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    International Women’s Day is sponsored worldwide by the United Nations. However, the UN did not originate this special celebration. It’s roots back to the late 1800’s and early 1900s, growing from women’s socialist movements and early women’s trade union groups. The 2017 Campaign theme is “Be Bold for Change.” But all seriousness aside …



    I need to bite you! The kits are looking at with cocked heads because I’m laughing so hard. Thanks KJ

    Today the world celebrates who we are and where we’re going in life! Andare avanti e conquista

    Cya and have a happy~

    buona notte



    Paw up – pm waves to all!
    Happy Int’l Women’s Day! ๐Ÿ˜€
    IWD Kitteh
    Purrz for all!
    In honor of today – reminder:
    find your inner child
    Remember her…she’s still there…may have to look a bit…but when you find her again…watch out ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ok, time for pm cuppa brew – back at it!
    tux wearing pchat
    Mwah smooch for Tux…looking pawsome in his pussycat hat ๐Ÿ™‚ …back on flip!

    Bright and sunny day – got my 7 min vit D at lunchtime walk…wind helped push me along too ๐Ÿ˜‰



    Happy International Women’s Day to all the women, girls and pussycats posting here – and to all the men, boys and tomcats who love and respect them.



    Happy International Women’s Day ladies!

    And today the weather is beautiful in Montreal too! Taste of Spring!

    Busy day too. Up way early to do 8 am spin class, today all classes are “themed.” Ours was titled “Women of Hip Hop” of which sadly there are few, but vibe and tunes were awesome.

    Then raced out for opthamologist appt. Did not have to wait too long, plus usually there is a charge for “exam drops” a sorta way of office being sorta private. No charges anymore – purrfect!

    Was in area where knitting cohort told me of a little known family run store where strangely they also sell the very yarn that with my help turns into cable sweaters! Less expensive than anywhere else including online, and of course no shipping fees. Bought me 2 sweater’s worth. Purrhaps I should open a museum LOL.

    And what KJ day would be complete without some shoe browsing. Visited a pr of Gucci’s at Winner’s (our version of TJ Maxx.) srsly not comfy. But then found me some awesome sandals. Never heard of the brand “Vince Camuto” but they are supposedly mid-range designer.
    At Lord and Taylor online reg. $168/clearance $135. I scored them for $70. And I get a month to think about them if need be. Here’s a pic. They are way high, but comfortable to walk in – not for racing, but this is not part of the plan. A classic shade and IMHO the metal studs kick a$$. I think that they are keepers.

    Now I have to go and wind yarn into balls. Or something. Need rest but another day when this is not happening, but I can still chill out a bit.



    Afternoon all! *whew* …. finally finished a busy day! …. the Tuxie in the pink knit hat is squeeeeee!!!
    We ’bout near seen the last of cooler temps down here ….. they are in the 80s already and steadily creeping up each week …. the pollen is really bad this year, so my allergies are giving me fits! …. and the familiar ‘green sheen’ is all over the cars and everything! ick!!

    Caddy loves her new ‘bowl bed’ that I bought her (Abby already has one) … it has high sides, so she can sink down in it and be invisible … it lives on the front porch, which is sheltered and protected, so she adores it …. surprisingly, she’s not a fan of wet cat food – I’ve been giving her part of Abby’s can when I feed Abbs, but she will only take an obligatory bite or two, and then isn’t interested …. she is a definite kibble addict!! ….. of course, Abby was too until I switched her, but I can’t totally switch Caddy, cause I need to leave her food in her shed to get to through her cat door, and wet wouldn’t do well there.
    Well, time for me to round up some dinner, have a great dinner all!



    Hi all – sending lots of love to all my fellow women and the men who love and respect them.
    JK, she’s here, I know she is!
    Nice score on the yarn, KJ, and those shoes rock! That shade will go with everything and I agree, the studs really add to their great look.
    Caddy’s bowl bed sounds really nice, I’m so glad she likes it. Sorry about the allergies kicking up, around here it’s certainly one of the downsides of spring.
    Made the trek to Walmart today for cat food and other miscellaneous items. Haven’t had to go in over three months, which was my plan, to stay away during the holidays and the dead of winter.





    Unfortunately our lovely warm Montrรฉal day is but a memory, however I got in quite a bit of cycling, for errands as well as exercise. It is much colder today, but I might cycle a short distance (on designated bicycle paths) just to save time as I have some shopping to do. KJ, some hint about the knitting shop? Those shoes are lovely, but I no longer wear anything more than a lowish chunky heel, like a Cuban heel. Fortunately nowadays there are some pretty shoes that are also designed for people who need supportive shoes (I have a bit of arthritis).

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