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    Sarcasm is a form of irony where apparent praise conceals another, scornful meaning. Somehow cats seem to be naturals at this communication mode. Some peeps are naturals too! πŸ˜‰



    Speaking of peeps who have a penchant for sarcasm, I’ll refer to another fave gangsta tune (elipses reps unfluffy start of chorus) … “No not me, couldn’t be me, no not me”. Right!

    On a “need to know” basis tune is (Who Not Me: Ludacris, feat. Dolla Boi, Small World) It’s bad-a** – very – you have been warned. πŸ˜‰



    Crossover pic –



    Yes! Yes! Yes! to all the above pics/captions MS! I think along these lines (a lot) but somewhat to my credit, and sense of self-preservation I keep such thoughts to myself! πŸ˜‰

    2 examples:
    “If I wanted an expert opinion, I’d ask an expert.”
    “Congratulations, your opinion is irrelevant.” (Reema Major, “I’m the One”.) (Note to self: use this one out loud.)



    He he KJ, my sister KK and I love sarcasm but we only use it amonst friends and family who appreciate sarcasm. It can make for hilarious conversations.



    LOL, I love sarcasm too, and I use it amongst peeps I know instead of unleashing it on unsuspecting unintelligent types. There are a few of those around these parts. πŸ˜† Mostly while I’m driving and I can use it without any worry about hurting tender sensibilites…

    KJ and MS, the pics are hilarious!

    It frosted this morning! The grass and just combined field across from the house was covered with a hard frost–it got down to 34 degrees this morning. Quite nippy but is really refreshing after being so warm–actually 82 degrees a couple of days ago.



    Good morning – yep, all of Reddit will judge you!

    It’s a chilly, blue skies, lots of sunshine kind of day here in Jersey. Nice for walking in the woods too, as the foliage is really looking great!



    So just got back from buying new laptop. It seems to rock! You’ll appreciate that in-store the first site that I checked out on I’Net was (natch) TDK. Clerk got a good laugh at today’s pics! Tks KZ!

    OK, so here’s my plan. As I’m headed off to tech-expert for “migration” I’ll be ‘puter-less ’til he brings it back tomorrow in pm.
    Withdrawal alert! πŸ™ πŸ˜‰

    I’m going to set up Wed CafΓ© like now. So it’s ready. Anyhoo it’s Wed in NZ! Anyway you all know where the CafΓ© key is hidden!

    So hope that things go smoothly. Til tomorrow then. Have a good Tues all!



    Paw up PM Waves…yup, back from leaf crunching Up North Weekend!
    Had fun at Pumpkin fest bust missed my kits…think the feeling was mutual for purrs/headbonks/snuggles galore πŸ™‚

    Here’s my 2.5 cents contribution for today’s theme:
    cat sarcastic lol

    sarcasim society lol πŸ˜‰
    garfield do i know you πŸ˜€



    Sarcasm does make life spicey! πŸ˜‰

    Mr. AV is home from his sinus surgery, and doing well …. surprisingly not in bad pain, but very tired ….. who can sleep in a hospital?!

    I have an appt. with the mobile vet for Friday …. all four girls need a nail trim, and Ve might need an allergy shot …. since Son is moving back in Dec. they need to get established with a vet anyway, plus Son will be in town for BFF’s wedding. It’s rained the last couple of afternoons (yay), and has finally dropped below 90! ….. FINALLY!

    Well, gotta wrap things up here, have a great rest of your day all!



    No lifeguard and no crayons – ROTFLOL

    The thing with sarkasm is so many don’t get it and spoil a purrfectly good chat.

    “Cats hearing apparatus is built to allow the human voice to easily go in one ear and out of the other” Stephen Baker



    Afternoon all, it’s our babies birthday today. I won’t say how old she is as that will make both her and me feel old. πŸ™„
    Oh KZ, frost, yuk. The only good thing about frosts is stopping the lawns from growing and needing mowing and to kill off nasty bugs and bacteria in the garden.
    It has been sunny today and quite warm. I spent the afternoon digging up barrow loads of mature compost and pushing it up hill and then tipping it on to my gardens. Hot work.
    Woohoo KJ, you won’t know yourself once you are all up and running.
    Hi JK, frosty your way too !
    The pumpkin festival sounds great. LOL I love the Sarcasm Society banner.
    AV, good to her Mr AV is home and doing well, may that continue.
    You have your hands full with four pawdicures for Friday.
    PG good to see you in the cafe. Hope you are on the patio with your feet up(if allowed) and being waited on by some cute Tuxies.
    LOL, I mentioned last week that we had seen and tried to ctch a young white rabbit we saw on the roadside outside our place. It got away then and this morning Mr MS saw it sitting on the road below our house. I talked with one of the householders from there and she said it was from a house further back and is free range. ! ! What silly people to keep a rabbit free range in town.



    I’ve come across a few free-range rabbits. Seems a determined rabbit is as much an escape-artist as a determined cat. Like cats, they know where their home is, but like cat they are vulnerable out in the big bad world. One such escape-artist rabbit lived next door to us where we lived many years ago. It would come in to sample all the plants in our garden, and had our cats completely bamboozled. On one level they knew it wasn’t a cat – it didn’t get any sort of hostile response from any of the gang – but because it was cat-sized and roughly cat-shaped they expected it to behave like a cat. It would sniff noses like a cat should, but when they tried to sniff the other end it would just hop away – a definite breach of etiquette. It was afraid of nothing; they didn’t recognise it as a mobile dinner because it didn’t act like prey.

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