Tuesday – 2/1/2018 – It's Run it Up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day

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    This “Special Day” is meant to encourage creativity. Or, purrhaps just acquire a new house flag and run it up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes … or even notices LOL.

    And for some …



    I love the wee kit saluting us, mwah! The New Year has begun.

    Have a happy~



    Psst – Paw up wave, G’Meownring!
    Ahh, coffee time with kittehs…Yay, back in TDK Café on Day 2 of new Year!
    kit morn coffee
    Aww – gotta luv those little kittehs!

    Still frigid here – currently +2 after being in minus doldrums most of weekend! May hit +14 today, we’ll see!

    Ok, back to desk as rest of part 1’s fun…later/hopeful!



    It’s still -4 here and it’s almost noon…I’m sick of it. The hot water heater isn’t working either, but sometimes the power company will remotely shut off the heater to save power for later..whatever. Our pipes aren’t frozen and for that I give thanks. Many people have frozen pipes, cars that won’t run, and the schools are closed due to the temps. You could try running something up the flagpole today, and I don’t even know whether I’d be in the mood to salute. 😐

    Winter–this kind of cold sucks–and I’m over it.



    JK, your weather seems balmy compared to here with our extreme cold warning.

    Someone told me there is snow slated for the beaches of South Carolina! Interesting.

    KJ, does the power company give yo a heads up prior to shutting off the hot water? Like what if you’re in the middle of a supposedly hot shower? 😮 This sort of thing would not work for me at all. N’bour had no hot water for 1 month and for some reason was reluctant to call our mutual landlord.I don’t quite get it as I would not wait 3 mins before calling. Eventually got things repairs, but sheesh!

    Snowing out now and just got home from gym. I’m going out 2 blocks to p/u bag waiting for me. Another bag is being held in-store for p/u Thurs.

    I do not have the wherewithal to standing by the flagpole today either. Stomach problems still very much present but tomorrow I’m going to see med prof and see what gives. Could be bacterial thing. Srsly hope I’m not dehydrated, but can’t do much about it now. 2 wks without noms is way too long when I have few resources to start with. Even though I manage to do my reg stuff so want this resolved already.



    Wow, already PM as part 2 day 1/ but really day 2 as Tootsday 🙂 in my n’hood!
    Did take a li’l walk at lunch time – temps made it to +11 – woo hoo!
    Almost didn’t seem THAT Bad!

    So, Purry/Furries are paying respect to #OldGlory today –
    canine/feline respect US Flag
    …with Liberty and Justice for All!
    America’s Freedoms Ring True even during this horrible 45th Administration!
    (Gets off Soap box before get carried away)! Lalalalala…now, back to part 2’s fun ~ back on flip!
    But – first cuppa PM Java…
    us flag mug
    Thanks, Tux…later!



    Hi all – I have to run a new flag up the pole and give the prior one a proper disposal, it looked a bit tattered when I took it down after Veteran’s Day.

    Little Fry is adorable!

    Knocking on wood here that our pipes haven’t frozen, but we have to get through some dangerous lows leading into the weekend. We’ve had the tub lines dripping since Christmas, as they are susceptible to freezing. Temps are going to be somewhat bearable tomorrow, so I’m going to put together a small shelter to put next to the back door. Huey loves the heavy wool blanket on the chair, but he can’t sleep out in the open overnight, and I want him to have a close place to hunker down. Also the blanket is going to have to come in tomorrow, as we’re expecting snow.

    Thankfully, Agency Kitties watched “A Christmas Story” and won’t be sticking their tongues to the flagpole, even if someone triple-dog-dares them!



    We need a Catland flag!



    KJ, actually the answer is no, on letting you know when they are remotely turning off your water heater. I agree on not liking them turning it off when they want to. Oldest granddaughter was here and wanting to take a shower, but the water was ice cold. Then later after lunch, it was hot again. It would also be nice if they let you know, because we thought something was wrong with the water heater or the circuit breaker had kicked out. 😕

    I agree lagatta, we need a Catland flag, especially here on TDK! And I would fly it proudly!

    JJ, I worry about my outside cats too. Maxwell isn’t feeling well, and it’s hard to work on a cat outside in these temps. Plus I don’t want to weaken him, it’s just too cold for that. But I can’t bring the outside ones in and risk them tearing each other from limb to limb.



    Here’s some cat flag ideas!

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