Tuesday – 26-09-2017 – Hurray for Johnny Appleseed Day!

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    John Chapman (Appleseed’s real name) was among the American settlers who traveled west, planting apple trees along the way, and selling trees to settlers. With every apple tree that was planted, the legend grew.

    I’ve actually suggested this “brilliant” idea when I saw Apple geek for some ‘puter prob LOL. I could get Dorry modelling job so he could make us some $$$!



    If we got Dorry as a model, he would put that cat to shame! I like that Halloween candy bucket.

    Another exciting day in the neighborhood. It’s still cool and raining so Miss Gaea is being a b**ch because she doesn’t want to go outside. *sigh*

    MS – The harsh winter months are hardest on the grass. In order to prepare the lawn/ground for next spring, I put down a Winter weed and feed. It helps to build up the plant’s tolerance to damaging temperature fluctuations and diseases. That cuts down on the weeds next year.

    I’m binge watching “Midnight, Texas.” It’s interesting but doesn’t require a whole lot of brain activity.

    Cya and have a happy~

    night night

    Purrhaps I should get each of my gang their own slipper πŸ˜‰



    Good morning! I’m glad Johnny Appleseed planted apple trees all over the place…maybe I’m enjoying the fruits of his labor! I have been having yummy apples for breakfast with toast — so nice that apple season is in because they are great this year.

    The apples with the faces are so cute–I’ll never look at a cut apple in quite the same way again.



    Good morning! I love the cat in the box with the apples piled nearby!

    Dewey lost his collar again, sigh. He lost it recently but I found it in the driveway. I put the spare on Mama Cat so I’ll have to order more. Wonder if I can buy a case…



    Yum – it’s Apple Season: Vegan Apple Crisp Recipe to share!
    vegan apple crisp

    Vegan Apple Crisp

    Now time for cuppa fave brew as wait for Apple Crisp to be ready…maybe by lunchtime πŸ˜‰
    orangie and apples
    oranjie with apples
    Yup…there are more apples…just ask kitteh when wakes up!



    OK…Timez for Lunch!
    Well, took li’l walk…trying to finally rain…just very short sun shower so far!
    clouds trees sky
    Hee hee…one more kitteh/apple share:
    apple a day vet fun
    Time to stroll back to part 2 day 2s fun…



    Oh yum, apple crisp! Thanks for the recipe, JK.

    Feeling a bit off center today, hard to describe. A few little things, a few not so little things, just enough to have an off-kilter, annoyed feeling. Weird. So I’ve come here to find my center before I head off to work! Oh and petting cats is purrfect therapy!



    Aw, hope you feel better – more centered soon Joan!
    Here’s li’l noir to keep you company…after apple playtime!
    noir apple fun\
    Agree, few minutes with kittehs can do one a world of good.
    Usually visit w/outdoor kit Kiki in pm after work…she’ll sit on porch step next to me…sharing purrs/light snuggles on her terms! Changes the whole mood of the day to almost purrfect! Have a better rest of the day…
    back on the flip for me!



    JJ, sorry that you’re having what Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” referred to as “The Mean Reds.” And what I refer to as “not feeling one-in-myself.” I know this feeling all too well and wish that I had advice for you, but anything that I say will in all likelihood sound trite.

    There is this (also trite, but still.)



    It’s so hot today that they put out a “warning.” But I’m inside with A/C on and don’t much care. The butterflies might be in the know as I saw far fewer flitting about so purrhaps they’re making their way south. Still don’t see how temps will drop to 15C Thurs and 11C by wknd when with humidex it’s 40C now.

    It’s a control thing but so wanting to contact my de facto landlord and tell him that I am seeking further advice re rent increase – which I was specifically told not to do, as in why give him head’s up. I like solving things and fast, but will refrain. Made copious notes on what I want to discuss with tenant’s rights advocate. I don’t want to be playing games and bottom line is that I am not moving, end of story. I love my place, location and really don’t need more stress. But feel that it can’t hurt to find out about my options.

    Finally done with handbag situation as decided to exchange strap on small handbag. It was not working properly and my fix-it attempt with pliers was not a success. Anyway they gave me new strap so now my new 2 bags are happily communing with other bags in bag closet.

    They bought a whole slew of new equipment in gym and after class I tried out the “Assault Bike”. They were not kidding when they told me that it could be the hardest workout ever! One can only do it in 30 sec spurts as one works legs and upper body simultaneously, hard to explain, quick tryout took it out of me and well, I felt it. Plan to add it as cap to reg DIY wkt which I do every other Mon as I don’t like the instructor at that time.

    Plus locker room supervisor made srs note of the locker that I want when they are ready to assign them, that is when the fancy health club reno is complete. Not sure that efurryone gets to choose, but if it works for me it’s all good.

    Off to give street find mini-dresser back another coat of varnish – it is awesome and holds so much more than the one it’s replacing. Then will watch some TV, repeat series called “Major Crimes” I PVR’d a whole bunch of eps. And do some knitting. Slept for about 2 hrs last night and feeling it.



    Afternoon all! I like tart green apples with salt ….. and also on a cracker with a slice of good cheese – preferably Brie πŸ™‚

    Heading out to BWW (Buffalo Wild Wings) for happy hour (bogo), it’s our usual Tues. treat! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!



    Johnny was actually promoting apples used to make cider. Real cider, not cloudy apple juice. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kurt-friese/the-hard-truth-of-johnny_b_757287.html

    Cider has been made in QuΓ©bec from the early 1600s, the trees or cuttings brought over from Normandy and Brittany, the homelands of many colonists.

    Livia wonders who introduced catnip…



    Catnip comes from the god, Bastet, Livia.

    Ok, I’m having my surgery tomorrow. Wish me well and lots of healing energy.



    PG, goes without saying that we wish you well … but I’ll nonetheless say it.

    Thinking of you and said a prayer.

    Please be in touch as soon as pawsible.



    Finally had a chance to visit t he Cafe today.
    PG, thanks for the reply on winterising your lawn. We have a weed and feed but if we use it we’ll lose a lot of the lawn as over the years weeds have invaded and the actual lawn is pretty sparse. But maybe I will consider it next Autumn.
    JK, the apple crisp looks superb and has my mouth watering. Hmmmm the oven is on at the moment, maybe I can get an apple crisp in there too for dinner.
    JJ, I hope you found your centre. I know what you mean about feeling off kilter.
    Oh Lagatta that is interesting about Johnny Appleseed promoting apples for cider. My family were cider and perry makers in the UK in the 1800s.



    Yes, cider was considered a salubrious drink; the water supply was often tainted, and cider is not strong drink such as gin or rum. I suspect that much wasn’t very strong at all, but even so, the fermentation made it safer.

    I’d love some perry; it is hard to find here.

    pussigato, keep well



    Another Yummers Apple Treat Recipe:

    Gluten Free Apple Cider Donuts

    apple cider donuts
    Gluten Free Apple Cider Donuts make a delicious dessert or breakfast treat that’s perfect for Fall or any time of year. Yum, don’t mind if I try one…nom nom nummy! πŸ˜‰

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