Tuesday 9-05-2017 – Sadly It's Lost Socks Memorial Day

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    Where does that one missing sock go? Blaming Basement Cat et al makes purrfect sense. But do you know exactly what your own kitties have been up to? And do you really want to?




    The kit “not eating the sock” is so cute. If you don’t have socks, you can’t lose them. I buy two dozen of the same style and color so if one disappears, I don’t know it. Winter is the only time I wear socks though.


    Have a happy~

    kauniita unia (Finnish)
    Sweet dreams



    That sweet dreams is just cute overload



    Good morning – life’s too short to worry about missing socks! I just pulled a pair of socks from my sock drawer that have holes in them – can’t wear ’em anymore. They have cats on them so I thought instead of tossing them I’ll make catnip toys.
    It’s still chilly around here. Little Aslan has discovered he likes to lay in front of the wood burner when he isn’t running amuck. Leela is annoyed, but knows he isn’t out of his enclosure all night so she waits for her turn.



    Lost sock day….my older granddaughters never wear matching socks, it’s just not important to them I think! 😆

    Mr. KZ had a pr. of socks that were worn, they were the taller heavier weight sock, so he cut the toes out and made ‘leggins’ so Avery could put her legs in them and wear her barn boots in the mornings to do chores with him and not worry about her legs getting cold. They come clear up to her butt and all the way to the foot, so they are perfect!!



    I wear tennis socks around the house, and everytime I wash, I’m missing at least one …. usually turns up stuck to Mr. AV’s shirt or shorts somewhere! LOL …. eventually they all come back 🙂

    Good thing about working from home, I can do a load of laundry every couple of days, so I stay on top of it!

    Well, back to my afternoon round of input … have a great one all! L8R!!



    Hee hee, fun theme!
    Mooch found sock with nomz
    Mooch found his…full of nomz 😉

    Happy I wore my warm socks today – it’s only 44 degrees – took mini lunchtime walk on a grey – blustery afternoon! Hopeful it’s to warm up
    for the weekend!
    Ok, back to part 2 day 2’s fun…



    Such socky cuteness today!

    I’m happy to have a minute to relax and check in. I’m at son’s last soccer practice of the season…possibly his last ever. He’s aging out of this league and I don’t think there’s an “any skill level okay” league for high schoolers around here. I’ve looked into it. He loves the game and loves to play, but just didn’t inherit much natural ability from either of us. He’s not terrible but…

    The weather is just beautiful for sitting outside…so nice.

    The birds, squirrels and cats in our back yard keep us so amused. Today I got to interact with Chen (the Siamese). He sniffed my hand and we talked a bit. He then rolled around on our driveway. I was right about his gender…will see if I ever get to confirm for Sabrina and Bob. :).



    I have lost socks. Gym socks in purrticular. My gym gear immediately into a plastic garbage bag and thence into laundry bag. And sometimes I toss the plastic bag without checking for socks. 🙁 But I generally keep the spare in case its mate shows up. Esp with mid-length skirts it’s sorta a fun 509s look. I roll them into each other when putting away.

    Busy day here too! In a crafty way!

    Went to the the posh hardware/deco store. As mentioned in the Basement (no kits there more’s the pity) they have boxes of 8/5 x 11 wallpaper samples. The make is way posh “Farrow & Ball” and a roll costs more than $100, so a wall would cost in the thousands to cover. The designs are raised and look hand-painted.

    But I have other plans, ie lining boxes, enhancing my white headboard, etc. They’d even look awesome framed. The mgr told me to take as many samples as I want, so as not disapoint I took 40 sheets, so I can change up for every season, 3 sheets look wonderful on headboard, creates an inlay effect! The guy even gave me a bag, And it was all FREE!

    This is sorta the look of the one on headboard now:

    Plus got another score on way over. Jewellery/deco store was having closeout. So for $20 bought me a pr of sterling silver “Magen David” (Star of David) earrings. Plus a huge wooden jewellery box with gorgeous inlay design on lid. On sale for $34 (a steal). Owner and I noticed a tiny flaw so asked me if $30 would work. Like yes! Took me 10 secs to repair with hot glue gun. And neatly stows all of my jewellery (there is admittedly a lot.) I do love shopping.

    Warmed up a tad during the day but in a.m. we had hail. And car windows were frosted over. Strange for May.



    It is very sad that more isn’t done to encourage recreational sport and exercise for us “dull normals”. It is very positive in terms of physical and mental health… Look at our cats; they play all the time they aren’t sleeping.



    LOL here at the image I get of Avery wearing Grampa’s old work socks. If they are anything like Mr MS’s work sock they will be super warm and hard wearing. The down side being all the grass seeds that like to cling on to them.
    I’m not a sock wearer until I absolutely have to.
    As Autumn slides rapidly into Winter now I am still wearing jandals/flip flops. As long as the sole of my foot is warm the rest of it is too so far.



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