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    Ideally we will have as little to do with surgery as possible. Still, this Special Day presents an opportunity to realize the very important role that these hard-working peeps play when a patient’s comfort and life is in their hands (though hopefully not in their paws!)





    An appendectomy with a rusty sardine can!! 😮 😆

    A beautiful sunny day here, but chilly, with highs in the mid 40’s. I’ll take it! The woodburner feels so good this morning too. I love getting up and feeding the cats and sitting on the sofa closest to the stove listening to the cats lap up their breakfast. The world is dark and it’s cozy inside and it feels delicious!

    I get to go to the salon this afternoon so I’m looking forward to that!



    Next time you have a chance ~ thank a nurse! IMHO they are the best at caring/comfort after doc writes the script etc 🙂


    One-eyed cat ‘Popeye’ earns his keep at Indianapolis animal shelter nursing pets back to health ~
    Cats can be nurses too…check this out:
    one eyed popeye cat nurse


    cat nursing kit back to health
    cat mug
    OK – time for Tuesday’s cuppa fave brew…mmm…thanks Tux…later/hopeful!



    Back on board – I-net was down at lunch when I can have some free net fun 🙁
    So here I am now!
    Spotted today on li’l n’hood walk:
    white mums
    Still blooming ~ mums but looking for some sun…face SE…didn’t find any sun yet 😉
    So now it’s time for part 2 day 2 as more fun…back on the flip!
    tuxie cat in leaves
    Psst…hey Tux ~ looking good in leaves as purry new portrait 😀



    Thank you nurses!

    Cat scan! Meow!

    Down the valley for lunch, now back on the mountain and headed further up the mountain for work. It’s a chilly, grey November day here in Jersey. Dewey is snoring away with the indoor kitties. Leela will be happy when daddy comes home and gets the wood burner going; we didn’t bother getting it going this morning since I’m not home. For now, she’s snuggled up on the bed. All is well!



    For sure some nurses are pawsome! Often they have more time to speak with patient and explain things, as most MDs are rushed off their feet.

    Right now I’d like to join Miss Leela snuggled up on the bed. Busy day on what in my n’hood is a chilly, bleak day, promised sunshine did not make its appearance.

    After gym as long planned went to knit shoppe way outside my n’hood. Felt like I was in terra incognita! Lagatta wold know area as Mont-Royal Est (way Est!) With subway got to area in like 15 mins, then did the speed walk thing to get to shoppe, at subway addresses were like 500, shoppe was like 2100, so it was srs walking. I’ve been there some yrs back, but in warmer temps. But way worth it as I bought me a sweater’s worth of stunning yarn and the clerk was so friendly, well fellow knitters usually are. Saw some neat shoppes in area, will go back in better weather.

    OK so I did go into a well-known shoe store which is still there after all these yrs. Srs sale and bought me a pr of grey suede low boots for 30% off the current sale price, very good deal! 🙂

    When I got home my email informed me that an online shoppe tht I’ve bought quite a few skirts from was closing their Canadian branch. Big sale. So I ordered a summer skirt, just because.

    Then finally finished knit dress and it came out very nicely in hand wash cycle in machine. Now it’s resting on rack while it dries, I’d like to officially wear it by Thurs. Then I did a vol job for the place that pays me when they have the budget for it, fun work, due tomorrow, but I wanted to just get it done so that I have time to fool around with my new yarn, determining what size needle I need. It’s going to be one of my umpteen cable sweaters and IMHO this should show the colours well and work well with black or grey skirts. This is it!



    I ADORE that yarn with its grey undertone and brights. I suppose that yarn shop is almost all the way to Baldwin Park and the end of the Plateau section of Mont-Royal (the street does resume farther east in Rosemont, close to the Botanical Gardens). I have done that walk several times, but in better weather, when there were the LONG street sales on Mont-Royal, from St-Laurent east to the end of that street, or at least that portion of it. Usually I’d ride my bicycle on a parallel street north or south and then walk back homewards. That yarn shop is far east from where I live.

    Oh dear, another online shop no longer delivering here? For the time being I’ve been very happy with Simons, but it depends on one’s style. They have velvet leggings on sale now, but I want to look at them before I buy them…

    Back to the topic, crossover with Remembrance Day, I have an elderly aunt, in fine fettle, who was a nurse (and thus a commissioned officer) in the Canadian Army for decades. When I was a little girl, I thought she was the most glamorous being on the planet, as she travelled to so many places, either where they were stationed or on forays in the vicinity. She actually travelled to the Soviet Union when it was still unusual for Westerners to do so, on some kind of cooperative mission, and brought back furs for herself and nesting dolls and other things as presents.

    She did serve in operating theatres but also in many other aspects of nursing. And yes, she has always loved cats.

    More than a bit of an eccentric dresser after she left the Armed Forces; rather wild actually.



    Ex-Mr. KJ’s mom was an army nurse and served overseas. I’ve told this story before, but in those days and probably still today in Brit hptls, nurses were referred to as “Sister”. So at a dance US army guys were loathe to ask the nurses to dance as they thought it would be inappropriate to ask women whom they thought were nuns to dance!

    Tks Lagatta, I’m eager to see how the yarn colours appear when knitted up. Shade is called “Feu D’Artifices”, which I think suits, and it’s the store’s own brand.

    Oooh a Mont-Royal street sale! I’ll have to keep my eyes out for that one when warm temps return. Shoppe is on corner of Parthenais. At least there were few stop lights and/or no cars so I did the jay-walking thing and this shortened my walk time.

    You could always order the leggings at Simon’s for in-store pick-up and then check them out when you go there. This ay you’ll at least be sure that they don’t sell out. They seem to be cool with this. Just a thought.



    How’s Livia doing?



    Afternoon all, another grey day with cool wind and the sky leaking. Not rain or drizzle but random drops of rain here and there, off and on.
    Heard a racket outside a short time ago and there were two female blackbirds and one male squarking their alarm call. When I checked I spotted HRH Shadz sitting under a camellia taunting them. she got an earful from me and decided that it was best to come inside. I notice Daddy blackbird with a beak full of worms disappear into my rhododendron and then exit minus worms. I know where he has stashed his youngster.
    JK,great story about Popeye the nurse cat. Pretty ‘Mums’.
    Wow KJ, you have had a busy day. I like the yard colours.
    LOL about the ‘sister’ mix-up. I remember when nurses were sisters and wore funny little hats, starched uniforms and odd frilly bands on their sleeves. Now they are in fun coloured sensible tops and pants. Much better for bending and lifting in.



    I was going to answer Livia in the Cats and Kittens page, but since Moonshadow has popped up I want to thank her for the green (or white) teabag cure. She still has a tiny bit of discharge but her beautiful eyes are clear and she is her usual happy self. I’ll keep everyone posted.



    Lagatta I am so pleased to hear that the good old tea bag method has helped Livia. It’s something most people have to hand and doesn’t cost a fortune and is an easy method to use. Perfect for a cat parent who is worried about their dearest furkit.

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