Wednesday 07-02-2018 – Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbour Day

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    The purrpose of this day is to be friendly and create better relationships. The term “Neighbour” can be used loosely. Go out and greet everyone today with a big “high five.”



    Mooning the neighbors! snerk! 😉

    Ya think?

    I finished “Origin” by Dan Brown. I love his books. I’m re-reading “The Mists of Avalon” by Marian Zimmer Bradley. Tomorrow is going to be nice so I may venture outdoors with Miss Gaea.

    Have a happy~



    Yeah, I think!

    I will most willingly give that wee kit a high five!

    Mists of Avalon is very good – read it some time back. Have to look up Origin. Have 6 bks on shelf in stash from library so I guess that I’m good for now.

    In until out for 6 pm spin class. and surprise, surprise, we’re getting more snow and it’s way cold. 🙄

    Now that I’ve fulfilled most imp task of feeding Dorry, think I’ll head on back to bed for a bit.



    Well, it finally quit snowing here for now. Come hell or high water, I’m getting my hair done today. It’s been cancelled 3 times already because stylist had sick babies, then she got sick….now there is a snowstorm. She did text me and ask if I wanted to come earlier because she had a cancellation–I said YES!! I’m looking a little shaggy and need a serious trim.

    The pics today really did make me laugh. The first one started me off laughing….hee heee…then mooning the neighbors and flipping fingers to the cat’s claw stuck in the lace curtain…whew. A day in the life of a cat owner for sure!



    Weee…checking in on a wootsday!

    cat waving
    Paw up waves – g’morn!
    Sipping choco hazelnut java…
    coffee meringue treats
    Hmm…will try some of li’l meringue cookies…TDK kits just finished making too!

    Ok…time to get back to part #1 day 3…snowed again last nite…shoveling aerobics already done…ready for more solo fun on a budget…later/?



    Hi all!
    PG, I too just finished Dan Brown’s ‘Origin’ … I love his books …. always good intrigue and easy reads! ….. I’ll have to look for a new series to start …..

    Don’t know if anyone watches the history channel’s ‘Knightfall’ but it’s just finishing it’s 1st season, and it’s really good

    Weather is beautiful here, mild and sunny …. hope it lasts a few weeks before the hot/humid kicks in ….. have a great day All!



    It’s nice to have someone to do your hair so enjoy your appointment, KZ.

    There’s still no snow here. *Sigh* those lil meringues look tasty. I think I’ll have one or two.

    AV-I’m not sure what new books I want to read. I was reading Irish historical fiction, which were very interesting.

    I’m watching KnightFall and am ready to bitch slap the daughter.

    It’s sunny but not especially warm so Miss Gaea and LilBit Guy are getting the Vitamin D from the cat tree. The life, eh?

    A friend and me are meeting for lunch at Panera bistro at 1ish. Until then, I’m watching a National Security Strategy Panel (on CSPAN) with former Secretaries of State, Henry Kissinger, George Schultz and Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. They are discussing the state of foreign affairs in the world.

    Did I ever say I wanted to join the Dept. of State? That was a hundred years ago, of course.



    I’ve been watching “Knightfall” too and when Isabella was engaged to that Catalonian prince I thought (historically) WTF? But they got back on track and again historically Isabella will marry Edward II and gain the sobriquet “She-Wolf of France.” Wonder what will happen to Queen Joan? And if they will show the Templars order dissolved, although the very not pretty end comes 14 yrs later. May liberties taken, but fun to watch this series.



    Hi all – mooning kitty reminds me of my goofy Huey, that’s his signature pose!

    Those meringue puffs look delish, JK!

    It snowed all morning here before changing to sleet this afternoon. Temps expected to be in the teens overnight, so this should freeze over, eep!




    Didn’t make it into the Cafe yesterday but I’m here now.
    Seems my fall in early January wasn’t injury free afterall. I ma to get physio for my foot/ankle/lower leg area that has been hurting and swelling lately. Probably a sprain and I am grateful that it isn’t worse.
    I love that ‘mooning the neighbours’ pic.
    I have neighbours that keep themselves to themselves on both sides and noisy neighbours who don’t care that their noise disturbs everyone else. I also have two wonderful neighbours and we all keep an eye on each other. Neighbours! Remember we are all neighbours.
    Oh no KJ, more snow. ! Be careful although you have probably been out and are back by the time I write this.
    KZ, hope you get your hair cut this week. You will be relieved to get it cut.
    JK, mmmmmm meringues. Waving back to you.
    AV, know all about the hot n humid here lately but we have cooled a bit for a few days.
    PG, enjoy your lunch with your friend and wow that’s some heavy but very interesting viewing you’ve been doing.
    Waving to JJ, eeep indeed. You all keep cosy.
    We had a rather cool morning but I resisted the urge to put a cardigan on the the day warmed up mid morning.
    Yesterday we found a dead rat outside and HRH nearby, the old girl still has it but I can’t figure out where she found and caught it.
    We may have another tropical cyclone(hurricane) heading our way from Fiji for this weekend. Yuk ! Here’s hoping it doesn’t hit us hard.



    MS, I urge you to get physio as your leg still aches. The right advice/rehab can really cut the healing time.

    It’s not fun outside. The fluffy snow is deceptive – it covers hideous black ice! Thankfully I have a goodly assortment of cleats/cleated boots to choose from.

    “Neighborhood Watch” kit has same “bullseye” markings as Dorry! Matching on both sides. And at times I like to gently poke him right in the centre of these bullseyes. And now efurryone knows!

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