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    I found an abandoned nest of three kittens a week ago in alley. I left it alone for 10 hours in hopes that the mother would come back. She didn’t. At 14 hours I found the three kittens still tangled with the umbilicals and placenta. I had to cut them free. And started to warm them up. But two of them didn’t make it. The third one I named Viktor ( conqueror) in hopes the name gives him luck. I feed him a handmade emergency formula for the first three days and he is on mar formula. I can’t find nowhere goats milk but since the beginning he can’t poop normally the vet had to administrate an warm weather enema after 48 hrs of no poop. I’m stimulating after each feed and he pees normally but no poop. I have watered down the kmr to 1:3 of water. He looks fine and eats well the tummy is round but not painful and he sleeps and feeds normally.

    The question is:
    Since I can’t get goats milk anywhere keep with the watered make and the vegetable oil shoul be given on EACH feeding he eats 5ml per feeding every 2-3 hrs. AND CAN I ADD COCONUT oil instead of olive?

    So wish us luck. 😥



    Also it is normal that a kitten could void only every 24-36 hrs?



    Yes, it is normal in this case I think that he only voids once a day or so, because he is using all the nutrition from the milk to sustain his life. Also, KMR tends to bind up kittens, but the oil should help with that. As to using coconut oil in the milk, I have not used it so don’t know if it’s as effective as the olive oil. And yes, I wish you much luck in raising your wee one!

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    Do NOT add oil to the kitten’s milk!!! If he vomits and aspirates, it could get into his lungs, which is very dangerous! This is not very common, but better be safe than sorry 😉 Plus, if you give him too much oil, it could turn into diarrhea and cause dehydration, which can be fatal especially at that age.

    If the kitten has been constipated for more than 2 days, the poop starts to get dehydrated, which makes it very firm and hard. An enema with just water isn’t enough to hydrate the poop, so the enema should also contain mineral oil or something. There are certain syrups, such as lactulose, that your vet can prescribe to add to your kitten’s formula. Try dipping the tip of a thermometer in a little bit of oil and inserting it into the kittens butt. It would also help if you added a bit of oil to your fingers and rubbed their bellies. Make sure you stimulate them before and after each feeding, using a soft wash cloth or soft toilet paper or cotton wool (cotton balls may not be enough, cause they’re not as rough as the mother cat’s tongue). I would also suggest to keep the formula/ water ratio as recommended by the brand, as if it’s too diluted, it could cause diarrhea once the constipation problem is over. I would also suggest getting second opinion from another veterinarian.

    Don’t worry, you’re doing everything you can for the little guys! Poop problems are a very very common issue for kittens. Constipation is definitely spmething that should be treated as soon as possible, but it’s not like it’s fatal or anything! As I said, don’t add any oil in his food, you just need a tiny bit of a laxative prescribed by a vet. As long as they eat, pee and aren’t lethargic, everything is gonna be okay!

    PS: How long have they been constipeted and how long has it been since the enema? Sometimes, it can take a couple days for the enema to start “working”. Be patient and make sure not to give too much oil/ laxative, so they won’t get diarrea!

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