Wednesday 04-10-2017 – Celebrate – Fore it's "Golfer's Day"!

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    In TDKland the green is lush and open for a friendly (relatively as is par for the course with kits) game or two.






    Happy Golfer’s Day! Hubby and I enjoy a good game of mini-golf, usually while on vacation. There used to be a mini-golf place up here in the woods but it’s closed now. Down on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, we would sometimes be greeted by a kitty. We didn’t even keep score once when a kitten chased after every ball we hit, so cute!

    It’s a beautiful day here in Jersey. A bit chilly, but not quite ready to turn on the furnace. Starting to notice the fall colors…



    It’s pretty here too JJ, but so warm again. Would you believe I turned the air on this morning? It was humid and they are calling for showers this afternoon I think.

    I have a hair appointment this afternoon, YAY!! I’m in need of a good trim since I’m feeling a little shaggy.

    Well, someone dropped off a little cat at our house yesterday. 😑 She is so thin and cries when she hear my voice. She is very small, probably only 4 months old or so, and looks like a siamese mix–she has a dark nose and little dots on her light colored body. Of course I fed her–can’t have a hungry kitty at my house. She is officially a member of the family, if she wants to stay. Dau named her yesterday ‘Harvest’, since that’s the time of year it is for us. Combines everywhere and farmers crazy with harvesting beans and corn. I have an extra bed for her, just need to get them ready for he winter and cleaned up again.



    KZ, as I was reading your post, I was thinking the name Harvest! Welcome to the family, little one, you’re in good hands!



    Hee hee – luv one of fox peeing in hole…sort of like my opinion of golf since #Drumpf took office…sorry, off of opinionated soap box now πŸ˜‰

    Today is also St Francis Day πŸ™‚

    St Francis Day

    October 4

    Many churches in the United States celebrate the Feast of St Francis of Assisi on October 4 each year. The feast commemorates the life of St Francis, who was born in the 12th century and is the Catholic Church’s patron saint of animals and the environment.

    Feast of St Francis of Assisi…

    St Francis with Purry Furries!

    Pretty day after li’l rain this AM – sunny 70s – purrfect!
    OK…time to get back to part 2 day 3’s fun…woot woot!



    KZ, a wee kit cannot be in better hands than yours! You are awesome! How many kits are in your crew now? Whatever, you have love to spare for all, that’s for sure. Harvest is a lovely name and tomorrow night is the harvest moon!

    Nothing like a hair trim to perk up one’s spirits! πŸ˜‰

    JJ, here we’re still in srs summer mode – at least for today – like way hot/humid, turned A/C back on! But the sky bodes the promised rain which I don’t mind at all as I’m back indoors.

    Never tried golf, but I do have a golf polo shirt – I know, doesn’t count. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I’ll be back on the quadruple flip – hols Thurs/Fri this and next week. Have a good few days all and catch you on Caturday night! πŸ™‚



    Well, being married to a man who is a PGA member, what a great day! I play ( not great), but do enjoy it when the pollen is tolerable!

    Getting dinner together, have a great evening all!


    Lois DELL Sweatt

    Hello Everyone. I know I don’t come in often anymore but I still do read the cafe every day. I wouldn’t miss it as it is such a joy and pleasure for me even when I don’t have time to write (like these days).
    I have a question. I was reading an article about why cats pee on everything and was referred to a website for a type of spray (I think) but I coudn’t get to the website. I was just shown a lot of articles where the same web address was cited. Of course, I am very lacking in computer skills and that may be the problem but here is the address if anayoane can find the website or knows anything about it:
    Kittyzee, how lucky Harvest is to have been dropped off to you. Many blessings to you and Harvest.
    I, too, have new babies. A solid black named Happy who is about 4 months old and a gray and white, Chloe, who is only about 10 weeks old. They are precious and make me laugh. Happy is much bigger than Chloe and Chloe squeals and squeals when Happy tackles her but, when I separate them, Chloe runs right back to Happy.
    I had a gray tabby named Sweetpea who was in and out. He hated to be in. About a month ago a strange similar-looking cat sharted coming around and Sweetpea got into a fight with him. I brought Sweetpea in, tended his wounds, and made him stay inside as long as that other cat came around. I emailed my CCA friend about trapping the stray and getting him neutered. Then, after a week, Sweetpea quit eating and drinking and would just lie around as if he couldn’t walk even though he could. I called the vet and took him in and he had Feline Leukemia (FeLV) and had to be put to sleep. I am still trying to trap that stray who is apparently a carrier and may not succomb to the disease for months or years. So far, no luck as days go by and he doesn’t appear. I keep putting fresh bait in the trap hoping to get him and take him in to be euthanized. He could be killing cats all over his territory. Sorry to have sad news but, fortunately, there’s always happy news (npi).
    Kindest regards to all. Dell aka Lois aka? lol



    Yes KJ, nothing like a trim and new ‘do’ to lift one’s spirits! AND I have 5 inside now, and one outside, Maxwell, now and extra named Harvest. She is so sweet and loving. I will never understand how people can have cats and kittens and throw them away. It literally tears at my soul. Hoping you have a restful holiday and see you soon!



    What a sweet pic, JK!

    Have a wonderful holiday, KJ, see you on Caterday.

    AV, does anyone other than the pros play golf well? It seems everyone I know claims to be not very good. A friend of mine says he’s terrible, but being retired, loves to play and it helps keep him fit. I’ll probably stick to mini-golf, but wouldn’t rule out a basic lesson or two.

    Hi Dell! I haven’t fished around for that spray, but I do know that many cats hate citrus. I had a citrus spray years ago, but Shaddo defied cat logic and didn’t mind it. Fortunately, he was good about either going outside or using the litterbox. Depending on the surface, you can use wee-wee pads, or add a litterbox…or five or six, sigh. I’m sorry about Sweetpea, and hope you are able to trap the sick kitty. Very happy to hear of your new babies though. Happy and Chloe sound absolutely precious. If you take some photos, purrhaps you can submit their pics to TDK so they can be star kits!

    My crew is doing well. Leela circles me and makes sure her interests are taken care of – fresh water, fresh crunchies, a scooped litterbox and cuddles. She is most happy when there is a sun puddle to lay in. I usually wake to find Comet, Mac and Dewey hogging much of the bed, but they’re so darn cute I don’t mind. The outdoor kitties are well, though Dewey and Mama Cat have lost their collars. My rush order should be here tomorrow. Huey sometimes misses breakfast, but comes around in the evening for some lovin’ and gets his meal then. This morning Huey, Dewey and Star were around for breakfast, with Berta coming by a bit later. I throw them off schedule on days when I work because I must be out the door earlier.

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