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    This question might have been asked, but I have two kittens, I’ve been hand rearing them since they where 3-4 days old and they are 5 weeks going on 6. They are very stubburn. I have a ginger that will eat a voraciously a few scoops off my finger and then no interest [goopy kitten tuna] and the grey one shows zero interest no matter how much formula I mix in.

    I’ve set them down on the floor, tried to guide them the the saucer, they normally just step in it.

    I know at this point its a lil early still, but I don’t want them missing out on anything/nutrition.

    Is there anything else I can do?



    Yes, for sure they are way to young to wean. But, you can add the pate’ style kitten food to the milk and make a sort of gruel. This will get them used to the taste of wet food and give more nutrition than just plain formula. Make sure to open the nipple up so the thicker food can pass through. I cut an X in the top of the nipple (or sometimes cut the very tip off) and let them suck it out that way. Keep checking to make sure they are getting the mixture and that there’s not a chunk stuck in the tip. Eventually they can move on to solid food, and they usually do step in it and make a total mess. Good luck, and keep us posted!



    Hi Stephanie,

    Concats on raising your twins. I suggest you change to a different flavor like chicken, mix it with some Goats milk. Kittens and cats will be finicky. You’ve a great job for raising your babies and I doubt they are suffering any malnutrition. Soon you’ll find a food they will eat.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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