Tuesday 22-05-2018 – Celebrating the “Selfie” During National Photograph Month

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    In 1839, Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer in photography, produced a daguerreotype of himself – one of the first photographs of a person. Because the process was slow he was able to uncover the lens, run into the shot for a minute or more, and then replace the lens cap. He recorded on the back “The first light picture ever taken. 1839.” A copy of his “first selfie” graces his tombstone at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So now (thanks to Wikipedia) we know!

    Wonder if above pic qualifies as crossover?



    I don’t do selfies, but I do like taking pics of interesting things that I see on my meanderings, OK mainly kits.

    And here are pics of latest deals!

    Some very furry finds – not free but savings! At book/mag/gift item store that now has “Bazaar” area!

    tray/Reg. $5/Sale $1.75 (purrfect for coffee/tea and cookies or whatever)

    bag/Reg. $40/Sale $10 (purrfect for gym gear/knitting gear or simply as a tote)

    I joked with clerk that I like cat-themed stuff, she countered that this is obvious. Hehehe

    Managed to get through “Moralities of Everyday Life” Coursera course. Once I decided that passing all the quizzes matters to no one. Prof must be srsly hard marker. His CV has like 12 pages of publications! Anyway must now find something interesting but purrhaps lighter.

    Also another somewhat weirdness happening with my laptop. Not a biggie, but a call to tech expert and Apple are in order.

    And still waiting to see how supposed condo sale will play out. In 5 wks I am due to receive notice as in 6 mos lease is up. So far only one visit has happened. Hmmm … well asking price is ridiculously high. Anyway I’ll see how things stand and have yet another chat with our Rental Board, who have proven to be quite helpful in explaining tenant’s rights.

    Need to get to bed early-ish – I know this story is getting old. *Sigh*



    I don’t do selfies either.




    I’m no good at taking selfies and don’t get the thrill of it. Of course, I take pictures of kits everywhere I find them.

    “The Photographer”, a carte from ‘The Brighton Cats’ series, photographed by Harry Pointer at his Bloomsbury Place studio in Brighton. Date: 1870s

    Enjoy and have a happy~



    We both think that’s dis a gud selfie, MS.

    I love the tray and bag. The bag is neat and well shaped. Good buys!



    It’s a very candid selfie which makes it gud.
    I love the winsome wee selfie cat.
    Great tray and bag KJ.



    It’s hard for me to celebrate the selfie..I hate ’em. I know people who change their selfies like they change their underwear. Seriously? Makes me wonder why I’m friends with them. Same face, different background and a whole lot of filters…what are you trying to hide or who are you trying to convince?! 😆

    Love the pics today…cats do take the best selfies though.

    KJ, I love your finds…the bag is so cute and versatile, and the tray speaks for itself. Great for entertaining when N. comes over or making life easier when you need to transport goodies to be in front of the TV!

    Quite soggy around here, lots of rain overnight and more expected today. It is so lush and green here though. But I find rain relaxing, and am in no hurry to get my day started.



    Paw up waves – g’morn on a Tuesday!
    More good news – Kiki pie stayed the nite again! Rain probably helped w/decision! Yes, she headed out at dawn – probably time for purry powder!
    Luck was hanging around – not sure if he was bothering her for didn’t hear any meowring – but he could have just been giving her the silent glare 😉
    Anyways…think/hope she’ll be indoor kit once weather cools down again this Fall! Here’s a fun purry share from this AM’s FB:
    sleep outside if not like cats
    Kiki showing how it’s done!
    Kiki outside
    Ok, back to part 1 day 2’s fun…later/hope



    I don’t like selfies posted to social media, but my family sends selfies on Viber just to our family group. It helps us stay connected (since we don’t all live in the same state) and we enjoy seeing what each other is up to. Like when Mr. AV and I are sitting at a beach bar enjoying a sunset, the kids can see it and enjoy it to. It’s great when Son travels, we can see the cool places he goes – like riding a camel to the pyramids, or lunching by the Congo river ….

    We have gotten an unusual amount of rain lately (yay!), and my yard is like a lush garden! …. seems the trend will continue into the weekend, which is fine by me, we’re not doing anything special on Memorial day, just enjoying some free time.

    Hope everyone has a great Tues!



    I’ve taken some selfies, but often it’s me hiding behind a cat!
    Great tray and bag, KJ!
    It’s a rainy day here in Jersey. I have to head out to work in a bit for my evening shift. I feel like taking a nap instead!



    Just wanted to point out that the 22nd of May is also International Biodiversity Day, and while our domestic cats aren’t threatened as a species, many of their wild cousins, large and small, certainly are.




    Good morning all. Soggy cold day here and some parts of the country had thunderstorms overnight with 9500 lightning strikes, hail, strong winds and heavy rain and the odd flash flood. One plane was hit by lightning as it was trying to land and snow is falling in the south of the South Island.
    KZ, Mr MS was commenting last night that he hasn’t seen pasture so lush and green with deep grass at the time of year for a long time. That bodes well for getting stock through the Winter while not depleting Winter feed of haleage or silage. Always a bonus.
    JK, great news on Kiki staying another night, big gentle hugs for her. hoping she realises that your house is there for her whenever she wishes.
    AV, family selfies are ok. It’s a great way to stay in touch when you are separated by distance.
    JJ, yes most of my so called selfies involve a cat in front of me.
    Looks like it’s wet in a lot of places.



    JK – that’s wonderful that Kiki is realising the benefits of sleeping inside and that ‘cat’ and ‘comfort’ belong together. She’s a very pretty girl indeed (not that that matters – she’s a cat and therefore she’s perfect whatever she looks like).

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