Tuesday 19-09-2016 – Celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arrrr!

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    Ahoy, mateys! Today, everyone will be talking the talk, if not walking the walk It’s not a requirement to dress like a pirate – of course no one here’s gonna stop you. Just talk like one – you know that you want to! 😉



    I didn’t know every house needed a pirate!

    I’ll be spending the afternoon at the hospital for my pre-op tests.
    Cya and have a happy~

    Dreaming of plunder, treasure and rum



    PG, wanted to catch you in way early am before you head out for hptl. Hope that all goes well with the tests, and that your surgery goes according to schedule and purrfectly and pray that this time next month you’ll be doing the “Happy Dance” fur real. Or whatever else that you wish to do in a celebratory fashion. 😉

    Now as for pirates. Well Johnny Depp is a known f**k, but he’s good-looking. So does he get a sorta pass? Hmmm … even though I totally agree with caption.

    I shouldn’t LOL at peg-leg kit, but nonetheless …

    Britney Spears – yup good plan for British Navy!

    And pirate to dream by – just look at the position that he finds himself in! 😉

    If you so choose you can all thank me for not posting YouTubes of “Brandy” or “Ride Captain Ride”. And they’re 2 of my all-time fave tunes!



    Crossover pic –

    PG, I must mention that I noticed the Maori good night you posted a couple of nights ago. By the time I finished my post I had forgotten to say something about it and it has continued to slip my mind since.
    May your pre-op tests tomorrow go perfectly well so your surgery can go ahead.
    HRH will be happy tomorrow, her uncle dropped of two more bunnies for her.



    Good morning! Funny pics…wet booty…lol.

    Everything is fine after the mammogram call back. They just had to flatten things out even more pancake like and get a better look. The first images had “overlapping tissue” that didn’t look normal. Thanks for the good vibes!

    AV, enjoyed reading what it is that has your son jet setting…very cool.

    PG….saying a prayer for smooth sailing at the hospital today.

    Older son has to get back into the swing of his classes this week after having them canceled last week due to Irma.



    Ahoy mateys! I be fixin to ice me mom’s birthday cake. It’s lemon with cream cheese frosting. I might put lemon pudding in the middle. When it gets cut I be sending some through the wormhole to TDK land, arrrr!



    AARRRGH…I be holdin’ me plate out at the wormhole JJ!! Sounds scrumptious!

    ECB, good news on the mammo…seriously, how flat is flat?! 😆 DANG!

    I am going to have a ‘discussion’ with someone (I know not who) — it could be the hospital administrator as Mr. KZ went for a test last week and presented his insurance card, only to have the girl tell him that if he paid ‘up front’ he could get a 15% discount….WHAT?! So, not being familiar with shady dealings and thinking he couldn’t get the test if he didn’t pay, he went ahead and paid the bill in full. 😡 😡 I am furious. And I want it run through the insurance, and THEN, I will pay the bill. #$)(*#$!!



    Paw up waves…happy Tuesday with fun theme:
    purry pirate fun
    Purrr…arrrr….soon, timez for nomz!
    pirate cats nomz treasure chest
    LOL 😉

    Almost lunch time…hope to be back soon!



    Mom’s b-day cake was delicious! Lemon with lemon filling and cream cheese icing. Delivered to you via TDK land. Enjoy!

    Oh and mom’s comment to being 91 was “isn’t it rediculous?!”



    Aww JJ, your om might think being 91 is ridiculous, but it’s better than the alternative! I hope to be 91 and mentally and physically able to think and move! 😛

    And the lemon on lemon was fantastic…thank you for the treat!



    I passed my pre-op tests so I’m set for surgery on next Weds. It would have been nice to get some Lemon pudding cake after the all blood they took away. *sigh* 😥

    My breasts push back so I can’t do flat. 😆 TMI?



    PG, glad your pre-op testing went well and you are home again. Why was I thinking your surgery was in October? Did they move it up then? And what time is it on the 27th–want to be sending white light and good vibes your way on that day.



    Good afternoon all.
    ECB, so glad that the call back check went well but flat! ! Wow ! and ouch.
    JJ, that cake is sounding great, I will check at the wormhole for some.
    KZ, LOL 😆 exactly, just how flat is flat. I hope you can get the problem with the payment sorted out quickly.
    Waving to JK, such sweet looking pirates.
    Sniff sniff, I detect lemon cake. Perfect timing as it’s lunch time here.
    LOL at your Mum’s comment. I hear that from my Mum too.
    Mmmmmph nom nom delicious JJ.
    PG yay on the pre-op pass.
    OMG i am laughing fit to burst at your breasts pushing back. My imagination is going wild and I am blushing as I laugh.
    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆



    PG, didn’t you say op was Oct. 10th??? Well the sooner the better to have it over and done with. Never TMI! 😉

    ECB good that all was fine with your recall.

    KZ, I so hear you. And you let the hptl admin have it but good!

    So I never want another day like today. Yest am I dropped a bottle of Tylenol, thought I got all pills back in bottle, found one later. Dorry was fine and it’s not his thing to eat strange stuff off floor, so vet was not concerned.

    Last night found pill on bthrm floor and lost it as to whether he might have swallowed a pill. Needless to say, although I called emerg vet late last night I waited to speak to my vet today. She was in surgery and they strongly suggested that I bring him into emergency vet which is quite far from my place, whatever. Of course I got to hear worse case scenario. Now vet felt quite confident that he was fine, but to be safe they did blood work as Tylenol is beyond toxic!!!

    He’s purrfect thank G-d and may he stay that way. I’m a total mess!!! On way out in am fell 2x on same cuts where I fell last wk, not wonderful. Fortunately I speak with physio and know what to do for cuts and bruises.

    N came as planned and Dorry was in solitary confinement in bthrm while srs vacuuming was done – very unhappy kit but after his release, some loving and noms we’re good. I was crying like no one’s business from stress that started yest. Did not want to say anything in Café until I resolved situation.

    OK now I have to overcome my senselessness and get some noms into me like very soon. So l8r. Or tomorrow. Or ahrrrrrr!!!!!



    My surgery was scheduled in October but they had an open surgery date for 9/27. I decided to take the earlier date.

    I know about the Tylenol and pills. LilBit’s right at my feet when I open a pill bottle and I have to rush to pick it up. Oh KJ-I’m sorry you’ve a couple of lousy days. I cry copious tears when I’m overwhelmed. 😥 🙂

    Hey MS-Boing!



    In case anyone didn’t know…




    PG – an attitude? You? I’m shocked, shocked! 😉



    Phew KJ, what a frightening time that was with Dorry. so glad the boy is fine. Do not feel bad about what happened, accidents happen and you were no doubt your usual extremely careful picking them up but there’s always one that escapes detection.
    Did you get your DIY shelf done or did that go by the wayside.
    PG, 😆 😆 you are incorrigible ! ! Boing indeed. Far better than ‘flop dab’ which I think I remember from a Mad magazine many decades ago.

    😮 🙄
    I knew you had attitude girl.
    Just had txt from Airy – Shake shake shake shake shake that building.
    Quake- 5.1 17km deep Trains stopped while lines checked. Short sharp jolt then rolling. No damage reports as yet.



    How scary-My thoughts are with Airy.

    How do you overcome senselessness? Tell me when you find out, k?



    Goodness MS! Scary! So glad that Airy is OK.
    Montreal is on a quake fault line but although there was one that hit 5.8, that was back in 1732, way before my time!

    For sure I was blaming myself. Cause if pills are prescription variety one can do a count, but pretty much impossible with over-the-counter stuff.

    DIY shelf did get installed mostly by N, with not all that much help from me. She’s just expert at these things. Think that some other cleaning did not happen, but as long as the mega-vacuuming was done and floor mopping, well I never stand over anyone and don’t much care anyway, esp today.

    PG, I haven’t figured out the senseless thing as yet. But if/when I do I’ll surely share.

    I thought that I might be hallucinating but reports concur that due to way high temps our sky is filled with loads of Monarch butterflies. They must be quite confused, but they are quite pretty, even resembling leaves, which would normally be starting to fall now, but not when items are over 30C with humidity. No complaints from me.

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