Wednesday – 10/1/2018 – Climbing Up/Down National Take the Stairs Day

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    An amateur sport that all can participate, and even compete in! This Special Day’s goal is encouraging us to ditch the elevator and walk the stairs, a non-impact activity.



    Boneless cat?

    It’s been another hot humid day here, it’s after 9pm and we’re sitting watching TV with just Christmas lights going and doors and windows open and the fan going. HRH is lurking outside in the cool of the evening.



    No elevators in our typical Montréal triplex. We get even more exercise shovelling the snow off the stairs…



    I love the black cats all on different steps…how does that happen?!

    Very balmy day here, and tomorrow to be almost 60. Really? Then we get a nice winter storm with rain, freezing rain, and snow with dropping temperatures. Oh well, I’d best get over it.

    Poor Avery is off to the doctor again. Her mommy is worried about her cough, so it’s best to let the doc listen to her chest. And she looks to be allergic to a medication, her cheeks are fire engine red. My poor baby.



    More stairs are good except if you have snow and ice on them. Have you and Livia warmed up? The heated throw was the best investment I made, Lagatta.

    This is what my cats want if I get my own home:

    The sun is hiding but it’s 44f/6c. Supposedly, we’re getting precip tomorrow. There’s a potential crisis in the chili industry. Without more precip we will have a chili shortage ( 😮 ).

    Miss Gaea and LilBit Guy are officially overweight. 🙁 I’m cutting back on their dry food and I believe it’s LilBit who has been pushing the food container around at night trying to open it. With Miss Gaea being indoor/outdoor, I don’t know what treats she finding outside.

    Poor Avery. I hope she’s better soon.

    Well, I’m off and have a happy~



    Woot woot – midweek g’morn with purrs!

    Fun theme ~ adding my 2.5cent worth:

    cats on ladder
    Hee hee…set up a ladder – attract your purry crew 🙂

    In a Purrfect Feline -Friendly World:
    cat stairs on wall
    Pawsome Cat Digs…hmmm, need to re-arrange living area to accommodate this style 😉
    coffee weds lets do this
    Ok, need a cuppa fave brew before time for lunch…later/hopeful!



    Ola everyone! Funny pics today ‘honey I think the cat is done charging’ had me LOL! The cat squirming down the stairs reminds me of Caddy, she does that sometimes – it’s her way of saying see me, pet me ….. NOW!

    It’s in the 70s here, started off foggy, but the sun is peaking out now …. tomorrow, upper 70s, then by Sat. back down to the 60s … will be a miracle if we don’t get sick!

    Hope everyone is having a good hump day …. L8R!



    Hi all – there are three stairs in my office, I must go down and up them dozens of times a day when I’m there. Good exercise!



    Afternoon all!

    Love all the pics – esp slinky kit gif!

    Did some minor Hazeling as N seems to have come down with same stomach crud as per myself, poor grrrl!

    Hope Avery feels better soon too!

    So de facto landlord and handyman friend came and fixed fixture. They had to get down to the wiring! And then blamed me for mishandling the lightbulb/glass removal part. Sheesh! Also told me that actual landlord (the guy who lives in Greece full-time) said that in effect this was not their responisibility. Srsly? Like I didn’t choose this d**n heavy fixture! In this case I just said nothing, realizing that arguing was not a plan. Then the guys seemed to feel all apologetic for their ‘tude.

    I have 4 flights of stairs, 5 if I descend to locker in garage. I don’t do them when I have heavy packages or am coming home from gym as in enough is enough even for me.

    Anyway looks like I might be getting paid translation project as I was recommended by the Director of the org that I vol/work for. Need to sort out the details but I hope that it works out ’cause it would be fun for me. And xtra $$$ is always fun!Thank G-d after putting in my time at full-time jobs I can now freelance when/if things come along.

    Warmer in n’hood today too, which is nice. Even warmeer tomorrow, but ran slated which I desperately hope does not freeze over!



    Pussigato, no heated throws needed now. Aren’t those hazardous if cats sleep on them?



    Even if you did pick out the fixture you would never get something so gaudy. Sorry N has the crud.

    Lagatta, are you referring to kits chewing on it? No, the new ones have automatic shutoff if anything isn’t right. My gang sleep and play on it but have never chewed on it; even Miss Moppet who loves to bite/chew on a lot of things. They just want the warmth. 😉

    We have rain yea! The weather peeps aren’t showing any cold fronts moving your way. 😮

    Poor Miss Gaea. 😥 In all the years I’ve lived here, the family next door never had a pet. They brought home a puppy this morning. They’re backyard has been part of her territory and Miss Gaea is so confused.



    Good afternoon all. Another hot hot day here, 30C which is hot by local standards. Clear sky and cicadas serenading us. The last of my Monarch butterflies hatched out this morning so that’s all my brood of seven rescues gone into the wild blue yonder.
    I have stairs at 2 or my 3 doors and a ramp at the 3rd as well as ramps up to my lower deck and mid deck as well as 15 stairs inside. For someone with crappy knees it’s a lot of stairs but it keeps them limber-ish. Use them of lose them. The house is also on a terraced hillside so climbing is an everyday feature.
    KZ, ugh, another Winter storm. We have been promised another Summer storm next week but most likely in the south of the country. Awwwwww poor Avery, she must be feeling quite yukky. Healing Energy for her and meds that don’t make her feel worse.
    PG, oh no Miss Gaea and Lil’Bit have been over snacking? Daughter has one of hers on a permanent dirt, he just bulks up at the site of food.
    I love all the stairs and rests on the wall for cats but the thought of cat fur wafting around from on high and being difficult to reach to clean make me hesitate.
    AV, so Caddy is a boneless cat occasionally. LOL Crazy temperature range.
    KJ, glad you have the light fixture fixed, would have been better without the attitude though. You win so far with four fights of stairs. Yay, paid work, Positive Vibes.
    PG, I know how you feel for Miss Gaea. We had a gully behind us and HRH grew up exploring it, catching mice there and chasing but never catching pheasants there. Then the developers moved in and the pheasants moved out, the gully was reshaped but was still good hunting territory for a cat until houses were built. Now it’s a noisy driveway, screaming children and yelling parents, fighting cats and we look straight into people houses.
    🙁 HRH hasn’t been down there for at least 5 years, mainly because she is too old to scale a huge wall where once it was an easy 1 yard drop, but when it first began changing she was confused and lost without her ‘feral’ patch. Thankfully if we look past the houses we can see ducks,geese,hens and even hawks and herons flying in to check things out.



    Tks MS!

    PG, actually the fixture is not quite that gaudy. But I for sure would have chosen one that is not srsly heavy glass. Not a biggie, but gets to me that someone volunteers to do a job and then grouches the entire time. Fixture still rather difficult to install, ideally needs 2 peeps, I’m going to try to use it as little as possible so as not to have to change the lightbulb, as it is in entry and I will remind myself to turn on other lights first.

    N felt better when I called her this pm. Might have been something that she ate or a 24 hr thing. So long as she doesn’t have to go through my stomach issue of past wks. I’m in accord with med prof who says it was viral thing. Flu laying lots of peeps out, vaccination seems to have not done it’s job as in past yrs.

    Supposed to rain tomorrow and temps supposed to rise considerably. So hoping that it doesn’t freeze over.

    Bidding all a good night!

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