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    Recipes for French Toast were common back in medieval Europe, where eggs and milk were often used to soften stale breads. Then they were cooked. Often, other leftovers were added. Its’ true origin dates back to at least ancient Roman times, and probably before.

    French toast can be enjoyed for any meal time: breakfast, lunch or dinner. Enhanced with maple syrup, sugar, cinnamon, whipped cream, or fruits. Or a combination of these.



    “Pain perdu” can also be savoury, with a bit of parmesan or similar cheese and herbs or aromatic spices such as cumin or caraway. Thinking of it made me want to make some (I have quite a stash of leftover baguette slices heated for a bit in the oven to make croûtons) but realized that I don’t have any milk (or plant-based “milk” beverage). I love goat’s milk (can’t consume the bovine variety) but it is expensive so I don’t buy it all the time. Oh well.

    Even if you make it savoury rather than sweet, you can add a bit of maple syrup; the flavours don’t clash.

    Going back to bed for a bit, toastless, until I pick up some soya or goat milk…



    Good morning! Another beautiful day in the Midwest with temperatures expected to be at least 60! Enjoying it while it’s here, but the stove does feel nice and warm this morning, but I will have to let it lay for this afternoon. I cover the coals with ash, then later when it cools off, uncover them and lay some kindling and wood on top of them until it takes off again.

    French toast is so good, although I don’t make it very often. I like it made from really thick bread and just forget to make it.

    AV, the next month for you and your family sounds hectic but fun! Congrats on your new business too.

    Time to get moving, hope to stop in again later!



    Hi Efurryone,

    Yesterday is was 81f/27c which is a record for the day but today it’s going to be 40f/4c. That’s Colorado for you!

    Antigravity? Rly?

    I’ve had that savory bread when I was in Italy but I haven’t made any myself. New lunch? I used to love French Toast but it’s been so long since I made some of them.

    Good Luck on the new business AV.

    Cya and have a happy~



    Hi all – antigravity, whoa.

    I haven’t made French toast in ages. Sure is good though!

    Not going down the valley today due to this stoopid cold. Spoke with brother who said it looks like mom has it now. It’s scary when the elderly get sick; a mild cold can be a big deal for them.

    I have to mix up some amoxicillin for Dewey. He has a boo-boo on his leg that I thought was better, till I got another look at it.

    It’s a beautiful day here in Jersey!



    PG, anything scientific confounds me – I just liked the pic of kit and toast!

    Also, I hope that you are able to get better sleep when nighttime rolls around.

    JJ, I hope that you start feeling better soon.

    Temps not all that low, but the dampness makes me feel quite uncomfortable, so I’m glas to be indoors for duration of day. Got back from appt where at least I did not have to wait furever.

    IMHO the best bread for French Toast is challah, as it it made with egg already, so rich and fluffy. I crack 2 eggs into micro-safe glass bowl, add some vanilla flavoured cream, toss in cunks of challah, like 2 thick pces, add ground cinnamon, cloves. Cover and micro the whole deal for 1-2 mins. Then it gets drowned in maple syrup and reheated so syrup gets hot. Simple enough recipe even for me! 😉



    Paw up PM waves…yes, made it to day 2 of work week for some of us! 😳
    vegan french toast
    Comfort food – yum!
    Feline FYI Fun from today’s TDK FB Friend – must share:
    cat fun as him

    OK…it’s mild today low 50s but will drop later…grey/breezy!
    Sigh, gotta go – back to part 2 day 2…back on the flip!



    Afternoon all! ….. ugh! back up in the 80s with rising humidity today! …. will fall/winter ever get here? ….

    I don’t like French toast, I’m not much of a bread person, and I can’t stand syrup – too sweet … however, I used to make it for my children when they were young and I agree, the challah bread seemed to hold up the best and they loved it! Maybe I’ll make them some when they come for the holidays, I get them all for 12 whole days!!! can’t wait!

    Last night I caught an ‘intruder’ on our front porch cam …. the grey/white neighbor that I’ve seen Caddy run off quite a few times …. he snuck up on the porch and was headed for her food bowl, so I switched the alarm off and bounded down and out the front door and shooed him away … then I called ‘Miss Prissy pants’ to inquire where she was and why she wasn’t defending her territory, but she was apparently tucked up somewhere and was sound asleep …. this was around 1am …. oh well, I’ll just have to start bring her porch bowl in at night …. of course, she’ll still have her catdoor/shed crunchies, so she won’t starve!



    Good morning all, I still have never had French toast. 😮
    I’m feeling happier today after my dental appointment as long as I take the painkillers. 😕
    It’s another beautiful sunny day here, HRH was up early and is already out asleep under a shrub. She was a naughty stop out last night and eventually I went outside and found her sitting sniffing the air so I swooped her us hissing and growling and bundled her inside for the night.
    Goodness me PG that is a huge difference in temps from oe day to the next. Crazy !
    JJ, sorry to hear that Mom may have the crud now and yes it is scary when the elderly get sick. Healing Energy for you and Mom and Dewey.
    KJ, your recipe had me drooling, delicious sounding. reminds me of bread and butter pudding made with Panettone.
    JK, love the Himi cats pic.
    AV, that ‘intruder’ must have thought Caddy’s bowl was easy pickings but didn’t count on her Mama having the joint rigged with cameras. I bet it was surprised when you appeared. LOL, Miss Prissy Pants.



    MS, glad that you’re feeling better – just take the painkillers as needed – this from someone who at times has tried to “hold out” and be a “hero.” And learned from this – somewhat.

    You should try my recipe. So easy – I mean if I can do it …

    Love the fried egg sunny-side up kit! 🙂



    I made some today, with some leftover baguette, a beautiful egg (Araucana, a South American breed whose eggs have deep orange yolks; a friend gave me those she had leftover as she embarked on a long trip to Cuba) and a bit of coconut milk, as I had no soya or goat’s milk. And some goat cheese, similar to cheddar or other hard cheese.

    After soaking the baguette pieces, I put them in an ovenproof dish and baked this for a while, finishing with a very short broil. Very nice, though I only at half. The other half will keep.

    Livia, of course, had cat food. She doesn’t really like treats.

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