Tuesday 21-11-2017 – The Weirdness Continues … with False Confession Day

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    For some unknown, yet wacky reason, the creator of this Special Day, thought it would be fun to encourage false confessions. Did you do it or not? If you did, mum’s the word today. But, if you didn’t do it, then today is your day to offer up a false confession. Of course in the kit’s cases they did it and are d**n proud!



    “Just out of spite,
    I confess I’ve ruined three lives
    Now don’t sleep so tight
    Because I didn’t care till I found out that one of them was mine.” 😉





    Paw up quick AM waves…coming in ’cause forgot to post this last week:
    belated purrday
    Very Belated Happy Purday to HRH Shadz…false confession – nope just forgot to do it!
    Hope it was pawsome!
    Back Later/hopeful!



    Afternoon all! …. I was up early and to the grocery …. picked up my bird, and am now making the brine …. he’ll sit in that over night, then get roasted off tomorrow! ….. love these holiday cooking days!!
    Mimosa anyone?



    “It wuz tauntn me” hehehe! BTW that kit is very Dorry-esque.

    Guess that not too many peeps care to share their confessions – false or otherwise.

    I confess to having shopped well – again! Was in n’hood of mega-liquidation home decor shoppe. Decided to re-do my faux walk-in closet somewhat, so bought me 4 hanging 6-shelf fabric units to store even more sweaters! Way pretty in grey/white. Plus some body pillow cases and reg. pillow cases. My current units will be stored to use in Spring/summer. The prices/quality are unbelievable way less than say Walmart. Plus the owner knocked down the total price when I “inquired”. Why not? So I’ll have loads of KJ-style fun arranging stuff! 🙂



    Paw up – PM waves! Finally time for afternoon li’l break!
    Busy here – getting it all in during short week!
    Mmm…java – croissants 🙂
    Tuesday coffee break treats
    Yum – dig in kits!

    It’s a grey/damp/cool day…may warm up a bit tomorrow – supposed to have a dose of sunshine ~ hopeful rest of the week!

    OK, back on the flip!



    Hi all – mum’s the word! No one ‘fessed up to providing the yakkage on my back step this morning. Hmmm, one of those cute faces out there is the culprit…

    AV, brother and I were just talking about turkey brining at lunch today. He is still adjusting to his role as main family chef (aka turkey guy) and said he is going to do it next year. Any hints or tips you want to throw this way about brining are appreciated!

    We will all be descending on mom’s for Thanksgiving. I’m making mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing and a dessert, probably chocolate cream pie. Sister is handling the veggies and niece makes a yummy cranberry sauce – even I like it!

    JK, I was so happy to see Kiki at TDK Star Kit, she’s beautiful!

    I’d love a mimosa, thank you!



    Joan, brining is a choice, and one largely (IMHO) based on your cooking method and the type of bird you’re cooking! …. if you’re cooking a frozen bird, the 3-5 days it takes to thaw it out in the fridge basically puts enough moisture into it, so brining isn’t necessary. If you’re cooking a fresh turkey, then brining helps allow moisture to seep in, so it isn’t dry – particularly if you’re cooking in convection oven. My new oven is a convection (option), which is my preference because it cooks more evenly and browns beautifully. So I’m brining my fresh turkey over night, will rinse well and pat dry; then will put lemons/oranges and fresh herbs in the cavity and tie the legs together, tuck wings under; rub with melted butter/herbs and sprinkle with black pepper. I also pour a little stock in the bottom of the roasting pan under the wire rack. No more salt, the brine put enough salt in it. I’ll preheat my oven to 350 (about 25 degress less than I would a conventional oven), foil the breast and thigh tops for the first hour; remove the foil and baste every 20 min. until the leg/thigh reads 175 and it’s nicely browned. My 17 lb. turkey should be done in 2-2 1/2 hours. Most importantly, I let it rest at least 30 min. before I carve or in my case debone it. I cook mine the day before, debone it, cover with stock/gravy mixture and then reheat it the next day with the other casserole dishes. 32 years I’ve been doing this, and it’s the most moist/melt in your mouth turkey ever!! My dressing I make in a separate pan. I use the turkey drippings along with boiled down neck bones to make my gravy – also done the day before. SO GOOD!

    Hope yours turns out great!



    I wrote a purrfect bit of prose and now it’s gone. dang it 😡

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