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    Ideally April showers bring May flowers as we watch our gardens grow – whether we be quite contrary – or not!



    I am feeling quite a bit better, the snotting and sneezing have ceased although the cough and bullfrog voice remain. HRH seems to be feeling more relaxed and has eaten well. We had one of those evenings earlier, she was insisting on going outside but as it was dark and wet we wouldn’t let her so she resorted to the litter tray. I could hear running water and went to check and she had an absolute Niagara Falls of a pee and managed to get it all over the edge of the tray. The flooding was almost at Biblical proportions as Mr MS and I grabbed paper towels and cloths to stem the spread. That done then it was into the mop up and clean up. The hall smells of disinfectant now. Not long after I noticed her food bowl looked odd and when I turned the light on I could see it was swarming with ants. Panic stations and plate dumped in the sink full of hot water. Meantime Mr MS kicked and spilled HRH’s large water dish all over the carpet. More towels and blotting and cleaning.
    These things come in threes and there they stopped. By then I was running a temperature after all the running around. Not sure if it was the steroids or the antibiotics that caused her to have such a full bladder. Oh, I had only a small amount of cat litter left but that can be remedied tomorrow.

    PS, Sister KK arrived here after an all day train journey and 2 hour car trip. She is here to give me a break from looking after Mum which is wonderful.



    MS, glad that you’re feeling somewhat better. have a gr8 visit with KK!


    Well one of your pics has incited me to post this earworm! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    A great old headbanger hit (pun intended)



    Paw up…almost lunch time waves from sunny +30s brewtown – at least for now!
    Yup, still snow cover on ground with maybe more rain/snow mix fun/NOT tomorrow ๐Ÿ™
    Oh well…here’s my 2.5 cents on today’s theme:
    gardening in snow
    Yup…fits the Spring Season around here…
    officemate mentioned last year at this time we were 70s! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Oh well…still 65 days until Summer…
    Ok, getting warmer on java…back on the flip!
    snow cone espresso
    Hmm…how about an espresso snow cone instead…



    Got things done today and amazed at how the pm flew by.

    Micro replacement situation seems to be sorted out. No one knows how the micro reserved for me got “lost”. In any case as it’s not being made anymore I’ve been offered the next upgrade, similar model. My “good plan to ask” mode will see sales guy purrsonally delivering it one day soon after work. Thus saving me time/cost of delivery guy. Purrhaps he can check out its placement as I seem to have probs with micros.

    My place is listed on a posh real estate site. As is my n’bours. No “staging” happened but place looks good IMHO. Interestingly – or not so – pics do not feature the srsly scratched up floors and other detrimental probs.Looks to me like walls got srsly photoshopped as my attempts at patch-up painting are not visible. And now LR floor is buckling and patched up with hot glue, G-d forbid I trip! Informed landlord but point in time no reply and prob doesn’t care. The asking price is astounding and that’s not including a garage space and taxes/condo fees. Plus in my case as I have a lease note in description states “subject to Rental Board …” I am hoping that something better comes through, and too early to srsly look even though I have my eye on certain places. ๐Ÿ™„

    Didn’t you guys in US just have to pay your annual taxes? Hope that none of you took too hard a hit. I had to pay very little to provincial gov’t. Will of course get bill from accounting firm but better that than attempting to go DIY route.



    Hi all! I typed a lengthy post this morning only to have it disappear into cyber space after it told me I had to be logged in to post. Really? I WAS logged in…otherwise I couldn’t have posted to begin with. ๐Ÿ˜ก Sorry, but I’m still feeling a bit salty about it. Why do we have to log in all the time anyway? Just wondering since we are all members.

    Willow is barfing today, and I’m worried about him. If he doesn’t stop, to the vet we go tomorrow. He NEVER gets sick, so I’m wondering what in the world it could be.

    KJ, glad you got your microwave worries sorted out and delivery guy will go the extra mile for you.

    MS, I hope you are feeling better. I have the sore scratchy throat now after everyone else has had it. I don’t plan on being down with it and I even wonder if Willow has something of the sort too since I know that some viruses are transmittable from humans to cats and vice versa.



    Hi everyone – we had a couple of good gardening days but itโ€™s cold again. Planting peas is the most gardening Iโ€™ll do for another few weeks. Love the โ€œget off my lawn!โ€ pics.
    Yikes MS, 3 messes, 3 cleanups. HRH is keeping you on your toes! Iโ€™m glad you are feeling better.
    Good ear worm, KJ!
    Yep, today is tax day. We took a hit, as expected, but itโ€™s been worse. Iโ€™m just glad to have the anxiety of tax day behind me for another year!



    Happy Landowner (Colorado), put the hose away, screw it! ๐Ÿ˜†

    Hi efurryone! I’m here!

    I got up this morning (good start) read the posts thought I’ll get back soon. Then I started cleaning up a bit, etc. After that, I decided I would make a “Hurricane Carrot Salad.”

    I’m peeling the carrots and apples and two slices off my fore and middle fingers. Ouch! I take baby asprin and it is a thinner. I was bleeding everywhere. Once I cleaned and bandaged myself, I took a nap. My middle finger was still bleeding a bit and I decided I probably ought to see someone. Did you know that when you bleed on the carpet, baking soda soaks it up right away. FYI-just in case.

    It sounds good that HRH relieved herself but I’d be like you, WTF? Are you OK?

    I hope you don’t get this wind. It’s been 35-50 mph in the city.

    Chat sometime l8r

    It’s a really good, easy salad but most folks don’t extra red carrots.




    Well PG, glad the salad came out OK – without the finger garnish! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Aspirin not a good plan – encourages bleeding, I guess now you know. Hope that you saw a med prof and got patched up properly. And that the slices did not come off your dominant hand.

    Baking soda is a rock star for so many household things.

    KZ, hope that scratchy throat follows your orders and disappears. And that Willow is OK.

    Having to get up early for appt (in the hope that the earlier I get there the earlier I’ll get out of there) it’s to bed I go.



    Good afternoon. Did you know that the eighteenth of April is International Banana Day. Apparently Kiwis eat over 13kg(29lb) of bananas annually. Wow surprised me but thinking about it we do eat a lot of bananas in our house.
    PG, ouch ouch ouch. Your poor fingers. Interesting about the baking soda and blood thing, handy to know. Do see someone about the continued bleeding. I guess the ‘Hurricane Carrot salad’ hasn’t been completed. Sounds interesting though. Ummmmm, we have the wind, the day is sunny but we have strong winds with even stronger gusts. One of those days that you just don’t bother to do your hair before going out because it will be blown all over about two seconds after stepping outside. Also had the occasional shower. HRH is outside now hopefully in a cozy sheltered corner soaking up the sun.
    Ugh tax day, ours is coming up soon, the first since starting our own company. Apparently this year won’t be so bad but subsequent years it can be tough. Not thinking about that yet.
    JJ, fingers crossed that your peas grow this year. Keep sowing every few weeks until you see them above ground.
    KZ, losing a post like that just sucks monkey toes, been there and got the entire T-shirt set.
    Healing Energy for Willow, I hope it is something quickly fixed.
    KJ, ahhhh photoshopping, a realtors best friend(AV excluded). Glad the micro replacement has been sorted.
    JK, I love the ‘screw it’ pic, I am doing that in reverse. possibly too late to get some veg plants in but with the crazy hot weather we have had in between the brrrr ocld I will give it a try and plant out morebroccoli, cauli and Swiss chard seedlings. Mum’s plum tree had blossom on it last week, totally out of season.
    Today I feel so much better, barely sneezed but cough is still wicked appears at the most inconvenient moments. Went and saw Mum and KK and ended up doing grocery shopping. Now I have my feet up and am sipping on an iced coffee and eating what else but a banana.




    Oh KZ, I forgot to say gargle with warm salty water for that scratchy throat. I didn’t do that soon enough and am now paying the price. Whisky gargele is also acceptable and as a late poster here Ginger would say ‘Can I swallow too’ we would all say ‘Yes you can swallow.
    PG, just checked the carrot salad recipe and we make one very similar here but instead of oil we squeeze and orange into the carrot to stop it going brown and sometimes add a little to a small amount of mayonnaise to stir thru the carrot salad. I love those golden raisins but can’t always find them.



    Baking soda is essential, as is plain white vinegar. I don’t eat that – cider, white wine or rice vinegar – or balsamic for a select few recipes but not everything as it is far too dominant – but is wonderful for cleaning and other household uses.

    Good recipe, but I’d use olive oil, and less. I buy jugs of it when it is on sale at a Greek supermarket I like, and pour it into four dark-green olive-oil bottles. Wine bottles would be fine too, but the glass should be dark so the oil keeps better. Also, almonds are very hard nuts, so if you have any family member with soft teeth, either they should be sliced or julienned or you should opt for a softer nut, such as walnuts.

    I’m trying not even to think about the spring that doesn’t come. IN 2012, it was well over 20C in March, when it was still the very end of winter. I so need fresh, local green things, whether to eat or to nourish my spirits… Livia is stir crazy. She brings me clean socks I’ve paired and rolled up from my laundry basket. I was under the impression she thought they were prey, but now she is acting as if they were babies. Remember, even clean socks have a soft (but pleasant) scent for them. She doesn’t touch dirty sock.

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