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    So as you will have noticed the look of the site has changed. This was due to an update which broke how the old theme and the forum were communicating with each other (it had become impossible to have them both active at the same time).

    Given limited time and resources to get the site back up and working for you all I’ve implemented a new theme. It should still have the functionality of before just with a different look.

    Please let me know your thoughts on the current theme.



    You rock! Did Freddie help, if so he also rocks! Seems like all our TDK features are back and I like the look of the site.

    From what went on last night, must have been one heck of a job getting things up and running again.



    I love this new look! thanks KM your the best!


    Thanks KJ and Buttons. It was all very urgent and last minute so have had to do the best with what I had available. I’m sure there will be some tweaks made here and there, and there may be some issues which I don’t know about until they are encountered. For what was a standard (free) theme, I don’t think it’s turned out too badly.

    Of course feedback is welcome from everyone.



    I think it looks great, KM. The site has a fresh new look. Thank you, your hard work is always appreciated!



    It looks great! Thanks! We have spaces between paragraphs now too!


    Thanks. If anyone comes across anything or if you see someone commenting re: an issue with the new theme in another thread, then please point them to this thread. If I don’t know about any issues then I won’t be able to look into them and find a fix.



    Paw up – Kudos for keeping TDK Forum Purring with another great look & user friendly! 😛



    A wee bit different but really nice format. I appreciate you working on our site so diligently.



    Looks different to when I was posting lastnight. Much better and things I hoped would appear have appeared.
    I am liking this.
    Many thanks for all your hard work Tom.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Looks good 🙂 Liking the TDK time on the side too.
    Thanks for all your hard work Tom!



    KM, one thing so far. The line above the comment box with the emoticons and youtube link box, the images are so tiny I had to get my magnifying glass out to see what they read. When the emoticon symbol is clicked on they are very tiny and difficult to make out. Any chance of increasing their size for not so young eyes? 😕



    I roll with it …. just feel blessed and privileged to be here …. thanks KM2!!



    I’m loving the paragraphs. I’m loving the font and the entire, more minimalist look of the site. I get what you mentioned MS about some of the tininess, then again when I do write I can get 600 wds on one side of single-spaced pg, micrography, and I think that my writing is normal!
    Also, loading seems to be speedier, also great!



    Thanks KM2, you’re the BEST!!!



    Notice another improvement in updated site – for me that is. Previously when I edited I had to manually delete previous block of text. Now it seems to disappear automatically. Yay!
    Also, I like the way our avatars appear in circles, it just looks neat! 🙂



    Is it just me or are the ads gone from threads? I am only seeing them on the right sidebar and the header. – Which is fantastic! They weren’t that intrusive before but this is better. Like the new look. Although MS is right these icons are tiny.


    There still is an ad in the threads unfortunately (need to pay for the hosting fees), but it’s just one instead of 2 and it should now appear in between the replies, rather than looking like it was part of a person’s reply.

    Which icons are looking small? I’ve more than doubled the size of the emojis/smileys and the icons above the post area.



    While very much liking the new look I’m back to only seeing like 1 or 2 of the emojis. Now if I click on what is a line I can discern what the emoji is, but something is weird. As per before it could very well be my outdated browser. And this is no biggie.


    @katzenjammer When did you last see the emoji’s? I remember awhile back (January) we were emailing about it and it looked as though it seemed it was down to the outdated browser and (as you put it) “my well-loved Mac is a dinosaur”.

    However if you had started seeing the emoji’s again with the new theme, but they have now disappeared, it might be due to the method being used to make them appear bigger. If that’s the case then I can look into it using a different method to make them bigger.

    This is how it should appear:

    Are you able to send a screen capture of what you see?

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