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    Kitties have it down pat, they instinctively know just how to make a lonely person happy. But kitties can get lonely too, so today let’s take the opportunity to cuddle an extra kitty, or two, or three as we enjoy the Café’s delights.



    Ohhhhhhh sore legs, I think I overdid the bike at the gym this morning. 🙁

    AV, check this –



    Cats are wonderful. They alleviate stress, loneliness and all the while, they watch us from the kitchen table. 😆

    Another exciting day…not! France beat Belgium 1-0 and it was a boring match. Our new recliner arrived and it has been inspected with CAT care.

    Have a happy~



    LOL MS – “disturb them all the time” 😛



    Great minds PG … “several lonely hours later”!

    Disturb them – yup!

    Will you join me – squeee!

    I did not grow up in a household with pets and it took me quite some time to opt to adopt a kitteh. But when Nicky (now at the Rainbow Bridge) something changed subtly and for the better. And now of course there’s Dorry. I can’t see why I waited so long in the first place.



    Good morning – one can’t be lonely with a cat, even when they’re off snoozing in a nook somewhere. I love the wee lonely party kitten. Yep, that’s what it’s like.
    Have to trek to the cable store. Power went out for a while Monday night and when it came back on the cable box didn’t. Hope it’s an easy exchange and re-install.
    Sister is visiting from the Midwest this week and brother is here from the mid-Atlantic. Mom is very happy, of course. Not sure if I mentioned she was in the hospital a couple days last week. She passed out/fell when the aide was getting her ready for a shower. She’s ok now, but it’s always scary when a 91 year old falls.
    It’s a beautiful day here in Jersey. Looks like I picked the last of the peas for the season. I’ve got a few baby cucumbers, yay! They’re in a container off the ground so hopefully the critters won’t get to them before they’re ready to pick.



    JJ, thankfully your Mom is OK. A fall is scary at any age, but especially for the elderly. And fortunate that aide was there.

    Nice weather here today too! Fresh breeze so that I can turn off A/C and open window. Speaking of which I have not one but 2 repair guys in today. Window guy showed me trick for getting LR window to open. Actual fix is costly as in frame needs replacing. But guy told me should be done if landlord wants to sell place and must be disclosed to any potential buyers. Although I like getting into things, I’m staying well out of this one! he assured me that there is no danger of window falling out! Phew.

    Next up the other repair guy to re-fix floor and ideally do something re shower faucet so that I don’t get parboiled when I want to take a shower.



    Paw up waves with Wootsday Cheers!
    cat cheer up squad
    Feline Cheering Purry Pom Pom Squad!
    It that didn’t work ~ try this!
    cat in box LOL
    Purrfect Fit! 😉
    cat tail up
    Yuppurrs…cat tail up – cheer up like a cat!
    Another sunny purrfect temp kinda day +70s today!

    Ok…still ways away from lunchtime…so, time for another cuppa java!
    cheer up mug



    Hi all! Been busy this morning and need to shop for groceries, and car needs picked up and Mr. KZ needs to pick up his feed. Trying to coordinate everyone’s needs with schedules is exhausting!

    I love the pics today, the kittens are especially adorable — kind of twists my heart when they look so sad though!

    Well, gotta run, Mr. KZ is pulling in and we need to pick up my car–hope to see everyone later!



    So now my floor is getting a workout – repair guy got loose parquetry pces back n with srs glue or something – my weights are holding area in place until tomorrow when it should thoroughly be dry.

    Window repair guy showed me how to jiggle handle to open windows for immediate quick fix.

    But respectively window frame needs replacing. Shower needs to be looked at by a plumber and ideally floors should be redone in total. Chances of landlord doing this? Hmmm … did due diligence by emailing him as will repair guy. Shower is more urgent. But repair guys said well if a potential buyer checks things out, ie with an inspector. Not my prob.

    Which is not to say that my place is not very deco pretty. Just over time things happen. Which I took for granted. Still was a good move not to move at present, there is nothing out there that would suit for what I am paying, taking into acct the location, convenience, etc. And seems that buying places as investment is happening a lot nowadays. And it would be nice to have a landlord who is not tired of taking care of the place and who actually cares.



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