Viral outbreak

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    This is my first post 🙂

    I have about 30 “dogs” (most of them are cats but don’t tell them this.)

    In 2014 I lost eight kittens and young cats to an unknown disease. The symptoms were fevers, refractive diarrhoea, lymphadenitis, anaemia, pulmonary oedema or effusion, ascites, organomegaly, nodules with scabs, pyogranulomas, and death in a few days.

    I tried this treatment with all the other cats that were sick and the three kittens that were dumped at my door on September 2015 and all survived.

    I also found a severely anaemic kitten last Christmas and he recovered in three days. You can see him here:
    And this is him a week later:

    So this is what I’m using. I have given seven human doses to a cat with granulomas and a four-inch mass on the left side of his abdomen. The dose depends on how sick the cat is and how much damage the virus has caused to the organs; the immune system seems to need extra amounts of vitamins when the virus replicates exponentially.

    It’s very important not to supplement regularly. Also, cyanocobalamin and bioflavonoids are not very good, but this is what I could find where I live and it has worked for me. Pure ascorbic acid crystals are better.

    Vitamin C 1000 mg
    Vitamin B1 thiamine mononitrate 10 mg
    Vitamin B2 riboflavin 10 mg
    Vitamin B3 niacinamide 40 mg
    Vitamin B6 pyridoxine HCL 10 mg
    Vitamin B9 folic acid? 400 µg
    Vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin 10 µg
    Vitamin B7 biotin 300 µg
    Vitamin B5 pantothenic acid 10 mg
    Vitamin D3 5000 IU

    I hope this is of help to rescuers and people who have adopted a kitten from a shelter. I would love to hear from you if you have a sick kitten and you would like to try this.



    It almost sounds like your kitten may have had feline distemper or FPV. Seeing a vet for a vaccination, especially since you have so many cats would probably be beneficial to stop the spread of this awful disease. It’s extremely contagious, if that’s even what it was. Glad that you found something that worked, and your kitten and older cat are adorable!! Thanks for posting!



    Thanks Kittyzee. I will post more pictures of my cats if you like them 🙂

    FPV was ruled out a year ago as my cats don’t seem to develop immunity. Kittens have an acute phase about ten days after being in contact with my other cats, usually with high fevers and refractive diarrhoea. A few months later they start losing weight and getting infections that my cats never had before. Then they are lethargic for a couple of days and die. Two of my cats tested negative to FIV/FeLV. A local lab found granules on necropsy that could only come from neutrophils or eosinophils, they didn’t say which, which is also not consistent with parvovirus. I sent samples of Lince’s pyogranulomas but unfortunately this test was also botched.

    Unfortunately vaccines are only effective for FPV and rabies, in the case of immune-augmented diseases they are contraindicated. My cats have been exposed to all these viruses from birth since people don’t vaccinate cats here. Also, I cannot get non-adjuvanted vaccines for cats, so the risks are just too high in my opinion.

    Thank you again for your post 🙂

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