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    Nothing quite like curling up with a good book – unless it’s a good book and a kitty.



    World domination or growing your own nip – either will work. Once upon a time, reading actual books with kits in your lap was peaceful and favorite past time. I’m guilty of using an e-readers but purhaps I will go back to holding a book. Remember that reading books in the bath can results in fines. ๐Ÿ˜†

    I started watching the PBS series “Crimson Fields.” It’s about nurses on the front line in WWI and their experiences.

    Cya and have a happy~

    Los gatos y los libros son la mejor combinaciรณn (Spanish)



    I’ve done a cull of my eight bookcases and now have to find a way to get the damned books to charity shops…

    Cats always find the exact spot where we are on a page, or on a computer…



    What a great theme!! And of course, the sweetest pictures.

    Lagatta, yes, I plan on keeping Peso. He has entrenched himself into the woodwork of the family and into all of our hearts. He’s a sweet kitten, although a bit ornery, but that makes him so endearing. Everything is a toy to him, and his antics make me laugh.

    Speaking of antics…is there anything funnier than a pig at the fair that cuts loose in the show ring running? Because they always fall down–down isn’t very far–and they slide on their chins and shoulders kicking up sawdust, scramble to get back up and run again. All you see is a smiling pig (yes, they do look like they are smiling) and butt cheeks running in the opposite direction. And the kids showing them trying to keep from laughing, keeping an eye on the judge and another on their pig. ๐Ÿ˜†

    MS, I get so annoyed when one of my cats yaks on the bed. Of all the places in the house to yak, why the bed? ๐Ÿ™„ I thought that plant looked like a zucchini, and am familiar with the gunnera but have no place to grow a plant that large. The leaf does resemble the leaf of the zucchini though.

    No, my friend doesn’t gift wrap the fruits before she puts them in the mailbox…she’s in too big of a hurry to get rid of them I guess!

    Out to dinner for my birthday then again on the weekend. Mr. KZ will be gone all weekend for a shooting competition and am hoping for some down time alone with my cats. I’m afraid my girls have something else in mind for me–like putting corn up at MY house. UGH! Just because we grow it here, doesn’t mean we have to put it up here ladies… ๐Ÿ˜› Tee hee, where else can I vent but on TDK?



    Hi all! The wee kitty sitting at a desk with a book is so cute!

    KZ, the visual of the pig has me laughing!

    Comet still has the sneezies but the boogers are starting to ease up.

    Nice summer day here in Jersey. Walked/hiked 5 miles this morning. I haz a tired!



    JJ, nice weather here too! 5 miles is quite a hike, IMHO you should rest for rest of day.

    I would very much like to own that antique look desk and chair. Heck, I’d take the kit too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    lagatta, I was in luck grocery-wise today. Seems that Metro started promo a day early. Took me a while to find those burgers, clerk was of little use, but manager sourced them out for me. So I plan to try one out tonight, in a pita, with some cheese for enhancement and to up protein content.

    Walked by burned out fruiterie. Sign just states company who will I suppose take care of the damage. But place is all gutted and one can still smell the smoke. Looks like a lot of work will be needed if it is to ever open again. ๐Ÿ™



    tuxie in bookstore
    Cafรฉ Tuxie is MIA around here today…helping out at local library…
    “Mew I halp you” ๐Ÿ˜‰
    dog cat library read

    It’s Doggie Friday on a Wootsday around here…Brutie is here!
    dog with kittehs LOL

    PM doggie horsing around fun must share:

    Kindly rate this video 1 for ok and 10 for best

    Posted by FeelViral on Monday, June 12, 2017

    OK, back to part 2 day 3s fun…back on the flip!



    I didn’t know what Special Day it was today until I dropped in after a rather long absence . . . but the cats were obviously using it to cast a spell and drag me back!

    It’s lovely to see that TDK is still doing well. I shall be back – really.




    I hope you’ve been well, Scotia.

    KZ, that is lucky, you’ll tell us how they are. I liked the fact that there were few strange or ultra-processed ingredients.

    Yes, I’m familiar with that Metro.



    It is good to see you CWS – it has been long – too long!

    lagatta I think that you mean KJ – and I’ll let you know how the veggie burgers are.

    PG, indeed I must now constantly be on my guard against taking library books for a swim! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I watched “Crimson Fields” when it ran on PBS – IMHO engrossing and excellent – I’ll say no more!



    Afternoon all! Ive been scarce lately too, but I always think of you guys – work has been super busy. Good, but sometimes I just don’t want to work so hard! Oh well, I’ll take it while I can get it.

    JUI has been back almost 2 weeks now and seems to be doing well. He was staying with Scotty, but went back to his gf last night *sighs* I hope things work out, but history too often repeats itself, so we’ll see.

    My Carribean chicken and pigeon peas n rice dish turned out so well … Mr. AV loved it, so it goes in the repertoir …. Really different flavors …… have a great evening all!



    I’ve been to rodeos and 4H shows and that’s exacting how it is with the pigs. Although I think this is mean, greased piglet…

    CONCATS on your walk, JJ. The weather is cooperating too!

    Purrhaps you can ask the thrift shop if they have someone that can help take the books, Lagatta. It’s a waste the books are sitting around without a home. I’m sure your literary olio doesn’t include Harlequin romances so it’s a good investment.

    I guess we need to TDK kits to read and cast spells to get you over CWS. How are you?

    The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee knows the rules. ๐Ÿ˜†

    You’ll be retired soon enough, AV. Paws crossed that JUI stays sober.

    COA for today’s TDK!



    Your COA came just a tad too late PG! As mentioned I was totally overcome!

    lagatta, the verdict is in on those veggie burgers from Metro. They’re quite good, I actually prefer them to the Yves version, although I did sprinkle them with a little garlic. Somehow they are less “meaty”, which I know is strange, the seasonings are better. I would have never found them without your mention, tks!

    Looks like I’ll be getting busy again for a bit, which for me is a big advantage. Plus I don’t see myself signing up for any other courses, as I haven’t gotten all that much from the one’s that I attended this past year so I’ll have more time on my hands. Upcoming project (paying) for the cultural org that I at times volunteer for, and when they have a budget I get paid. Have to speak with the guy I’ll be working with tomorrow to organize details and my fee. I always find discussing the money issue a bit touchy and I don’t quite know why.

    Anyway I’m opening tomorrow’s Cafรฉ early as I’m beyond wiped. But you can all continue celebrating KZ’s b-day. No one forced me to go to bed last nite at 4 am but there it is! I “had” to finish 2nd sweater of the week, right? Now I’m starting on 2 more, but they’re more for Fall. Plus tonight’s spin class was supremely tough, but then it always is and I wouldn’t have it any other way. ๐Ÿ™‚




    That video was stunning PG–thanks for sharing it!

    CWS!! What a gift to have you back, and on my birthday!! ๐Ÿ˜€ You have been missed!

    Thank everyone for the birthday wishes!
    Yes, I had to share the funny stuff with the pigs from the fair, there was lots of other stuff that was hilarious too–which included cow poop and a granddaughter (or two) who know better not paying attention and slipping in a fresh one. I almost wet myself on a couple different occasions…sorry, but my humor level sometimes can be junior high level…just sayin’. ๐Ÿ˜†



    CWS, great to have you back posting. You were missed. Thank you cats for dragging you back.
    AV, did you see that I had made your Orange Chicken recipe and it will definitely be a repeat recipe for us, especially the sauce which totally makes the meal. Pigeon peas sounds interesting.
    JJ, I am not surprised you haz a tired. 5 miles = 8 km
    KZ, I can just picture the mayhem and noise of an escaped pig ducking and diving away from it’s handler and the laughter of the crowd.
    PG, great vid of whales acting carefree and weightless.
    We have a dry day here so far which is wonderful. HRH is sprawled on the deck sleeping.



    Happy Birthday KZ



    Oh gosh, I feel very honoured – and humbled – by so many welcome back messages! It’s just been rather difficult over the last months, losses in the family and of friends, all sorts of sad times, and it’s hard to come in and have a smile and a laugh when you’re feeling very down. But I have missed TDK, and I really must get myself back to business soon.

    Merlin is doing fine, and we have been adopted by one of my cat cafe clients as a handy bed and breakfast spot – she’s been spending pretty well every night with us as well as sharing a couple of meals a day indoors instead of out. In fact she’s only just gone – 4.00 am is her getting-up time, almost to the minute, so she has a bite of breakfast and then takes herself off to somewhere else for the morning. She’ll probably be back this afternoon for a sunbathing session – she does like the windows at the back, where she can doze and keep an eye on her garden!

    On the books side of the day, I’ve been trying to get my Mum’s travel book into shape for publishing, but it isn’t quite there yet. She used to take a section out for edits and additions, but the edited version didn’t always go back into the same copy as it had come from . . . so the copy I have has a few missing pages still! Oh well, I’ll see what I can do to fill the most glaring gaps from my own memories. Mum wrote it originally for an aunt who was fascinated by all the places Mum had been to, having never left the city where she herself had been born at the time.

    My Mum was always a cat lover too, as well as a book lover, so I hope you’ll forgive her appearance here!



    Perkiness isn’t a requirement CWS. We all have sad and bad times and it’s nice to come here to chat. You know a sounding board, if you will.



    Mmm, is the Caribbean chicken marinated, AV? That sounds delicious. And do hope young man stays straightened out…

    I am taking the books to a thrift shop, but only a few at a time, on the bus or in my bicycle panniers… no, no Harlequins. I kept all the books in Italian, Spanish, German etc; in short anything that isn’t in French or English, as they are harder to find in libraries here.

    Le Chaรฎnon is a charity that helps women in crisis, including homeless women, with an initial shelter and transitional apartments… That is where I always take my “stuff”.

    CWScotia, glad you are feeling a bit better. Your mum’s book sounds fascinating.

    KZ, yes, enjoy your birthday all week. I do tend to confuse kz and kj, just the initials, not the people or their cats…

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