea a rest and as mentioned pad the area that I sleep on with my floofy body pillow which at present pads headboard and used mainly for decor. But might check out specialty store tomorrow, why not.



    LOL @ PG! you have an excellent memory, my friend!

    Yes, our bizarre weather has warmed up from a low last week of 55 during the day (37 at night), to 76 day and 60 night …. a real swing in temps! ….. Atuin is thrilled, I’m sure, and yes Bluebelle is still his bestie ๐Ÿ™‚

    KZ I hope you don’t loose power, and I hope everyone else stays warm! … no cooking for me tonight,



    Am I the only one who sees a zipper on the top edge of that sweater?



    Nope PG, I saw zipper right away. But why unzip it and ruin the “look?” ๐Ÿ˜‰



    I saw the zip too.

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