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    Good and bad dragons exist in legends, folklore, children’s books, songs, and top movies. Not to mention the group “Imagine Dragons.” Plus the bearded variety!





    Lol…reptiles on a cat tree is a funny image. And I love when the cats seem to have found an lsd pill…chasing imaginary dragons or bugs or whatever they’re chasing.

    I was just thinking yesterday how charming the “walk to the store” city lifestyle is…and very different from here. Here people think you’re vagrant if you walk anywhere. So I enjoyed reading about your neighborhood treks at the end of yesterday’s cafe. I think I’d enjoy that.



    No Dragons Here – Just Snow! Yup, got close to 6″ in my n’hood!
    snow dragon
    LOL – not quiet enough to create snow sculpture!

    orangie in snow
    Hmm – wish I felt this happy about Winter…hey, 61 days ’til Spring, yay!
    Psst – It’s Tuna Tuesday…love those Orangies!
    Tuna Tues
    OK, It’s Time…Java Ready!
    cat java



    Good Morning Efurryone,

    Dragons are so cool. When I was a zoo docent, I use to do tours in the herpetarium. Besides all the cool reptiles, I liked the Komodo Dragons.

    More LSD!


    We’re finally feeling the deep freeze. It’s 6f/-14c. Miss Gaea thought she wanted out..ha! She took a sniff of the freezing air and that was it. The furnace didn’t come on, either. They’re sending someone over to fix it. Last night, all the kits were on the bed in harmony.

    I’ll be hanging around until the repair guy shows up. Have a happy~



    Hehe, love the tabby listening to the desert!

    It’s about to snow here. Not quite as frigid, low 20s.

    Had a super rude awakening during the night. Comet was getting ready to hork up a hairball…on the bed. I got him off the bed but he didn’t make it to the hardwood floor. So I got to clean the carpet at 3am!

    Hope that furnace is up and working pronto, PG.



    Hi everyone! …. temps were pleasant here today, but dipping down below 50 tomorrow or Thurs 🙁

    Caddy will probably have to come in tomorrow night! ….

    Can’t wait, I made an appt. for my 90 min. massage that Hubs gave me a certificate for Christmas, for tmrw afternoon! ….. ahhhhhhhhhhh!

    Son is adjusting to living back with us, and we’re adjusting to all his ‘stuff’ LOL ….. my house is a zoo! Lu and Ve are doing well, they are well incorporated into the family and get only the occasional hiss from Abby as she passes by the screen door …..

    Time for me to wrap up, L8R all!



    Poor dragon er um cat

    I’m back, Airy flew home yesterday and I then made yellow plum jam from the last of the yellow plums we will get from my brothers tree as he is moving shortly. The plum tree was a cutting from a tree on the farm my Mum grew up on as a teen and is still in the family – that’s old and the original house is still lived in with an update made some years ago. It must be well over a century old now.
    I had to reboil the jam this morning as it didn’t set properly but now it has. Windy day here and have to have most doors and windows shut or we’ll blow inside out. The sun is heating the house up with the doors shut though. HRH came inside last night, she actually knocked on the door to come in and was happy to hog the bed and nibble on my knuckles when she wanted attention at 0 dark 30 o’clock. 😡
    Good grief ECB, people walk everywhere here, there is always someone walking past the house towards the shops or bus route or local parks Summer or Winter.
    JK, that a lot of snow, oops 6 inches not 6 feet as I read it at first.
    PG, a zoo docent. You have had a variety of interesting career choices.
    MiniKK, sisters daughter has a bearded dragon in the flat she shares with other students. She rather likes it now.
    Oh no about the reluctant furnace, not what you need with those low temps. Hope the repair is quick and painless. Chuckling at Miss Gaea’s reaction to the outside temps, Shadz does that here too in winter but Miss Gaea would love our Winter temps and no snow.
    Bbrrrrr JJ, I’ll turn my fans towards all you freezing TDKers. Oh the early morning carpet cleaning lark, it’s a hell of a way to wake up isn’t it.
    HRH is slowly but surely putting on the grams or ounces and her fur is looking so much better. She is even coming in during the afternoon wanting food. I still have to carry her tray of plates to the balcony or inside door mat before she will eat though.



    Great pics, all! Particularly love the puss posing on the dragon’s head.

    ECB, MS – I walk everywhere, too, in suburban Melbourne. Even more so when I lived in the inner city. Never owned a car; once had a licence but haven’t driven since 1973. When I was looking for our current place, important criteria were ‘easy walking distance from shops, public transport (we have train and bus nearby) and vet’. I use an old pram (baby carriage) to take the carry baskets to the vet’s. Because of the pram I was sometimes mistaken for a vagrant in the inner city (particularly when I was using it to collect vegetable scraps for my compost!) but here I just get comments on its antique nature. Who are they calling antique? My mother used it to take me to the baby health centre.



    JJ, sorry that you were not able to aim Comet better as washing stuff at o’dark thirty is so not fun! 🙁

    PG, they’d better have fixed your heating, or you give them “what for!”

    Re ensuring that one is within walking distance from imp places, so agree PM. Now while Dorry is light enough for me to carry him to vet’s when we do the yearly visit I just prefer to get there as quickly as possible as being in his carrier stresses him and by cab it’s just a few mins away. I also have 4 free libraries within walking distance! Went to the best one today and picked up 6 books, don’t know if I’ll read them all, it’s easier to have them in my place and not have to make a decision as to which ones I want.

    Went for hair trim – with super short hair it’s an every 5-week deal. IMHO and the stylist’s today we went even shorter, if this is even pawsible. As in sides and back near shaved. 😉 If it’s not short enough within 2 wks I end up trimming it myself. 😮 It’s sorta like this, ‘cept my hair is very dark brown and straighter on top, but I could do this look. For sure not for efurryone but it very much suits my features and sorta cutting-edge style.

    Neat sweater too! But all those cables would be overwhelming on my frame.

    Stylist suggested that I get me some “Doc Marten’s” as they’d look kewel and are way comfy. Have to source them out and price them as I’m not really in the market for more boots.He says they’re not all that expensive, purrhaps can find them in kid’s sizes which would make them even less so. Hmmm …

    When I get home I have to strip down and wash my clothes as stylist is a smoker, not when he’s working but the odour gets on everything and salon is in his basement, so not much that I can do about it.



    PM, I must admit I don’t walk locally very much even though it’s only 10 minutes to the shops but I am never sure if I would be able to make it back(arthritis). I will walk when I have company and we are taking a scenic walk or if I am out shopping when sister or daughter are visiting. Otherwise my walking is at the gym.
    Re the pram you had me wondering if it was an old cane one but I decided you are nowhere that old.
    Plenty of people use old prams here for pamphlet delivery. We had a TDKers a few years back who had a special pushchair/stroller that had cages for her cats so she could take them for walks and even camping.
    KJ, you’ve gone super short again ! Don’t you find your head gets cold during your harsh Winters? Ugh on the smoke smell clinging.
    The sun has disappeared behind the clouds and the temperature has eased back to nice and cool. Fans are off.



    MS, strange coincidence that N asked me same question re keeping warm. I have a plethora of super-warm headgear, plus my winter coats have snug hoods so I manage quite well in Winter. 🙂



    Furnace is working-yea! I believe my gang is going to survive. The temp. in the house was 50f/10c so it wasn’t that cold but you wouldn’t have known it by looking at them. 🙄

    That’s the problem in Denver and most American cities. Everything is spread out and here, at least, the public transportation isn’t good. It’s getting better though.

    I refuse to get up in the night to clean a hairball. It’s not going anywhere.



    And unlike a drunkard’s vomit, it doesn’t stink.

    I’d be very cold with such short hair though it looks great – and cutting-edge – on some people. I remember when people smoked everywhere, even at university lectures and doctors’ waiting rooms, and I have curly-kinky hair that absorbs that cr*p like a spongee.

    MS, I have arthritis too, but when possible I force myself to walk when I can’t cycle, as lack of exercise makes it much worse. And taking the bus nearby takes FAR more time, and isn’t always convenient. People in Montréal with serious disabilities can take an adapted taxi for the same price as bus and metro fare, but in cases such as arthritis, which ranges from pain and stiffness to not being able to walk or use one’s hands, a diagnosis and prognosis are required.



    PG, most my city is on a long peninsula and the bus service could be a lot better, most people have some distance to walk to get the bus. The rest of the city is spread out inland or along the coast. I am glad to hear your gang will survive their harrowing experience of the broken furnace. 😉 As for hairballs I seem to remember someone pointing out that if you leave a hairball they dry out then just peel up off the floor in one piece.
    I had a memory niggling away at the back on my mind and it has just crawled forward and emerged. One of our late much loved TDKers Paulajeanne had a dragon tattoo. I wish I could find her post about getting it.
    Lagatta, I make sure I do lots of walking around the yard and in the garden if it’s not a my gym day and can usually clock up 3-4 miles a day. The old saying “use it or lose it” is true when it comes to arthritis.



    MS, sorry, forgot to reply. No, it’s not a cane pram. It’s canvas, with some sort of black waterproof coating on the outside (predates vinyl), and a wood and metal frame. The fabric is falling apart a bit but the frame is sound. It fits 2 carry baskets – one flat and the other on-end – but Harry has a propensity to empty from all orifices when he’s in transit so I take only one at a time. With plenty of newspaper.

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