Wednesday 11-10-2017 – Whaddya Know – It's National Vegetarian Month!

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    Unless you’re a carnivorous kit that is! This might be a good day to try out the Café’s vegetarian menu. You’d be surprised at how “imaginative” the chef kitties can be!



    I didn’t make it to yesterdays Cafe as I had a long dental appointment. Long afternoon sitting still followed by numb mouf and nose which have thankfully worn off in time for bed. Night all



    Happy Weds…topic reminder: Eat Your Veggies!
    Adding my 2.5 cents:
    veggie muffins
    7 Vegetarian Recipes That Will Change Your Life

    sir paul vegetarian
    sir paul cruelty free
    Thank you Sir Paul!
    OK…steps off of soap box…back to my desk..oops/almost forget – coffee time, mwah – thanks Tux!



    Afternoon all! Finished work, sitting on the porch in 91 degree weather with Miss Caddy. Thank goodness for 1900s breezy verandah design, high speed ceiling fans and sun shades! Mr. AV also bought me a portable ac, which is nicely blowing on my back as I read. Hope everyone is having a great day!



    Just stopping in for a sec before I’m out ’til Caturday night as last 2 days of Jewish hols.

    Cold out relatively speaking compared to the up/down weather we’ve been having. And some stress in that bought awesome shoes yest, sensed a size too large and checked when had more time at home – yup! Due to store’s not ideal customer service (no phone orders!) had to go back to place order, which I hope will fit and will be available for p/u in about 2 wks. No biggie, but too much racing around for no good reason.

    On the other hand all my new tech peripherals are in – just need to go and buy new laptop! Plan is for Tues shopping trip and then can get things going in updated mode. Yes!

    Have not eaten meat/chicken in at least 10 yrs – don’t miss it at all. I’m with kitty Steve! 😉

    Could be feeling chillier weather but feel slightly cruddy, hope srs rest and calming myself down will do the trick.

    MS, hope that with freezing wearing off you’re feeling OK.

    Now a quick stop in Thurs Café!



    Hi all! “That’s not what I ordered.” Heh

    Oh nos – a numb mouf and nose! Hope you are feeling better, MS.

    Thanks for the recipes, JK! Though I’m part carnivore, I do enjoy veg foods. My sister’s vegan potato salad is awesome!

    I must admit this is a wonderful time of year to be out walking in the woods. The frogs have a lot to say, and a chickadee flew right past my face, chattering all the way!



    Those savoury muffins are very handy if you have to take a bite or light meal somewhere – I made things like that when working on my thesis, or travelling. Tofu, yes, the good non grainy kind, but I especially love Indonesian tempeh. I discovered that when doing research in Amsterdam; it makes wonderful dishes.

    I am eating a bit of meat these days (organic chicken livers, with a lot of mushrooms and other veg) but also looking for vegetarian sources of iron. Anything other than beans? I love beans, lentils and other pulses but have to go easy on them right now.

    Sir Paul is right, but throughout history, most fishermen were reeling in fish because they had to eat, just as the fish did, not for “pleasure”. He is lucky to have such choices.



    Just a thought…
    If a person decides to go meatless for one day a week – it’s a step towards
    curbing World Famine among other planet challenges!
    vegetarian vs world woes
    veggies vs meat for world food

    (Have a couple of friends who only observe meatless Monday and enjoy
    their fave food rest of the week!)

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