Tuesday – 3/1/2017 – It's Festival of Sleep Day … zzzzzzz

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    This Special Day presents an opportunity to sleep in, snooze, doze, nap, and catch 40 winks. Even if it’s just a power nap AKA catnap, enjoy!



    Now that sounds like my kind of festival! I’ll just ask Merlin if he wants to join in . . . oh, all right then. I’ll wait till he wakes up, and then ask him.




    Is this what they call dog tired?



    Festival of Sleep? Who knew it was an official celebra..zzzz?
    You know how difficult it is to find a picture kits sleeping. I must have looked for a minute or 2. ๐Ÿ˜†

    This is my fave:

    Don’t we know how this feels –

    My iPhone stopped working. Hopefully, it’s glitch. ๐Ÿ™

    It’s past my bedtime. Cya l8r and have a happy~


    nighty night



    Sweet dreams PG.
    Airy, Meegz, KK and I are just back from a soak in a natural hot pool, we feel so relaxed. Hot pools on a hot day sounds crazy but it was so wonderful. Then we accidentally stopped for hot fudge sundaes on the way home. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜†
    It’s back to work tomorrow for the workers after the New Year break so it’s back to lunch making for me.



    (Very early) a.m. all!

    Glad that today compensates for (way more than a min or 2) of sourcing out kits/flags!

    PG, MS all the pics are too cute, but esp “periodically” and “5 more minnits” kit – I often do the latter, ergo alarm clock, ergo me being awake before the rest of n’hood.

    We’re “promised” freezing rain today. ๐Ÿ™ Ideally I’ll be home before if arrives. N. coming over in pm. We’ve caught up a lot via phone, but wanting to see her vaca pics, esp as part of trip was sis’ wedding. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PG, hope you can get IPhone back up to speed. Assume you can take to to Apple where some 14 yr old can make it work. And if your experience is anything like some I’ve had purrhaps even give you a subtle “look” indicating his/her views on your tech skills. All while being most polite. ๐Ÿ˜‰



    Lol at your iPhone help experience, KJ. Hope you get it back up and running, PG.

    Such cuteness today. I just want to rub “five more minutes” kitty’s tummy. What pretty dilute tortie fur she has.

    Rainy day here. I’ll be off to clean my Tuesday house in a bit.



    I’m going to try and take advantage of today’s festival of sleep. Avery will be leaving early as her Daddy is picking her up and taking her with him to the dentist, so she can ride in the chair and get used to what it’s like going.

    Rainy, foggy and 54* today–in January. With the same bitter cold temps expected for Thursday here too PG–too much variance in temps like that are dangerous for cattle and the fishies in my pond. Nothing that can be done about it though except endure.

    Love the pics everyone, they are adorable. EEEK! The cow kits pic almost deployed my coa bag!



    LOL at the ‘accidental hot fudge sundae’ …..

    Here’s a pic of Son’s mothership that I decorated my Gasparilla table with, along with the iron ballerina all decked out! …. it’s that time of year, again!





    Yea my phone is working so I didn’t have to deal with the snarky 14 year old. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Life gets back on schedule and Efurryone is off to work today. How’s your mom doing, MS? That hot soak sounds wonderful.

    I feel sorry for the cattle and your fishes, KZ. This is a very weird winter.

    Waves to CWS and ECB!

    Son’s ship is gorgeous! It does cover the whole table, too. I didn’t really know what an iron ballerina was but that is cool an unique.

    Coffee is calling me and I must obey…



    Wow AV! The black ballerina! If you ever get tired of it (although I sense not likely LOL) You have my address on Holiday Card list. And I would find purrfect spot to display it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    In for rest of day as sense the much anticipated (not by me) freezing rain will arrive.

    Good that your phone is up and running, PG.

    Here’s another experience in asking for what one wants. Called fave online knit shoppe to order me 2 more balls so that I can finish doing up sleeves for current sweater. And I guess enough left over for small project, ie ski band. Lost many yards of yarn as it all got tangled up. What I could save took hrs to de-knot.

    I rschd and found that I was not the only one with this prob. So in interests of letting company know I explained what happened. I was not in complaint mode and was more than ready to pay. But subtly and very politely asked if there’s anything they can do for me. FREE yarn/FREE shipping. This is like $25 saved what with CAD exchange rate/shipping. This is also what I call excellent customer service. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am feeling a tad shaky PG. Guess I actually need my first coffee.



    Zzzzzz….ooops, it’s time for lunch with ear worm:


    Grey & drizzly around here…30ish…is to drop to teens for rest of the week!
    Happy to be back at this place/NOT…oh well…grin & bear it!
    Waves w/wishes for all to have a happy 1st Tuesday in 2017…
    Now, mwah – smooch for Tux…back later/hopeful!



    KJ, my ballerina is literally made of iron! …. very heavy, I can’t lift her …..

    PG, glad your phone is working …. I’ve had my share of snarky 14 year old phone tech! LOL

    KZ, your poor cattle! Do you have a solar cover for your fishie pond? I have one for the tortoise pit, and it really keeps the warmth in for him …..

    Love the Beatles song JK! thanks for sharing

    Well, wrapping my day up …. I’m thrown off with the last 2 Mondays being holidays ….. makes me discombobulated!



    AV, I hear you, guess the shipping cost would be prohibitive. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My project seems to have started up again too and I’m glad for it as need to keep (very) busy.



    Hi everyone – love the sleepy kit pics! Rainy day here too, would have been a great day to sleep in. I stayed in a short while as I was trapped by Comet, Mac and Dewey. Got a call from a blast from my past, and then it was time to go down the valley to mom’s. By the time I did all that needed to be done, settled in and made a fire, and remembered one more errand, at 5pm! One doesn’t just run to the store around here, so back down the mountain I went; round trip errand accomplished in about 45 minutes.
    The hot springs sounds awesome MS. How nice that you accidentally stopped for hot fudge sundaes!
    Glad the phone is working again, PG, with no assistance from a 14 year old.
    Sounds like a nice afternoon catching up with N, KJ, looking at photos and such. Nice score on the yarn!
    Yes, these up and down temps are tough on outdoor life. Hope the cattle and fishies will be okay, KZ. Temps were in the low 40s today and will rise tomorrow then plunge. I’m about a day behind you and JK, weather-wise.
    Love the mother ship, AV! And the iron ballerina is everything you said she is! Nice to see her get into the Gasparilla spirit too!
    I hope you got a wee catnap in with Merlin, CWS!
    Love that Beatles song, JK – it’s been a while since I’ve heard it.
    Got a little snuggle time with Baby Tyler today. He weighs 15 lbs. now, at ten weeks.
    Another sad anniversary today. Nine years ago today my soulmate Jiggs went to the Rainbow Bridge. I knew he wasn’t well, and also knew he hated to ride in the car, so I made the decision to get standard veterinary care from my local vet, and nix the extra stuff that could only be done by a specialist much further away. On that sub-freezing, coldest day of the year in January, 2008, he gave me the look, and I wrapped him up in our favorite blanket that he was of course sleeping on. Hubby drove, so for the first time he did not have to go in the dreaded carrier. Once at the vet, the prognosis was grim, so I made that awful yet kind decision for the first time in my life. I sure do miss my big brown tabby Maine Coon. And though he never admitted to liking him, Shaddo was not the same after, and followed only five months later. Time helps of course, as we all know, and now most of my memories are not of that frigid January day, but of 16 years of memories that made their way into my heart. Miss you, Jiggs!



    JJ, so sad that you bid farewell to two kits in such a short period of time. The right decision, but the hardest one to make. ๐Ÿ™

    Yeah, re the rain, at least it hasn’t frozen over – as yet! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Yet again I plan to call it an early night – in keeping with today’s theme. 2 nights in a row going to bed at 2:30 and sleeping for like 4 hrs has not done me much good.

    N. brought me some way awesome shells from the Caribbean! Some can be placed on chains for neat summer jewellery, the larger ones have joined the (mostly) kits on coffee table, including a shell that looks like an ancient goddess figurine, with 4 evenly shaped boobs – I kid you not. And when placed near one’s ear one can hear the ocean! Would post pics, but with my outdated browser can no longer do so.



    JJ, I got choked up reading about Jiggs, then Shaddo. Thankfully, they never leave our hearts.

    Well, the temps are starting to drop–and I restarted the woodburner. I did get to sneak upstairs and dive under the covers for a little nap this afternoon after Avery left. I could think of about 3 things that needed done, but decided that they could wait, and I was going to give in to the rain, the dark, and the quiet and just take a nap. *sigh* It was heaven.

    AV, I don’t have a solar cover. I don’t really know what one is, but I will have to check it out. I think for us who live this far north, the pond freezes and we leave the bubbler running and I open a hole in the ice with a stock tank deicer for fresh air exchange. The fish sort of go into a sleep like state when it gets cold. But the pond has been frozen, and then warmed up two or three times with a lot of fresh rain all winter. The fish were moving around a lot this morning, but by morning they will be stacked up like fish sticks again I’m sure. That’s the part that worries me a bit.

    KJ, good score on the yarn! That really IS good customer service!



    So I’m in midst of watching CNN doc “History of Chicago” (the band.) One of my faves from back in the day. Didn’t realize that “I’m a Man” orig version by Spencer Davis Group) incudes the following lyrics:

    “If I had my choice of matter
    I would rather be with cats …”

    Hmmm … ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Rain has turned to snow with wind behind it. And who knows what lies beneath – could be that dreaded ice!!! For now I’m off to bed!



    KZ the solar cover I have is one made for an outdoor spa. it traps the sun’s radiant heat and ‘blankets’ the surface of the pond, keeping the warmth in …. it’s good for the tortoise pit because it does the same thing, and he burrows down in his pinestraw base. Of course, being so much further north that you are, I don’t know if they work like they do down here ….

    Good yarn find/buy!

    ((JJ)) Jiggs ……. *sniffs* ….

    I just bought tickets to go up to Delaware in Feb. to see Dau (SIL will be out of town on business) so we’ll have a girls weekend! Can’t wait to see her!



    Aw Joan, sweet memories of Jiggs and Shaddo…our purries are always with us!

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