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    Police officers know and accept the risks that they face. They deserve our utmost respect and appreciation – today … and everyday. Even though the kits don’t always have the proper ‘tude!

    πŸ˜† πŸ˜‰



    Yes we have police cats in NZ. They knead you into submission. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†



    That wee orangie with that big tuff guy – squeee!!!!
    MS, Tia is precious – as is your pun! She looks like a snowshoe kit? So floofy!
    And tks for the CAD RCMP kit. πŸ™‚
    Past 3 am and still up but plan attempt sleep mode sooner than 6 am!!! Going to arrange new shelves which will mainly store tights, by colours natch! Also need to hammer in those felt floor protectors, but will have to wait until tomorrow as I don’t want a (rightful) dissing from downstairs n’bour. And watching “Handmaid’s Tale” new season – makes me thankful that what with efurrything, I am not living in a scary dystopia.



    I love the NZ cat! Oh no, selling Catnip to a police dog!

    Today is a day when all who serve and protect are recognized for their sacrifice.

    We had a doozy of a hail storm yesterday. Miss Moppet stayed in my lap the whole time. We don’t get those storms often and I forgot she’s afraid of thunder and lightening.

    I’ve got a couple appointments – Cya l8r




    Little bit of activity around here today…sheesh, someone was knocked down in alley near this place…hmm, may be domestic thing…but n’bor found person/called cops/ambulance. Guess, no one really hurt – good thing with reminder – get OUT of an abusive situation! Gets off soap box now!
    Adding my 2.5cent:
    can opener thief
    Timez for NOMZ!

    Ok, now time for my mini walk now that coast is clear…later!



    Good morning all, we had fog roll in thick this morning but it was clear sunny blue sky above so it rolled out again. Crazy. It’s going to be another very warm day.
    Check out this link and watch the video. It is a genuine NZ Police recruitment video and it’s funny and includes a police cat too.
    PG, you had hail we had the biblical deluge, crazy weather. Poor Miss Moppet but at least Meowmy was there to calm her fears.
    JK, sad if it was a domestic incident, hope the victim is ok.



    Lol @ the training vid! I might join up after that!

    It stormed hard here yesterday, and we needed it! Yard happy, fishie pond full πŸ˜‰

    Took a dehumidifier over to Sons, can’t have those beautiful newly finished wood floors buckling ! Speaking of son, he’s en route from Istanbul as I type, left Tele vive yesterday, lands in JFK late tonight, then Tampa in the wee hours tmrw. Can’t wait to see him, as can two furry girls waiting on their papa…..



    That’s three of us with nasty weather AV. Glad that son is on the way home, his girls will be so pleased to see him.
    Some areas of the country have severe thunderstorm warnings with possibility of tornadoes, and heavy rain in other areas. Between season weather is a little on the unpredictable side.
    Well there is a pile of jobs awaiting me and ‘Hazel’ has chosen not to turn up to help as usual so I had better get to it.



    *sighs* Hazel is SO unpredictable …. probably lost somewhere in Texas …. probably near Midland πŸ˜‰

    You know its HM’s purrday today …. she doesn’t post here any more, I miss her, she has a wicked sense of humor!
    We’re supposed to get more rain on/off all week ….. guess i need to get my hazmat suit out, cause Fla. Mosquitoes are the size of rats …. just slightly smaller than our cockroaches
    ….. maybe my wonk bonk stick will do !?! Lol



    πŸ˜† πŸ˜† Midland Texas, where dust goes to die. πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    I remember WWM saying that.
    Kitchen cleaned, washing on even though it is going to pour down but I had a backlog of grubby work clothes. Business accounts seen to and household bills paid. Feeling more positive but more tasks to be done and still no sign of that lazy good-for-nothing Hazel.
    OMG, HM could make the hardest heart laugh and blush with her sense of humour. Happy Birthday HM.
    Definitely whack bonk stick time AV, need it here too as Mum had her condiment cuoboard invaded overnight by ants. The rain drove them inside and they went hunting for the sugarbowl – and found it. I must check outside here where the ants usually swarm before heading inside. I really couldn’t deal with them at the moment.



    We finally had rain here too, a deluge in fact, one that made Mr. KZ wince and complain that it was raining too hard and will make it difficult for his soy beans to come out of the ground. 😐 I mean, we DID need rain and you can’t always get what you want….

    Ants everywhere around here too, trying to find food in the house so I have to keep the cat bowls picked up and washed. If Avery even drops a cracker outside, in an hour it’s covered with swarming tiny ants.



    https://twitter.com/jesuischien?lang=fr The tweet je suis chien honours Diesel the heroic police dog (in the context of the Bataclan and related terror attacks) and all service animals.



    KZ, typical farming weather, it’s either a feast of a famine when it comes to rain.
    Oh yes, the ants are like that here too, have been all my life so it’s just something you learn to live around but when there is a lot of rain coming you take precautions – if you remember to. I find the ants an excellent weather warning system as they usually know well ahead of time that it’s going to be a lot of rain.
    Fighting with the washing, so I hang it on the line or not. Decided to get Mum’s old fashioned clothes horse out and hang my washing on it on the balcony. It looks like this – I must be at least 60 years old if not older and folds up into a compact size. It is what KK and I used for making our ‘forts’ under as children. Cover with a blanket or old bedspread and it’s all cozy underneath.
    I sent her a pic of mine on the balcony and invited her to come and play under it later. She wanted to know what snacks I would be providing. πŸ™„ πŸ˜† You’re never too old to play like a child but the body may be too old to fold ourselves under it. πŸ˜₯ πŸ™ πŸ˜• The spirit is willing but the body is objecting strenuously. About the only thing strenuous it will do. πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    RIP to all the police and customs dogs who do a fantastic and dangerous job.



    For MS and PG:

    Well, I’m back. Tech expert did his magic and got rid of malware that was messing with INet browser. Don’t even get me started on these total jerks who mess with peep’s puter’s and try to get them to pay for fixing them. I did call their “tech support” and informed them that they were beyond disgusting. Guy hung up on me.

    Hard day all told. Getting only 1:45 hrs sleep helped not at all but plan is to try a diff plan. Will spare you the details.

    Sadly the Michaels store that N went to in search of stuff for herself and kit charms was out of stock or something. I’m going to ask Knitting Circle cohort to pick up some at the store in her area if she happens to go there.

    Wore new “Life Behind Bars” spin cycle T for first time to class. Love fest among the participants!



    KJ, great that the malware is gone. A pox on people how try to scam others re malware and other computer scams like the ‘Windows’ fault. I must get two calls a week with that last one.
    You definitely need more sleep girl, easier said than done though. Do what you have to do to sleep.
    Hope your knitting cohort can find the kitten charms.
    LOL at the love fest over your new ‘Life behind Bars’ T. You’re a trend setter.



    *a pox on you* … love that saying, my grandma would say that to ants, roaches and other asundry pests …

    Because of ants, I’ve learned to ‘moat’ my kitties food … meaning everyone’s bowls are situated in trays with water surrounding them. The ants cant survive the swim, and the cats can easily eat from them. Win win



    I love that clothes dryer and it looks liked an awesome tent. I have smaller version on the patio and use it in the summer. The clothes smell soo good and I save a bit on electricity. That video is so funny-ROTFLOL.

    I’m going to an acupuncturist tomorrow about my lower back/sciatic pain. PC said I can try different kind of PT but, most likely, will need a steroid injection or nerve block sooner rather than later. The steroids I had for my knee. I really don’t want them messing around on my spine so I decided to go to see acupuncturist.

    The hail/rain moved over our eastern plains. The farmers have needed rain but, once again, hail tends to destroy growing crops. The eastern plains of Colorado are on the west side of tornado alley so we never know if it’s going to turn into a tornado. Feast or famine.

    MSTie heaven has arrived, JJ. I got Roku TV and it has both MST3K AND Rifftrax. Weee!



    PG, hope that acupuncture session lessens your back pain and eventually eliminates it totally.

    That clothes dryer is very neat! Haven’t seen a wooden one ever, I think. I can imagine it as a tent! OK, when I was a kid I used to remove the books from shelves and turn them into “condos” for my Barbie dolls. Shoeboxes and toweling for beds, flashlight for “mod” standing lamp. Might have even had carpet samples. Guess my interest in home decor started at an early age. Also used to open drawers and set up my dolls as in “box seats” at the theatre! πŸ˜†



    I’d do acupuncture if it would help my neck pain. Let us know PG, prayers for you!!



    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, a thunder storm is overhead at the moment and once again we have heavy rain. No more rain please Mother Nature, at least not today or tomorrow. Loving the thunder but I keep checking the sky for flying bits in case of a mini tornado. They occur with these quick violent storms and we were warned about the possibility.
    AV, we have had cat bowls that incorporate a moat, they work well too.
    Neither Mum or I have cats now so I think Meegz has the moat bowl.
    PG, I hope you fine the acupuncture beneficial, when I have had it I have been really happy with the results.
    What is Tie heaven PG?
    KJ, you did begin decorating and town planning at an early age.
    Storm has left us but still raining, only light;y now. Any more rain and I will have to develop webbed feet.

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