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    It’s Extraterrestrial Abductions Day, and the kits are focused on rocket ship travel and “Is there other life out there?” and so on. Anyone ever been abducted by aliens? “The Truth is Out There” and “I Want to Believe”! (I’m a major “X-Files” fan!)





    MS, I hope that I can sleep after seeing that alien hatchling! Majorly creeps me out!!!!! 😮

    And yet if I’m awake late or while drifting off to dreamland I like to listen to radio program “Coast to Coast” – based on all sorts of strangeness, ie alien abduction, conspiracy theories, Area 51, hauntings, and more!



    KJ, the visual creeps you out more than the aural. What the mind has seen can’t be unseen.
    Or the visual version

    Just keep telling yourself it was a soft toy and NOT an alien hatchling.
    😆 😉



    “Fuzz Lightyear” and “i wantz noms” 😆

    I don’t know if Extraterrestrials exist but if humans are the smartest beings in the universe then we’re all screwed.

    Have a happy~
    Einschlafen Sie meine Freunde sanft German
    (Fall gently to sleep my friends)



    Beyond Earthly constraints but here on earth, it is the March equinox!

    Happy Spring Equinox to those north of the Equator, and Happy Autumn Equinox to those south!



    Paw up lunchtime waves…Spring arrived 11:15 AM my n’hood!
    Springtime quote
    Grey/chilly +31 brr…took quick walk…back indoors now!
    Looking for cuppa fave brew to warm up…
    hello spring
    Mmm..thanks Tux – you are the best!
    tuxie on window sill
    Ok – back to more indoor purry relaxing kit…
    Moi, soon back to desk…later/?



    Sure doesn’t feel anything like Spring in n’hood!

    Now here are some tights on sale that IMHO are “out of this world”. Such a shame that I don’t wear thigh-high minis – could, but it’s a modesty/observance thing.

    Bought 2nd batch of Passover stuff, and I don’t buy all that much. Still some stuff that is not stocked as yet, for next wk I guess. They do have this fab cappuccino bevvie that is only stocked at Passover – I’m drinking it now – should buy me several boxes of the stuff.

    And picked up stuff that ideally will settle my guts. To take when/as needed. 🙄

    What’s needed is a bit of a nap, which may or may not happen.



    Loving the pics today, especially FUZZ Lightyear!

    Well, it may be officially spring, but we are expecting a winter storm starting this evening and going into tomorrow with 4 inches of snow expected. Now tell me why this always happens when I have an appointment at the hairdresser?! Last time I told Mr. KZ that if it’s bad out and my stylist is in, then he has to take me…I told him the same thing today too! Too weird!

    KJ, I’m hoping your tummy and guts are feeling better. I’m sure you have seen a doc but wondered if you might be gluten intolerant? I had a friend that had troubles similar to yours and she found out that she was….she tried everything after a surgeon wanted to remove a large part of her bowel. Ended up not having the surgery and found out she was gluten intolerant. Yikes!

    The cats all got their claws trimmed after lunch today. I was constantly feeling like a pin cushion while they were making biscuits….that’s how I know it’s trimming time. You should see all the claws on the floor after you trim the front claws on 5 cats!! 😆 😛



    Yes, it is still chilly here, but the bright sun is definitely springlike. Love Tuxie, Livia is doing the same.

    I also love those tights, but I don’t wear minis either. It is so hard to find skirts that aren’t either minis or ‘pencil skirts’, and as I cycle everywhere my skirts have to be a-line or gored (panelled). Often I prefer wearing a skirt with leggings underneath if cycling any distance, as jeans wear out thus…



    Tks KZ, I’ve had this gut thing checked out and hopefully the stuff I now have will help.



    Hi all – I remember that original guardian of the galaxy. The cat’s name was Orion or something along those lines.

    More snow apparently headed this way – it sure looks and feels like snow now. Could get a dusting, could get a foot, who knows. I’m pet sitting for a neighbor across the lake. Not looking forward to walking across the dam tomorrow! It is already treacherous in spots with deep snow and frozen slush along the lake and path. Driving would be pointless as the narrow roads and steep hills are tricky on a good day. I could stick to walking the roads but would have to jump in the nearest driveway if a car comes, and some stretches of road are just road and woods. Gonna bundle up and take it slow! One gripe I have though is that someone is not curbing their dog, and the poop (too small to be bear shit, they’re off the hook!) is along the path where I will not be able to see tomorrow, super.



    Wow – stay safe Joan. Hopeful you only get a smidge of that white stuff! 🙄



    Stay safe Joan!!!! ….. we had lots of rain, and mid 60s for the next few days, but I’ll take it!

    KZ, I too was getting ‘pin cushion’ holes from biscuits, so Son and I tackled all 4 girls last weekend – Caddy is the only one I don’t trim much, she needs her outdoor nails …..

    I love making Matza soup during Passover, and brisket as well …. my brother and niece are coming in town this weekend, then next weekend Dau and SIL … good to see the family!

    Have a great Tues. evening all!



    Afternoon all, it’s a beautiful warm sunny Autumnal Equinox day here. How is your Vernal Equinox treating you?
    PG, I l just love the wee sleepy ginger kitty and the ‘alien’ cat.
    Lagatta thanks for the Fall Equinox wishes and the same to you for yours.
    KJ, cute tights for those with long legs, short skirts and no ugly veins.
    KZ, I see that the Vernal Equinox isn’t nice in your area so that probably means JJ is getting or will get some crappy weather too. He he, I get this lovely mental image of all your cats sitting with their paws out on towels getting a clawdecure. I know in reality it is the opposite.
    Yes JJ, I remember Orion too. Oh dear, I hope you don’t get any more than a dusting of the white stuff and that there is no brown stuff on your walk to the cat you are catsitting. Safe walk tomorrow.
    AV, unusual weather for you or has your Winter finally arrived.
    We are looking at our first real Wintery cold snap in the next few days as a cold front works it’s way up the country. Not looking forward to that.
    KJ, this is the tape the physio has been using on me and how it works. Wonderful stuff. https://www.rocktape.com/products/tape/how-it-works/



    Our Vernal Equinox seems anything but! Way cold so I have heat turned up, hoods firmly attached to coats and a warm bed to get into – soon!

    I’d never heard of that RockTape. Sounds awesome and magical. And it’s available on Amazon.ca and not all that expensive. And in a plethora of neat colours too!



    KJ, that same site that I put the link up from has the instructions on how to apply the tape. My physio gave me a length all cut correctly with instruction on how to put it on, loosely at either end and with stretch/pressure in the middle. I checked the vid on that site and it was exactly as she instructed.
    The relief from the pain and discomfort is blissful. Pain wears you down quickly even when I’ve lived with pain since a teen. I guess because it was new pain.
    Keep warm TDKers.
    Heading to tomorrow’s Cafe.

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