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    This Special Day recognizes the purrson who works all of the time … even during holidays. It’s just not in their nature to relax. It’s work because there actually is work to be done, or there’s perceived work to do. Doesn’t look like kits have this problem!





    Good morning – Comet enjoys his work of shredding tp, but alas, it’s kept out of his reach. Baby Aslan is a very busy kitten when I let him out of his enclosure, testing the toys and making sure Leela, Comet, Mac and sometimes Dewey have their guard up!
    It’s a nice day here in Jersey today. I’d better get out and enjoy it, for I’ll be inside at the office for the next 2 days. A concept I’m still adjusting to, but the $$ is a nice incentive!



    I’ve never had a toilet paper shredding cat, but Peso could be the exception. He hasn’t found it yet, but he has found the basket that I put the napkins in and he loves to take them out and carry them around shredding them in the process. I’ve had to find a new home for them, so I hope he doesn’t turn his attention to the tp!! He is a bitey little thing, but he’s diverted easily when I present him a toy. Willow is good at playing with him, and teaching him when he bites too hard. It’s fun and interesting to watch the interactions he has with each cat in the house and what they will put up with. πŸ˜€

    I’m not going to over do it today–I’m still on holiday time. Even though older granddaughters are here, they are old enough to be almost self sufficient. Yay for me!



    Morning all,

    Dorry has his work cut out for him – supurrvising my every action, and trying to keep me in line, ie ensuring that he gets his noms in a timely fashion!

    We seem to be getting a week of spendiferous weather, warm, but not too hot/humid.

    Good thing that with A/C I can keep windows shut. Just across the street the city is doing major work. There is like a crater taking up half the road! And they start drilling at the crack of dawn. We have to slightly detour as sidewalk is closed off, but no biggie and the woman construction worker in charge of directions and I wish each other Good Morning/Good Afternoon as I come and go! I do like the CAT excavator or whatever it is, but then again I like cats.

    With customary moving day just over there are so many street finds. At present I have no need for any re-deco, but there is some really nice furniture out there that should find a new home.



    Define Overdo it. I’ve never had a TP cat. Now Miss Gaea will tear bits off cardboard and carry it around. Wee Peso says napkins work. Jenkins!

    This is esp. for our KJ! πŸ˜‰

    We’re going to see “The Hero” with Sam Elliot. Yum!

    Cya and have a happy~


    Lois DELL Sweatt

    Hello Joan, KZ and KJ. I’m suposed to be working by updating my CV but I don’t want to. I will, I will—in just a minute. I’d much rather talk to you three and anyone else in the Cafe. I took a second job that requires only 10 hours a week and the pay is great but I have to update my CV and take a CPR course before I can start earning. I haven’t had to redo my ACLS (advanced cardiac life support, but I’m sure you already know that) card in years but I really should even though my job is just medical director of the medical spa but that’s why I’m there, in case something unexpected happens. Most places of business are now buying defibrillators instead of depending on physical cardiac life support measures and I have heard that studies show a greater survival rate with the defibrillators but I don’t know for sure.

    Anyway, that’s me in the photo of the cat hanging out laundry on the line. I should use it more often than I do.
    I love hearing about your kitties and other parts of your lives. I am a loner at home; I have no nearby neighbors and my closest friend is always busy as she has a large family and works full time delivering mail. She tells me she does feed 2 or 3 feral cats that live in the woods near her yard but she has no pet cats because she feeds a lot of birds. She attracts a lot of different birds including many humming birds and it’s a treat to look out at her yard and see so many. I had to do away with my bird feeders for obvious reasons.

    Thank you all for being there and doing such wonderful things every day in the Cafe and thank you for allowing me to so enjoy your posts and pictures. You’d probably be surprised to know how much happiness I get from that. Many smiles to you all.



    I hope Peso doesn’t graduate to TP. It’s a gateway item, and can lead to tissues and paper towels.
    I’ve got a nice napkin holder, but where is it? On top of the fridge with the paper towels. *sigh* Tissues are on the nightstand, but the box is upside down.
    Dorry does indeed have his work cut out for him, looking after you, KJ!
    Enjoy the movie, PG. (Sam Elliott, yum!)
    Hi Dell! Yep, you’ll always find a friend here! I don’t feed the birds anymore since I took over the care of the outdoor cat family. I do miss seeing them in my yard, and look for as many different kinds when I walk around the neighborhood.
    Walked around niece’s condo complex today after tending to Theo and Moe. Half is a park-like setting, with a path that runs along the river, and the other is the parking lot and store fronts along the main road. 5 laps in one direction, a little loop, then 5 laps in the other direction got me 4 miles. Big difference walking on flat terrain as opposed to the mountain roads/trails in my ‘hood!



    You got that one right PG! Although on Caturday I generally manage to achieve “Connoisseur of Comfort” status. Sam Elliot has aged pretty well I’d say.

    So while waiting for more of the famous project to appear (it has not, but finally accepting that it’s not my prob) I decided to do some online shopping. Indeed I have a surfeit of clothes, but I’m wanting a flouncy, 50s style floral skirt. After much time I found something that could work, picks up colours from at least 4 cotton knit sweaters (one is in process of being made) and many T’s. I go to place order and they all seem sold out! But wait, seems I did place mine in shopping cart and so it’s on its way to me! If it doesn’t work I can return it in-store. It’s black with florals and even birds (one reviewer complained that the bird is a parrot so she sent skirt back.) Don’t get that at all.



    Hi Dell!
    So glad you stop in and let us know how you are doing! Yes, I’m sure most places have switched over to defibrillators, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone there who knows what to do and to keep a level head. And to help out while the person is reading the instructions on how to use the defibrillator… πŸ˜†

    JJ, I hope you are enjoying your new job, and hope you got rid of that crick in your neck. I have one too, or maybe a pinched nerve in my neck, but it’s so much better today. You can have one of those annoying things for days, then all of a sudden you realize it’s not there anymore. I think I slept on my pillow weird or something. πŸ™„

    KJ, your skirt sounds very nice. But in my book a parrot is a bird too…so don’t know what the reviewer is thinking. Maybe has had a bad experience with one–who knows these days!



    I was thinking of TDKs walkers this holiday as I was taking many wildflower pictures on a morning hike. So I thought I would fill in for JK with a little found on walk flower picture.



    Aww TM, that is a beautiful picture – in the sunflower family, maybe?

    Hi ya everyone, I hope everyone’s weekends were good, I loved having 4 days off, it was a much needed vaca ….. didn’t go anywhere, just didn’t do anything! That for me is relaxing!

    I’m jealous of ya’lls beautiful weather, it’s so HOT down here, it’s miserable. 103 feels like temp over the weekend and 4th πŸ™

    Well, it sure felt like Monday for me, but I’ll be glad to only have a 3-day work week …. I had worked hard last week to be caught up so I enjoyed my Mon. & Tues. off!

    Time for me to rustle up some dinner, have a great one all!



    Cool skirt, KJ. The florals and birds give it that tropical feeling, while the 50’s style gives it the poodle skirt feel.
    I agree, KZ, defibrillators do save lives, but someone with advanced cardiac life support training has the level head.
    The crick in my neck seemed to have eased up with some Tylenol. Not sure if it’s the stress of the job or if the chair is not the right height. Hopefully it will stop as I become more comfortable with the work.
    Hi TM! Thank you for posting the pic of the very pretty flower. Hope you are well!
    Oh AV, I’m sorry you’re melting. I’m envious of your weather when it’s freezing here, but your summer temps are just too high.
    I’m back at niece’s place now, but heading home to get dinner ready. Figure I should spend time with Theo and Moe now as the next two days will be busy.



    JJ, I’m no expert, but are you sitting in one position using the ‘puter a lot while on the job? According to my physio one should get up and stretch/move around every 20 mins. or so. You could try arnica gel/soaking in Epsom salts, and the time-honoured ice pack.

    TM, that flower does look like the “Sunflowers” in the famous Van Gogh painting. Or I’m thinking that it might be a black-eyed susan? But I know little about botany.

    In keeping with today’s theme I have the “opportunity” to do the workaholic thing. After a day of not receiving any project texts, just as I was leaving for gym a slew of them showed up in my inbox. I love working and this project is fun, but would be nice if I were called beforehand as I don’t sit waiting at the ‘puter all day. But even though there is a def deadline I’m not pulling an all-nighter. And no one is pressuring me ‘cept me. Plus N was here so not sure how much I would have accomplished. And I was out of sorts so although I made a start tomorrow will be the better plan.

    It’s actually quite hot out, but no complaints from me. Even with A/C spin class drained me and left me pretty much drenched. But as always with an elevated mood! πŸ™‚

    Yeah, floral skirt is pretty, but will have to see whether it lives up to web pic. Reviews are of little help as they go from one extreme to the other. It should be here next wk. Shipper is Purolator, I would prefer Canada Post, but no option. At least if it’s a no-go I can just return it to the store. N suggested that I also check out skirts at Winners (basically CAD version of TJMaxx, actually same owner.) I have an appt. near there tomorrow, so I’ll see.

    I’m quite tired, so I think that I’ll open tomorrow’s CafΓ©, knit a bit and head to bed. Have a good night all!



    I saw this and thought of Peso, KZ




    Fortunately I’m fidgety so I do think I get up and pace, and try to do a little routine with teensy barbells (the kind you use to add upper-arm exercise to dancing about, not serious weightlifting – 3 or 5lb if I recall (I have both, bought at nearby moving sales) even if I’m working on a deadline.

    I actually saw that skirt online and thought it was very pretty (summer skirt, not expensive) and of course the only reason I remember it is the odd anti-parrot comment. Reminded me of a Monty Python sketch. One of my dearest friends is from Brazil, so parrots evoke pleasant thoughts.

    I’m looking at Simons sale items as they have 100% linen and 100% organic cotton t-shirts and tops, and set one aside in two colours at the downtown store (I’m about the same travel time by public transport from downtown and Anjou, though I live closer to downtown than Anjou – there is a direct busline from my neighbourhood to there (several km eastwards). Don’t know whether to go for the red or the grey. It is a very pretty, not harsh, red, but online pictures aren’t always accurate.

    Very hot and humid here; glad I got my hair bobbed (shoulder-length, cut to curl). Livia is in dead cat mode, rising from time to time to drink or eat. He water bowl was empty: full again.



    Lagatta, if you like the top, you might go for both colours, it sounds like a classic that you’ll be happy with for years. Anyway, it’s not my $$$ so just sayin’.

    I like that Simons offers in-store pick-up, thus waiving shipping costs. Walmart has shipping to local post office (like 7 mins from my place) also free.

    Skirt arrived today! Details are in today’s CafΓ©. I remember Monty Python parrot sketch too. IMHO parrots are gorgeous birds!



    This is the top, in organ–6955-15139?catId=6661&colourId=60ic cotton:

    I bought the grey one, but I’ll probably return for the red. I also bought the ruby-red Icone short-sleeved t in organic cotton that was only $12.99.

    I used to buy t-shirts at Reitmans and still have many cotton ones, but now most are synthetic and I find them clammy and clingy.



    Very pretty top Lagatta!

    And terrific sale price. Can’t beat 50% off! πŸ™‚ The red one is nice too as is the blue one IMHO.

    The T’s are nice too and again terrific low price for 100% cotton.

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