Wednesday 06/12/2017 – It's Mitten Tree Day – What?

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    Supposedly this Special Day is ideal for grade school children. Very artsy-craftsy and seasonal, ie kids cutting out mittens and decorating Xmas Tree. Nothing to do with that legendary kit trio who lost their mittens, but kits are always involved pic-wise!



    Mitten Tree Day? Well, I’ve seen stranger odd days. Behold, I found my mittens…

    I wish we’d get some of the rain or snow. It’s too cold for Miss Gaea to go out and LilBit is annoying her. Ugh!

    Cya and happy~






    Definitely ’tis Mitten Season…brr…+30/breezy this AM – but, there is sunshine! Kiki met me for breakfast nomz…wish she would let me bring her indoors…sigh, feral kits take a long time to tame…
    Hey ~ here’s my 2.5 cent share:
    Ooo…kitteh design Mittens!
    kitteh mittens
    cat mittens trio
    wish I had a pair of each…hmm…Santa~hint hint 😉
    OK, back to part 1 day 3…officemate off this morning as solo fun…later/hope – oops…
    mug cat mittens
    Need java meowrrr…thanks Tux!



    Very cute pics on a day with a seemingly senseless meaning!

    PG and MS … overlord … great minds! 😉 This one gets up in the wee hrs of the am to feed her overlord and them makes her way back to bed for a bit more shut-eye. Spoilt kit? Hmmm …

    I would willingly sleep with that wee kit – but a certain silver tabby might protest and it would not be fun!

    PG, we’re expecting snow l8r and you are welcome to it! 😉



    So I ordered an unheated li’l shelter for Kiki w/bed liner w/plan as to eventually keep in my vestibule on very harsh days this Winter…hoping she’ll agree to this 😉
    cat shelter
    Similar to this but grey/white w/matching self warming leopard liner…woo hoo! Paws crossed for feral diva’s plan!



    Oooh, cats and mittens make for some super cute and funny pics!

    Nice shelter, JK!



    Awww kittens and mittens! …. how cute!
    Happy hump day all! …. well, it seems we’re about to get our first blast of cold air this weekend! 59 high (cold for us). I’m looking forward to a cold snap, maybe it will settle us in the holiday spirit! .
    I got some Christmas shopping done today, our family doesn’t go all out – no one actually ‘needs’ a thing, but we like to get little thoughtful things for each other, and enjoy the exchange and unwrapping.
    I cook Christmas day, I’m thinking of making a brisket this year, large piece of meat that will feed the tribe (we’ll be 20 this year).
    We’re almost ready for Dau’s giant cats, Mr. AV and Scotty have been working hard on finishing the 3rd floor (it will eventually be a playroom, sleeping area for the future grandkids), but right now will house Walter and Dude. We have a door with clear plexi-glass panels at the bottom of the stairs – it will need to keep ‘Houdini’ Walter in, and also sound proof his caterwauling cries (and he is LOUD!) ….. Son’s girls only needed a basic screen door, they don’t try to destroy/climb it, and only have a little meowing in the mornings and afternoons when it’s meal time (typical) …. Walter’s banshee voice will terrify poor Abby, so we’re trying to contain problems.
    ….. it will be an adventure this Christmas with 6 cats in the house!

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