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    That “Special Days” calendar exhorts us to “go out and hug the common weeds found in your lawn or garden.” Common weeds do offer some benefits. They provide the very oxygen that you breathe. Weeds take in the carbon dioxide that you exhale. They also offer food and shelter for birds and wildlife. Then again, depends how one defines “weed.” Hehehe. Note: I’m not encouraging any type of usage.

    For PG!



    I will steer clear of politics ‘cept to say that Justin has not come through on his election campaign promise as yet. Whatever.


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    g’morning, loved the pictures they are entertaining.



    Morning KJ & Deb! hehe ‘weed appreciation’ day LOL! …..

    I received a ‘gift’ this morning from Miss Caddy ….. a headless bluejay laid carefully at the door to her ‘caddy shack’ ….. she is now in a deep nap in her bed on the porch …. must have been a busy night! ….

    Abby has requested that I move her brown donut bed back over by the new French door, as the sun streams in there in the mornings, and it’s her ‘warm spot’ of choice again …..

    Miss Luna has 4 days left with us, Mr. AV is flying her up to Son this weekend, as he is working in Boston, and then he will fly home with her on Monday …. I know she’ll be glad to be reunited with him and Venus!

    Deb, I hope the Crew is well, and you are doing well also! ….. looks like your weather is similar to mine – warm, warm! KJ, I hope your temps rise soon, I know it’s still chilly in your neck of the woods!

    Time for me to start a busy day, have a grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat one all!


    AZDEBRA 5/27 & crew

    Morning AV!

    Sounds like the girls are all doing well and enjoying life.

    The Crew are all doing so far, Red is now 21 yrs old and still hanging in there. Both Kitty and Little Girl are now officially senior kitties being 13 and 11 years old. They all need to get a job and help pay for their ‘vet’ bills, lol no not going to happen I know.

    Weather here has been way too warm for this early in the year, well except for this morning of course. Quick flash storm went thru the whole southwestern part of AZ, dumping rain quickly and moving on towards New Mexico, quite unexpected since it is not monsoon season yet.

    Only 1.5 hours left on my shift and then to see the Chiro Doc, he is doing wonders with my neck pain and helping with my migraines, yay!



    21 years old – wow! Red has bested Renzo.

    Many so-called weeds are very useful plants. In North America, while many are Indigenous, others were carried either accidentally on ships or deliberately, such as the dandelion.

    The move to legalize cannabis for recreational use (it already is legal for medical purposes, with a prescription) seems to finally be going ahead in Canada. Obviously the problems are how to regulate it, and in particular how to develop means of testing for use while driving or operating machinery, as with alcohol. A regulated market might actually make use by minors more difficult than the current situation: where I live it is much easier for someone under 18 to buy a joint than a beer. Retailers are afraid of losing their licences; pushers aren’t.

    I’m really not very interested in recreational weed (I’ll stick to an espresso in the morning and a glass or two of wine with supper) but I am interested in serious research about medicinal use, in particular for arthritis, and to see whether products are developed that are effective without making the user drowsy or listless during the working day.



    Lagatta, legal weed is fairly new here in Fla. but seems to be going over well ….. I like the fact that it does have medicinal benefits, so I voted for it.

    Deb, I cannot believe Red is 21!!! Queen Cuddles made it to 19, but has been gone over 2 years now 🙁

    I guess at 13, Abby would qualify for senior too ( I like to think she and I are the same age now ….. relatively ) ….. Caddy is only 7, and Luna is also 13 ….. goodness, time flies!! Glad the chiro is helping, stay cool!

    L8R all!



    Good morning – I like dandelions, they are pretty and add a nice pop of bright yellow to the landscape. Since the squirrels eat most of my flower bulbs, I’ll take whatever blooms! There is also a weed that grows tall and is rather ugly, until it blooms very pretty little white flowers in late summer. Seems a shame to pull them so I only pull the ones that invade the space of other plants. I’ll stay away from the ‘other’ weed conversation for now as our governor is vehemently against its legalization. We’ll talk in 2018!
    Miss Caddy must really love you to present such a gift, and crafted in such a loving fashion! I guess you will miss Lu, but she will be happy to be back home with son and Ve. Abby can settle in and reclaim her entire castle once again.
    Wow, Red is 21! Nice to see you Deb. Glad the Chiro is helping you get some relief from those migraines.
    It’s a foggy and rainy day here in Jersey. Fed the cats just before the rain started, though Mama Cat did not show up. At this point I think she will wait till the rain eases up. Till then her breakfast is safely covered and stowed on top of the fridge.



    I had young neighbours where I lived before who (illegally) grew pot plants on their side of our balcony (there is a divider; the cops couldn’t accuse me. I warned them that while it was absolutely and utterly none of my business, that I couldn’t prevent Renzo from eating it if he so desired. Many cats love to eat cannabis, but unlike catnip, it doesn’t seem to make them stoned.

    AV, we don’t vote directly on the law; such initiatives are much less common in Canada and in Westminster parliamentary systems in general, except for local issues, but the party that won a majority this time favoured it, as did another one which I voted for, so a majority vote is pretty much assured. For me, the most important issue is the many young people who get saddled with criminal records for a rather trifling youthful offence. In terms of drugs, the huge problem now is synthetic opiate misuse.



    Paw up PM Waves on day 2 part 2!
    Adding my 2.5cents theme share 🙂
    cat wearing dandelions
    A weeds can be another name for freeflowers!

    bee on dandelions
    Nature’s gift as weeds! #SaveWeeds #SaveBees

    dandelion as wish catchers
    plus they make great wish catchers 😀

    Back on the flip…



    Pretty kitty JK. Purrhaps she’s going to San Francisco (“be sure to wear flowers in your hair …”) LOL

    Well Lagatta, weed will not be legal in CAD before July 1, 2018 (Happy Canada Day!) My stylist and I’Net confirmed this. How I am holding myself back from getting political!

    AV, if peeps could vote on this it would have been legalized long ago.

    Now I’m not saying yay or nay to the weed, but I have no probs with it being legalized. Of course before trying it (if I so choose,) I’d need advice, purrhaps from our PG (off-site of course.) 😉

    And here’s IMHO the purrfect earworm – the real version as opposed to the way watered down version by “Musical Youth.” Breathe in deeply! 😉

    My stylist did awesome job today, I liked the look straightaway, usually takes 2 days for cut to “fall in.”



    Hi all! I was here earlier this morning, and read the thread and forgot to post! Hahaha, and I wasn’t appreciating any ‘weed’ either! Although, I would vote for legalization too.
    This is taking me way to long to type, as Avery keeps hitting my keyboard. I think she needs rocked–she’s looking dreamy eyed. And the cats are going crazy because I think there’s a bird in the chimney of the woodburner. This happens sometimes this time of year when it’s too warm to burn wood, and before Mr. KZ has a chance to put a screen around the top of the chimney to keep the birds from trying to make a nest up there. They can’t of course, but then they fall down the pipe and then can’t get back out. It’s not fun to open the door to the woodburner and have a soot covered bird flying around the house. They always crash into the windows, making a mess–ashes everywhere and cats thinking it’s a new game!





    The only good weed is a wilting one pulled from the garden.
    Definitely not this though

    It’s still a weed

    The ‘weed’ is illegal here, not that you would know it. We are just beginning to allow medicinal marijuana products to be used here but under great restrictions.
    I am feeling much the same as yesterday so taking things easy.
    Awwww AV, its the thought that counts. Hope she doesn’t keep bringing those ‘gifts’ for you. Ah yes the moving warm spot does require the movement of the donut bed. Only 4 more days with Luna. Give her a chin scritch from me.
    Deb ! Great to see you here. Wow Red you’re 21, you must have a wonderful hoomin looking after you. Kitty and Little Girl are just whippersnappers in comparison but still senior kits. That is brilliant that the chiropractor is having great results especially on your migraines.
    We have a rainy day here again with possible thunder storms later. HRH is outside watching the rain fall from a safe dry spot.
    JK, love your pics.
    KZ, last year was the first year the chimney sweep has found a bird nest in our chimney and this year one was found in Mum’s chimney, the first time in 66 years. I wonder what has changed. Getting our chimney cleaned soon so we will see if we have a nest too.
    Off to rest again.

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