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    Today is the day to fight procrastination. Make a decision. Take action. Do it now. Do it today. The kits of course, disagree!
    “Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do today!” – Mark Twain



    I always wanted to grow up to be a procrastinator . . . but I haven’t got around to it yet.



    CWS, LOL.

    I probably won’t get to the Cafe tomorrow as I am having a root canal one. Oh yeah, really looking forward to that – NOT !. 😕



    MS, oh no and YUCK! Hope all goes well, they are pretty painless procedures these days and that’s a good thing!

    Hi CWS!!

    Laughing about the pics especially finding a pic for the caption… 😆

    AV, keep us posted if you can on your Irma status, prayers and white light for everyone in that area–don’t procrastinate–grab your cats and GO!!



    MS hope that dental procedure is relatively painless and best of all – over!

    On way back home from dermatologist in my n’hood well this took it out of me. A beautiful noir kit was run over by a driver who just drove off. A woman stopped as well as a guy. There was nothing that could be done but I stayed as the poor baby left for the Rainbow Bridge. The guy gently placed the kit in a Pampers box that the woman had and she was going to take it to an animal clinic so as not to leave it on the street to be run over time and again. Traffic was held up and I don’t much care. Cried all the way home. 😥



    Oh I am a procrastinator for sure!
    Good vibes to you, MS.
    How sad, KJ. Another party at the Meadow.
    Rainy day here in Jersey. I’ve got a brew going in the slow cooker and four cats snoozing around the house.



    Heading off to dental appt.
    AV & ECB and all of our other TDKers in Irma’s path keep safe and your furkits close. I’m sure you are as prepared as you possibly can be.
    Catch y’all later.



    KJ, I was teary all day and thinking of my Theo who was killed when I was somewhere between 8 and 10. I never got over that, and when I was pressured to get a driving licence a few years older, failed it twice. I could never bear the burden of having killed a sentient being, whether feline, human or other. Poor little darling. Thank you and the other two humans for staying with cat so she or he didn’t have to die alone. My words about the P.O.S. who ran black baby over and simply drove away are not only not printable on a civic site, they are probably actionable. I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL, !”/$%?&



    Hi Efurryone,

    Are kits the best procatstinators?!

    CWS, don’t hurry because growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…or so I’ve been told.

    I hope your root canal goes as smoothly as possible, MS.

    Hurricane Irma is a nasty witch. People are saying if this hits Florida is the worst hurricane since Hugo in 1989. Please be careful AV and ECB! All the peeps potentially in Irma’s way, take care.

    I got my tire replaced and another one. The 2nd one had a slow leak and it’s free (because of my warranty) so why not? They did manage to break off one of the lug nuts and now I’m getting that fixed on Friday…Free, of course, but *sigh*

    The fury I feel for that bas&%*d is so deep KJ. Thank you for making sure that Black Beauty wasn’t alone when she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Now, at least, she has no worries and lots of friends.

    I’m sorry for your Theo. Some things you never get over, Lagatta.

    Lurking about is good when one is weepy. I don’t know why or if there’s a why but that’s what I’ve been doing.

    On a happier note, Miss Moppet and LilBit Guy passed their annual vet. exams. Dr. Stone has been the vet for Miss Gaea and seen MM and LBG since they came home. He says they’re very healthy…LilBit could lose a pound but he’s not obese.




    PG, from my experience there isn’t always a why that we’re aware of. Today was a weepy day for me too, and even knowing why, well, sometimes the tears just flow.

    Great that your purry trio did well at their check-up.

    I didn’t want to bring back sad memories Lagatta.

    I just wanted to tell of what happened to peeps who would not say that Black Beauty was “just a cat.”

    Soon, Dorry-boy.



    I don’t mind being reminded of that half-Siamese black tomcat; I loved him.

    It infuriates me when people talk about “just a cat”. I remind them that they are “just a human”.

    I’m definitely thinking about other animals as well as humans – and trees for that matter – in the face of Irma, and who is her successor, José?

    Vet Ranch is located in Texas, and yes they are helping non-human animals in areas affected by Harvey:

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