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    Re-explore the purity and power of handwriting. Purrticipate by writing a note or letter to someone. Or by getting a start on the novel that we supposedly “all have in us.”

    Kit lingo!





    It seems I write less and less. I love to write, but typing is so much faster. And don’t get me started on grade school kids not being taught how to write cursive. Absolutely awful. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!

    Colder today with lots of wind and some snow flurries, but not that awful below zero stuff we did have. This is bearable, I think–I haven’t been out yet. Have errands to run this morning so will have to wear a hat or something with a hood.

    And my brownies are delicious–they have dark chocolate chunks in them!



    That’s what I need – more thinks! Poor Fluffy. 😕
    I agree, KZ. It makes me angry that they don’t teach cursive anymore. Maybe, ECB, our resident teacher can explain why.

    You will learn to write by writing. So simple yet…

    That puppy is still there and the neighbor, two houses down, is having the back patio torn up. It’s near the sewer line so I don’t know if it’s the city work or hers. I hope it’s the city because that’s a big chunk of change. The universe is a mess on both sides of Miss Gaeas’ backyard. *sigh*

    I have an appointment but before that

    Have a happy~



    Paw up waves – g’morn ~ happy Tuesday from snow covered “Brewtown” as my n’hood!
    snowman Tues
    Finally stopped – to be in 30’s couple days than warm up again to +40 – Yay!
    But First – Coffeetime!
    coffee mug snow
    Cheers – wishes for a pawsome day…later!



    Yep, cursive isn’t taught because it isn’t on the standardized tests. Same reason there really isn’t much beyond reading, writing and math taught in Elementary school. Can’t really blame the teachers. They have to prioritize the subjects and skills their performance is judged by.

    I’ve noticed a trend toward people having positive views toward teaching cursive. In some areas, public schools really want to compete with private for those kids with parents who value education. So if those parents are wanting cursive, I bet more schools will offer it.



    Hee hee…oops, forgot to comment on thread!
    Pushkeen fun
    cats alphabet
    Cat Font – LOL
    Ok, back to my desk and part 1s fun…



    Afternoon all!

    Well the weather peeps most certainly overstated the case re a supposedly disastrous ice storm. Just got back in and it was not bad out at all.

    OK, I was wearing cleated boots but the only ice that I encountered was on my bldg steps and banister, efurrywhere else it had melted. And yet efurry single school/jr. college etc was closed for the day. And very few peeps at gym which troubled me not at all.

    Granted it is pouring out and preferable to be in. But closing all the schools? Supposed to get worse later, we’ll see.

    Some years back I wrote some short stories. Could have had one published but mag wanted me to rework it as a bio pce when I had structured it as fiction so I nixed the plan. And in a fit of pique tossed them all out. Now I regret it. 🙁



    Hi all – write to my out of state brother and sister every month! Ok, so it’s because there’s some family business conducted, but I still write a note and I write in cursive!

    Today I went on my annual coupon food shopping excursion with my brother. For the store’s 30th Anniversary there are over 40 coupons for items for 30 cents! It’s chaotic, exasperating, but kind of fun, plus I come home with goodies I wouldn’t normally buy!

    Today started out rainy and windy and mild but it has cleared out and has cooled off. Yesterday I rearranged the shelters, and will be taking 2 down in the spring – I don’t really need more than 4. Plus took advantage of mild temps to do a bit of backyard cleanup before it gets cold again – we have the whole month of February fun!



    Sounds like the sorta shopping trip I’d like JJ, even if it’s not fashion and accessories.

    Hey it works! Nothing to do with anything but decided to give tinypic another go to see if I could post pics from my desktop. This of course is Dorry. Modelling in front of cushions knitted and needlepointed by moi!



    Ooops! Plse see next post!



    So here’s latest cable sweater and yarn from whence it came. And no I will not be posting pics of the entire collection, but closet provides an idea of how many I’ve managed to knit up over these past yrs. Purrhaps not handwriting, rather handknitting. 😉



    Those teacher evaluations are a muck up. It takes away the teachers’ ability to teach children to learn leaving teachers to teach them how to take tests. I’m sure we could beat this to death. My nephews and their wives have always taken the responsibility to round out the kids learning. Yes, yes – if we had more parental involvement…

    I used to do the coupon sales, JJ. Things got too crazy for me, though.

    You did it KJ! We get see the prince in repose and your wonderful sweaters. I’m impressed with your talents.

    I finished riding my bike now the boy and Miss Gaea want me to play.



    Tks PG! Dorry is hoping that Miss Moppet will pin-up his pic in her locker. 🙂



    Miss Moppet, lol! all quiet here, see y’all on the flip

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