Tuesday – 9/1/2018 – It's Play G-d Day – featuring Basement Cat and Ceiling Cat

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    It is “believed” that “Play God Day” is made for doing something good and extra special. Or purrhaps for contemplating the eternal strife between Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat! 😉



    The eternal battle! I love the in-between kits.

    Have a happy~






    Awww, love the pics. The one of the black mama cat with a pile of kittens is a look I’m familiar with. Some cats have kittens and are instantly wonderful attentive mothers. Others, rely on me to help them understand what they are supposed to do. A cat that has two litters in the same year is tired, frustrated and in my case, ready to leave me to do the work. This was back before I had the money to spay and neuter the cats that idiots dropped at my door. (sorry about that rant…)

    I don’t have ceiling cats, but do have a basement cat which is Bowie. She is sweet and loving–until she’s not. And you never know when that will be. Sometimes she unleashes her short temperedness on Avery, or others walking by her who usually walk way around her because she is so unpredictable. Why are peeps so afraid of the occasional swat? 🙄



    Toot – toot ~ paw up waves as Tuesday G’morn!
    Yup – Truism: #CatsRule 😀
    cat as tac vs dog as god
    Hee hee

    cats rule world
    Every Day as matter of fact 😉

    cats rule bring me tuna
    Timez for Nomz 😀

    Ok, time for cuppa fave brew…
    cat crown mug
    Yup, Tux has it down pat…thanks kit!



    Psst…it’s +35 in my n’hood! Had nice li’l walk and now back at desk!
    Well, it’s all around TDK Land – Yup, cats rule…even Tux is in on it!
    tuxie book train your human
    Yup – we gotta get over it and just give in to their whims!

    OK, back to part 2s fun!



    It’s 60f/15c and sunny. I was putzing around the yard and watered the shrubs/bulbs because we haven’t had measurable precip in Denver for 2 months now. I opened the garage to let fresh air in and saw I needed to sweep it out. Then I had to go into the crawlspace (Ewww) and replace the furnace filter.

    It’s interesting you say that KZ. So many people think that just because you have kittens (or kids) you’ll know what to do. Maternal instincts aren’t a given.

    That Queen cat cup is cute.

    I’m watching a Criminal Minds Tuesday marathon. Shemar Moore is such a hunk. *sigh*

    Miss Moppet is letting me know it’s time to nap.



    Hi all – it didn’t escape my mind that if I kept Aslan I would have a ceiling cat for the first time. Alas, the battle between good and evil would be a constant in my house, not fair to anyone.

    Cleared one puter problem, now there’s another. Typing on my phone is not my preferred method of chatting on TDK!



    Finally getting to Café on what has been a busy racing-around stressful day following being up off/on all night. But thank G-d went well.

    My callie-kit art project was most apurreciated as gift, so happy as this purrson is especially nice.

    I win a today’s theme trivia prize – even though none is being given out. I mentioned “Better to rule in Hell …” quote to someone in ref to telling them about theme. We were kicking around origin and I said Milton – “Paradise Lost”. Just checked and I was right! 🙂

    So love today’s theme and someone noted that I do have a wicked and at times dark sense of humour but that it is a good thing! 😉

    True, JJ you would have a Ceiling Cat whereas now you have a crew of Basement Cats. Can’t recall, do you have a basement? Sorry about your ‘puter woes, at times seems like the more high-tech we get the more probs we get. *Sigh*

    KZ, I so love Basement Cats – and all cats! Dorry is a “moral grey area cat” as per LOL def. But his black tabby stripes def place him on the Basement side hehehe.

    Speaking of Basement (again) I bought me a faux snakeskin belt (no snake to tempt me though.) $6!!! Was able to pick-up in-store as having to pay $7.95 for shipping would have not been a plan. And ordered me a kewel grey belt with chains. In case anyone gets weird ideas re chains this is it. IMHO it has a medieval look as it supposedly wraps around. And if I don’t like it back to store it goes. Very diff to find grey belts and def not in “50 Shades of …” books and films which I def will not be reading/viewing.

    Had to in effect climb through snow piles resulting from yest sorta blizzard and told traffic was disastrous, plus bus hoe was held up too 45 min as opposed to reg 20. We’ll see what tomorrow brings in n’hood weather-wise.

    Anyway I need to sort out some things here and plan an early-ish night. I’m that exhausted.



    Well I’m on my soapbox for a sec and then racing down the hall to open tomorrow’s Café.

    I was looking at stuff about the Golden Globes as I don’t watch award shows as I don’t watch most of the stuff up for awards. So this “Me Too” thing. All the women wearing black. IMHO would have made way more of a statement if the plan had been for stars to wear things from their own closets (someone told me that if they mention “who they’re wearing” the duds/jewels are free), do their own hair/makeup and donate the money saved to help women in these harassment situations with legal costs, etc. I had the same opinion with the Pink Hat thing, forget the marches and hats and donate directly to women’s shelters. Just sayin’.

    Reading back posts, agree that maternal instinct is 100% not a given. I respect efuryyone’s choices but IMHO better to not want kids and not have them than to not want kids and have them.

    PG, thought Denver was snow country. Don’t peeps go on skiing vacas there? And the crawlspace, good that you didn’t encouter the unexpected in there as per an episode of “Twilight Zone” which I will not disclose. Anyway it wasn’t the crawlspace but the home owners who got former owner to investigate the crawlspace. 😮



    Didn’t watch the golden globes, don’t care to. Too much BS imho …..

    I respect everyone’s choice to have kids, or not …. but for me it’s been one of the greatest privileges in my life …. and I agree with KJ, better to not want them and not have them, than to have them and not want them!

    PG, I love Criminal Minds!! HM used to always talk about that show, she loved them too! I miss her ..

    Hope everyone has a great evening, see y’all on the flip

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