Tuesday 7/11/2017 – It's Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day!

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    Chocolate is a vegetable, made from cocoa beans. Almonds help improve cholesterol levels. So, bittersweet chocolate with almonds is chock full of goodness! However chocolate is dangerous for kitties so sadly we can’t share! Sweet!





    Evening all, I missed a couple of days nut I’m here today. Just had news from Airy that Mr B what young cat where she lives who was hit by a car and had to have surgery for a dislocated leg that wouldn’t stay in it’s socket is doing well. Surgery went well and when his Meowmy and Daddy visited him he was still all drugged up. He should be home in a few days. Thank you for all your Positive Thoughts and Healing Energy.
    Well I have had a long exhausting day at the gym and then the dentist. Now I am just waiting for HRH Shadz to come in for the night so I can head to bed.



    Yum…knew there was a reason to stop in café early:
    Chocolate with Coffee Time 😀
    coffee and chocolate
    Bittersweet choco/almonds sound great ~ but found some of these too 😀
    choco & coffee
    Hmm…don’t mind if a do…grabs a few!
    BTW thanks for coffee w/o other food share MS – LOL

    OK, back to part 1 day 2…later/hopeful!



    MS, great that Mr. B made it through surgery and is on the mend!

    Love Swiss Kitty. And since I don’t ski or have a Swiss bank account their renowned chocolates must suffice! 😉

    JK, can’t make up my mind so one of each choco treat will have to do. No sooner said than a Havana Brown kit is coming through the wormhole with a nicely done up box! Tks! 🙂



    Afternoon waves…took a short brisk walk around n’hood…blustery 41 but NO precipitation yet! 😉

    Mmm…now time for nice warming cuppa hot cocoa!
    hot cocoa a la francais
    Cheers…thanks to li’l French kit and friends!
    Think I’ll grab a mug of it too…thanks Tux!
    cat cocoa mug spoon
    Busy work at this place for one boss is out along with salesguys ’til later…that’s ok – good to catch up!
    Back on the flip…



    JK, I happen to have that Steinlen print in my kitchen! As well as this one:



    Nice…I have 2nd as poster as now in storage plus used to have note cards of first one – used them all up.

    Ooo…Café Kits have put out more treats…:D
    almond bark
    Yum…later…hmm, this stuff is good! 😉



    Hi everyone – cats and chocolate, two of my favorite things! Bittersweet is a bit much for me, I prefer chocolate, but mixed with almonds is pretty tasty.

    Baby Tyler took his first steps the other day. Time for mom and dad, and grandma, to put on their running shoes!

    Dewey went out when I got home from mom’s, but has come back inside in a hurry, as it’s sleeting out, yikes!



    And what about Auntie JJ and her running shoes? 😉

    I have all types of choco here. Finding white choco somewhat interesting. Also have some choco as well as caramel fudge, extremely sweet, but at times that’s just the ticket. 🙂

    Sleet!!!!! We’ll prob get it soon enough. *Sigh* Temps descending to -6C Fri. I’ll have to get into winter gear and get with the program. But my knit sweaters are happy to make their annual appearance. Third time must be the charm as finished neckline and IMHO dress looks stunning! Now working on sleeves, way easy.

    Hair stylist did his thing. Not 100% sure that I’m ever going to get to where top of hair reaches my chin, but hey it looks good IMHO. He suggests that I use volumizing mousse and I happen to have some. Sides/back are all but shaved so I needn’t concern myself with them. Not everyone’s ideal look, but if one can rock it, I say rock it, and I definitely can! 😉

    Fix-it guy came and took my drawers away to his shop for hrs repair. Ideally will get them back by end of wk. Of course landlord questioned the repair cost, but I’m sorta used to that by now.

    I think that tomorrow I might go for my annual flu shot. Plus the place that’s open tomorrow is in posh area and bldg is way nicer than clinic. Plus purrhaps few peeps will have checked the list of venues so I might not have to wait all that long.



    Afternoon all! I’ll take a piece of that chocolate bark — a really big piece!

    I’m mentally and emotionally tired, worrying about Willow. Brought him home from the vet, and they actually think that he was dehydrated and constipated. His xrays showed lots of poop, and some urine in his bladder and no blockages. His straining could have been trying to poop, with only drips of pee coming out. They gave him an enema and he’s been cleaned out, I just have to keep an eye on his bathroom habits, making sure that he is doing both. 🙄 So I am going to eliminate all dry food for him and he’s getting only wet. I found out that you can add 1/8 teas. of Miralax to wet food and it helps them with constipation, so I’ll do that for a few days.

    They gave him sub q fluids before he left, so naturally he was all wet by the time he got home and I had to rinse him in the tub and somewhat dry him. He is so glad to be home and the other cats haven’t really treated him like he is a foreign object. That is one vet office that doesn’t smell like one…go figure!



    Good that Willow is back home KZ. Sounds like they checked him out thoroughly at the vet’s. Now you try and get some rest.

    I think that today’s delivery kit – the Havana Brown – should be bringing you a huge piece of choco bark sometime soon. 🙂



    Thank you KJ!! The Havana Brown kit was so adorable slipping through the wormhole with that chocolate bark….I devoured it with a steaming cup of coffee brewed in my new machine! 😉

    I just came upstairs and put on my pj’s, and I am thinking about washing my face and brushing my teeth and laying in my poofy bed! I don’t have anywhere that I have to be tomorrow, so Avery and I can take it easy and just hang out and see how Willow behaves. He is so glad to be home.



    Good afternoon all. The day began with torrential rain and wind which roared across the city briefly and was gone leaving us with an overcast day and water everywhere. Elsewhere in the nation there has been flooding, storm surge and in the southern parts snow has fallen. Crazy weather.
    Sad news to wake up to this morning was that our new Prime Minister’s cat was run over and died yesterday as she opened the new parliamentary season. 😥 https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/98663593/paddles-jacinda-arderns-cat-has-been-killed-apparently-run-over
    The only chocolate in our house is some Swiss chocolate one of our clients brought back for us from a world trip. I seldom ever eat chocolate so Mr MS is enjoying it.
    There is a ‘Le Chat Noir’ creperie in my neighbourhood but I haven’t dined there.
    Congrats Tyler and watch out Mom, Dad and grandma.
    Eeek JJ, sleeting there, smart boy Dewey.
    KZ, poor Willow, full of cr*p and then cleaned out. I hope that everything work well for him now and it’s great that it doesn’t look like struvite crystals.



    Evening all! ….. KZ, I just put my kitty pjs on and am in my big floofy bed ….. too bad I have to work tomorrow, but not too early, and all I have to do is go downstairs …. a few important things I learned about working from home the past 25+ years and stick to for being self employed – 1) get up and get dressed (don’t just run down and work in your pjs) …. 2) keep regular hours (MOL, some days are easier than others) …. 3)have a designated work space and pay the $$ for a good/supportive chair!

    Abby has a cat bed at the foot of my desk (cause she always wants to be wherever I and I get up frequently to stretch and check on Caddy …. who by the way, spent almost the entire day in the box cubby on her cat tree …. she sleeps on the perches, but this is the first time she’s crawled in and curled up in one of the box cubbys ….. I’m glad she did, it will be nice and snuggly on cold days! ….

    Hope everyone has a great night, see ya’ll on the flip!



    MS, very sad news about your new PM’s kit, Paddles. 😥

    KZ, choco bark should take some of the bite out of a rough day.

    I’m headed off to my huge cozy bed sporting my kitty sleep shirt. Dorry will prob arrive sometime when I’m settled under the covers for my nightly pressure point back massage. Really tuckered out, ideally a sound sleep will do the trick. Also feel just a tad cruddy hope that this doesn’t turn into the genuine thing.

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