Tuesday 20-02-2018 – It's Love Your Pet Day – for us that's Efurryday!

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    We just love our pets, and this “Special Day” makes for an easy excuse to spend even more time with them, and to give them more treats/attention.



    Some days it isn’t easy to love your pet. Sampson has his off days when he goes into psycho-attack mode. When I first took him back 10 years ago next week, this was every day, several times a day, and he was on last-chance warning on numerous occasions. He’s now good, mostly, but he’s had a bit of relapse a few times lately and I’m sporting puncture marks on my arm. I know his aggression is anxiety-related but it’s not easy to allay that anxiety when you don’t know what’s triggering it.

    MS: just looked at the synoptic chart and it’s looking scary. Hope NZ doesn’t get too battered by Gita.



    I find it difficult to love Shadz late at night when I am tired want to go to bed and she doesn’t want to come inside – no way, no how, Nuh uh and not happening. She sits just out of grabbing range and retreats if I advance. It’s a battle of wits, patience and what is the best bribe that she will fall for. Our last cat used to be quite vicious and sink his teeth into my legs regularly and without provocation. We discovered later he had skin cancer and tumours in his brain so must have been in pain. Poor boy. He did become a loving cat once his problems were dealt with.
    PM, it does look scary, the eye wall is about to come ashore on the west coast of the South Island in about an hour. Several areas have declared states of emergency ahead of it’s arrival because of rising rivers, extremely high tides and severe gales. I see that the Gold coast and Sunshine coast in Australia were closed today because of extremely high waves. Gita is a powerful storm. We’ve had very little rain here but are catching the outer gales. Wellington, notorious for it’s winds has been eerily still most of the day.
    Sister KK attended this occasion over the weekend.
    I have seen Thomas and Henry when in the area in the past. Such a lovely story of love.



    Today’s pics are so touching and so true. It gives me comfort to know my cats love me by the little things they do. *sniff* I do get angry with them though, even though they can’t help it. I’m sure they don’t understand my anger when they wait to barf on my sofa or rugs, when it would be so much easier to clean off the bare floor….but I wouldn’t be angry with my children or grandchildren if they did it so it seems the problem is mine. 🙁

    The weather here is really ridiculous–72 degrees. People are dropping like flies with flu and other sicknesses…I don’t want to even go to the grocery even less than before!!



    Dorry can be most vexing at times. His modus vivendi is basically that his way must be my way. And I sometimes yell at him until I realize that he probably doesn’t understand it, he’s just being a kit. Then he gives me a “look” and I feel like c**p. Guess he’s for sure got me wrapped around his furry paw!

    Pouring out and chilly and damp. Supposed to get to +10C tomorrow then drop to -8C on Thursday!

    Anyway back from gym and off for hair trim in a bit. Then plan to stay indoors and enjoy the falling rain.



    Paw up ~Tuesday Waves…almost lunch time too!
    Yuppers – Universal Daily Theme!
    asstd kittehs
    All Kittehs are Pawsome 😀

    cat luv boop
    Luv Kitteh Love 😀

    Purrfect Example…
    Luv you Tuxie
    Aw, Tux – you are t’e Best!

    Now, cuppa fave brew as continue with dayz fun!
    kitteh mug



    Happy Tuesday all! … well, we broke the ‘hot’ record yesterday 88 degrees on Feb. 19th! …. also broke the record for hottest days in a row in Feb. dubious honors IMHO …..

    Love the pics today, everyday is a blessing to have our furrbabies to love and love us!

    ooooh, reading yesterday’s back posts, crab cakes sound glorious! I love the flavors of cumin and cayenne pepper, I also add smoked paprika and believe it or night, a pinch of allspice! …. yummmm!

    Hope everyone has a great Tuesday evening!



    Hi Efurryone,

    Happy Tuesday! I have about 5-6″ of snow and am loving it. The snow needed to pushed around so I spent part of the morning doing that then had a toasty shower.
    It looks like TC Gita is not hitting your area to hard, MS. I’m not sure where your girls and sister live though.

    I love my babies but like everyone else, I get mad at them esp. when they start fighting.

    It’s time of heated wraps and a nap.

    Have a happy~



    MS, very moving story about Thomas.

    Srsly pouring out – makes for a cozy vibe when indoors! Up way late as got into a slight conundrum re knitting which of course I had to sort out immediately. 🙄

    Fortunately I can sleep in late as tomorrow is my stay-in day – ’til I go to gym as evening sets in.



    Thanks, MS, for that link. Thomas was much loved, and not only by Henry and the cygnets.

    Sampson has decided to be sweet again, for now.

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