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    There are many, many benefits provided by trees. They provide shade, comfort and warmth. They give off oxygen, too. So, we have good reason to love a tree or two. Go out and give a tree a great big hug. Or, climb up into your favorite tree, and share some quality time with it.



    Indoor tree problems

    Um Heeeeeeelp !
    I have been admiring a native tree we planted here when we first bought the house, it was a seedling from a tree at Mum;s place. It is now a large mature tree and has housed a blackbird nest for the last two Summers and now it is a favourite spot for native birds called tui to sit and sing their beautiful song.



    Yea, sexy firefighters! And Catberries! WooHoo 😆

    What kind of tree is it, MS? I’m caught up on The Handmaid’s Tale and it’s interesting. Miss Gaea was sitting on my lap so I guess I’m forgiven.

    Cya and have a happy~

    Getur þú alltaf fengið uppáhalds borðið þitt (Icelandic)
    May you always have your favorite ribbon



    PG, the tree is a psuedopanax but I am not sure which cultivar it is though. Pseudopanax is a small genus of 12–20 species of evergreen plants, the majority of which are endemic to New Zealand, although they also occur in Tasmania and some plants from South America have at times been included in this genus.
    It’s a chilly evening and HRH is curled up asleep on the floor in front of the fire and I am headed to bed.



    I’d already said hello to the big tree just outside my office window – and my front balcony, though he isn’t a native tree. He is a Norway Maple, a beautiful tree but not native to here. Some decades ago, the importance of native flora was not as known as it is now, and they thought “they are from Norway, another cold country with long winters, it will do well here”. Actually they are sort of pests, though they are far too beautiful for anyone to remove mature ones; we are just not supposed to let them propagate.

    The funniest thing is that the maple leaf on the Canadian flag is actually a Norway maple, not a Canadian one…

    We’d had a chilly and extremely rainy springtime here, even into May, but suddenly it is sunnier and warmer so the leaves are growing quickly, as are all sorts of flowers. Livia is sitting out on the front balcony now, but she’ll probably want back in soon, although she’s already had her breakfast.

    Those pseudopanax look very interesting; do you know what the Indigenous people called them?



    I love my trees…my favorite in the yard is a huge specimen of the Little Leaf Linden. It towers over the south end of the yard, housing all kinds of birds and their nests. Underneath is dark and cool and cavernous…like a giant umbrella. I love to stand under it when it’s raining lightly, you don’t get wet but you can hear the rain on it’s leaves. It gets blooms all over it (in a few weeks) that smell divine and the insects and bees love the nectar from the little white flowers which smell divine!! You can hear the buzzing of them from the front porch when the tree is in full bloom. I hear you can make tea from the white blossoms, but I’ve never done it. If anything ever happens to that tree I will be devastated. 😐



    Unter den Linden! Famous boulevard in Berlin.
    Yes, Linden (tilleul in French) makes wonderful herbal tea.

    Moonshadow, I found a site about Maori uses of Native NZ plants:

    Like many places, we are experiencing the loss of our ash trees, felled by a parasite. Many along my street, fortunately not on my block, but the long block just north, yes unfortunately. The street looks so sad… 🙁 The black ash, a native species here, was used for many purposes for the Abenaki people, who live in the Eastern Townships region (L’Estrie) in Québec as well as in Vermont and is their sacred tree.



    Today’s share from li’l walk:
    shaded spot tulips irises
    Luv a shaded spot with tulips and irises…thank a tree for pretty scene!
    Waves from perfect May Day – sunny, light breeze 70’s here…warmer inland!
    tuxie under tree
    Oops…hi Tux, happy you are enjoying shade on a pretty day too – Mwah/smooch 🙂 Later…



    Hey guys! Oh, I just love trees. Our yard is full of them which is so lovely to have the shade. The downside is the leaf clean up (they’re oaks)…massive amounts of it. And grass won’t grow with all the shade…but who needs a high maintenance lawn anyways?

    Wooo hoo…they tore out my kitchen cabinets and counters today. Coming tomorrow to start installing the new ones. I picked them out at the beginning of March but neglected to ask when they’d actually be installed. I thought it would be much sooner. I thought this day would NEVER come. We didn’t fully unpack the kitchen so we’ve been living with boxes in the kitchen and dining room for three months. If I’m the queen of the house the kitchen is my throne room…don’t want icky cardboard boxes in my throne room….lol.

    I’m sitting here watching the cats inspect the changes. The changes actually seem like a good distraction for them.

    MS, a bubble sheet test is a standardized, multiple choice test where you color in a circle by the correct answer. You use a number two pencil so a machine can read your markings and grade the test. School kids start taking them in kindergarten or 1st grade here…use to measure student and school performance. Do kids get tested like that in NZ?



    Isn’t leaf clean up one of the reasons for having kids, ECB? That’s what I was told.



    Ha! They did help some, PG. And I’ll keep training them to help more. I’m bad about wanting to do everything myself, but there are so many leaves, it’s the perfect task to enlist some help. I really need to step up my handing over responsibilities to them so they know how to clean and cook and stuff when they leave home.



    Tks for info ECB. No bubbles here either and I thought it had something to do with bubble wrap and wondered “How in the world …?”

    Finally sitting down. Routine med thing but having a lot going on, and still having to wait for results (much shorter than average as I paid) well MD says no worries, re-assuring, but then there’s KJ. *Sigh*

    Place even has kosher bistro. So the sandwich I bought was not great, but took a nibble of the muffins and will be delish – when I get round to eating them.

    The stunning clinic just happens to be located in very nice mall. And shopping is my default as it de-stresses me if only somewhat. They have a “Winners” (US version is TJMaxx). So I bought me a new wallet (needed) and 2 prs of awesomely patterned gym tights plus 1 pr of kewel gym shorts. I basically take whatever they have in XS or smallest size and it’s a go. Don’t need them but I do spend lots of time in the gym so that’s how I justify it.

    Plus found kosher maple pecan shortbread in the shape of maple leaves – that’s my tree connection.

    They have everything in this store.

    Also sourced out some lovely Keds warm weather shoes. Couldn’t decide so bought 3 prs on sale. One pr has to be brought in from another store so will p/u in a few days. Comfy yet with relatively high wedge heel! 🙂

    Yet to come:

    Then found just what I was looking for in $$$ Store. 4 wood frames which I plan to mount using some of the free wallpaper samples that I got last wk. Will look like windows on wall!

    So day sorta made up for itself.



    Hi all – family shenanigans today at mom’s, more expected tomorrow.
    I love trees, and admire them when I walk around the lake. The chestnut tree at my late neighbor’s house is in full bloom, which makes me feel happy when I think of her on her b-day, May 13.
    Baby Aslan currently has the run of the living room, as I don’t have an extra room for him. “Uncle Mac” keeps hissing at him and batting him away when he gets tackled by the small white monster, but he’s not making any attempt to leave, unlike Comet who says, “oh hell no, I’m outa here” and runs upstairs. Mac and Aslan = Mr. Wilson and Dennis the menace! Leela is lightly napping on a chair, happy to not be noticed, and most likely taking much pleasure in Comet and Mac’s “misfortune”.
    Dewey is right outside the back door, Huey snagged the chair, Star is comfy on the lounge chair, and Berta is in the straw nest under the round table. Makes me happy that they are comfortable and voluntarily staying in my yard. Dewey knows there’s a baby in here so he won’t come in till bedtime.



    KJ, funny, I was also at a Winners, at Centre Boulevard, well east of my place but I can get there with one bus, free today. Happy 375th, but also happy 4000th at least as people have been living in the area for at least 4000 years. I was also at a Reitmans liquidation centre at the little mall, looking for plain black or dark wash jeans, but found nothing I like. I’m rather plumper than you – though not plus size by any means, and size was not the issue. I have work to do, but will try to take the bus again to deposit some valuable but superfluous items at Le Chaînon, a charity shop that helps homeless and otherwise marginalized women. Although there are secure bicycle lanes all the way from my house to there, the objects I have to dispose of are too heavy to carry safely without a buggy or cargo bike.

    KJ, do look at the last post in the Weatherpurrson thread. The last post was especially for you, though I’ll also be looking for that book.

    I am SO happy to have my lovely tree in full leaf. So is Livia. She really reacts to the change in season, late this year. I love her.

    ecbrown, what kind of ground cover do you use in your shady garden?

    I can’t wear high heels or wedges; I love a traditional Basque low wedge espadrille as in these shoes:

    In the multicolour, of course! Travelling shoes, for dancing at a festival in some village square!



    Lagatta, Weatherpurrson thread? Can’t find it.

    The espadrilles are “go with everything” neat!

    Love that I have a Winner’s within walking distance, and it also has a Homesense section. Each store is so different one never knows what deals one might find. A Reitman’s liquidation centre sounds like fun.

    In my closet summer organization I found 2 items that I no longer love. Outside my gym is a charity bin which makes donating quite convenient.

    You didn’t ask for advice, but when you you find jeans that you like, you might want to get more than one pair. That’s what I do when it comes to clothes, I have lots of skirts, same style, different colours. Same with tops.

    But you’ve never seen me. LOL. But true enough I am “spritely”. Peeps suggest buying children’s sizes, forgetting that children’s styles are not quite what I have in mind.



    KJ, You don’t like a red flouncy, dress with white trim and black patent leather shoes? 😆

    Are you caught up with The Handmaid’s Tale?



    Here is the reference. In that thread because it was the last reference I could find to X company and its characters:

    Here is a real-life Zosia! https://secondstorypress.ca/adult/a-partisans-memoir

    It isn’t at Nelligan (Mtl public libraries) but it is at the Mtl Jewish Public Library.

    Zosia was the Polish Jewish woman partisan, who really became the leader after Jan was murdered. I loved her calm, mature assurance (though she was relatively young) as much as I loved the headstrong Romani teenage girl partisan Miri.

    Back to less dramatic questions – yes I love those colourful espadrilles, and hope I can find them. I did schlepp the heavy stainless steel electric pot that needs a special power cord to Le Chaînon. Decluttering continues apace.

    In the postwar years, department stores such as Eatons and Simpsons in Toronto directed East Asian men to the boys’ section as there was nothing small enough in the men’s department. This was of course very humiliating for those men, who found other places to shop.



    Lagatta, book sounds interesting although I’m not a member of JPL, I prefer my libraries to be free.

    That is humiliating re directing men to boy’s department. Although a woman from gym sometime back went to teach Eng as Second Language in Japan and was advised to bring/buy shoes from home as they only have shoes in tiny sizes.

    PG, I think not re the red dress and patent leather shoes although I do recall wearing those itchy crinolines! Then again said dress might work if I ever decide to take flamenco classes. Olé! 😉

    Yeah I’m caught up with Handmaid’s Tale. Very disturbing, but I can’t “not” watch it! I just want it all to work out. The ep where her friend (Alexis Bledel) got caught out as a “gender traitor”, I wanted to put my fist through a wall!



    KJ-After the 3rd episode it was like watching a train wreak and not being able to turn away. Hulu has signed on for second season so who knows what’s next…



    A friend of mine who taught English in Japan went to Hong Kong to buy her shoes.

    I don’t feel like watching Handmaid’s Tale right now, but I will later. Since it is based on a famous Canadian book, it will certainly be on DVD or some other support in the public library system.

    I like my libraries free too; I’ll check if that book is at BANQ. When I was a grad student I had that wonderful researchers pass for all the university libraries…

    As for trees, right now I’m looking at a sea of bright green new leaves on my tree. Of course the tree isn’t actually mine (these trees at the edge of front lawns actually belong to the city) but I’m saying my tree like my friend or my cat.

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