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    Not only has Spring sprung (although not quite in my n’hood,) but it’s also Fragrance Day and all the Café tables are bedecked with the most lusciously scented blooms from the garden.



    Okay the ‘first flower of spring smells like cat piss’ make me LOL!! In the past when I had many cats on the farm, this was more true than not!! Digging in the garden and the flower beds wasn’t much fun either–but I got so good with my water pistol that Mr. KZ called me ‘dead eye’! 😆

    Actually a beautiful day here. Supposed to be foggy and cloudy, and at present the sun is shining–but that’s okay, I’ll take it!!

    If it keeps up, Avery and I will be outside taking advantage of it when she wakes up.



    Morning all – can’t smell spring here yet, too much snow! The spring flowers will get some good moisture with the melting snow though. Before the storm last week I saw some tulips and hyacinths coming up.
    Ok, so I saw this on the news yesterday – Kitten Fur, the perfume. Hmmm…




    Hmmm … is right JJ. So the perfume is for hoomins. I like the presentation. Wonder if the orangie tabby comes with it as a bonus? My only concern is if I can find it in my n’hood. More importantly, if I try it out will I be followed in the streets by an army of outdoor tom kits! You know how strong a kit’s sense of smell is. Or will Dorry reject me thinking that I’ve been cheating on him! 😮 😉



    Paw up afternoon waves to anyone still around/lurking!
    Hmm, Joan…kitty fur scent…bet it’s not as pawsome as the real thing though!
    Can’t smell flowers around this place…but could smell coffee brewing earlier in the day!

    Well doggie Friday isn’t for a few days but here’s a timely reminder:
    doggie smelling flower
    Remember to smell the flowers along your life’s path 🙂
    (Think Brutie will be back to visit too since Boss in now back from vaca!)
    OK, time for part 2 day 2’s fun…back at it!
    Wishing all a better than expected day!
    Mwah – smooch for you Tux…thanks for the java!
    tuxie coffee cup
    Back on t’e flip!



    Heehee KJ, indeed, I wonder if the cats identify it as “cat lady scent”!
    The news guy said it must be better than “wet dog”, and hopefully that’s not even a real product! New puppy smell might not be bad though.
    Cute goggie reminding us to stop and smell the flowers!
    It looks like a lot of snow melted today, hope to plant my peas soon!
    Spent most of the days down at mom’s. Treated everyone to pizza – plain and spinach – and cannoli. Did some walking when I got home but still limited by piles of snow and narrow roads.



    “Wet dog” what will marketers think of next – wait, I don’t even want to know!

    Most of our snow has melted, but we are slated for srsly cold day tomorrow. Weather somehow seems to weird out one way or another on Wednesdays.

    Nice that you treated efurryone to lunch.

    I actually worked from time when I got home from gym, with break for noms and TV/knitting – one of the pleasures of freelancing. Think that I’ll stop for today, probably finish project tomorrow as I’m in until I leave in late pm for spin class. I’m way ahead of deadline, but I just want to finish the job as I’m sorta thinking in French as it’s translation/adaptation and I don’t want to get too far out of the mode.

    Plus I’m tired and this is when mistakes occur and I don’t want my proofreading to take longer than the initial work. Plus I only slept 3 hrs last night – not good and no real way to “catch up.” Thought of catnapping, but I might oversleep and mess myself up, prob better plan to plan an early night. (How often have I said this before?) 🙄



    Happy Tues. all! …. my signature fragrance is Katy Perry (love the bottle, but it smells good on me too)
    Beautiful here, warm but not hot – low 80s … humidity not too bad yet, but the pollen is giving us fits! …..
    Caddy is anxious for Scotty and assistant Scotty (I had to hire Scotty a Scotty – his name is Jason) to finish up her porch with her new screens …. they are motorized and I can control them with an app from my phone …. I’m so excited, not only do they provide hurricane protection (God forbid I need it), but they are almost as transparent as screens (just 100 x stronger) so she can see/hear everything that goes on around her, yet she gets a feeling of security ….
    They will also keep those pesky mosquitoes out, so I foresee many evenings or weekends of me and her sitting out there reading 🙂
    I’m slow cooking some braised turkey thighs in a creamy sauce in the oven, which will be served over rice with fresh garden squash & half runners from the farmers market – YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! L8R all!



    I love braising turkey thighs; some people who dislike roast turkey might like it that way. I use a bit of wine, poultry stock, lemon and of course onion and garlic. Fresh ginger is also nice, but unlike the alliums, it should not cook for a long time, add it towards the end.

    Yes, we have a bubble of freezing air today, but I’m working at home and still taking care of my three LARGE cats as well as my own mini-cat.

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