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    Some of the kits want the option of being butterflies, some want to try catching them, some have no idea what it’s all about.



    Crossover pic –



    Kits and butterflies are so cute together. I love all the pictures and that pin is gorgeous.


    Glass Wing Butterfly

    cya l8r and have a happy~

    Tonight enjoy bunny snuggles
    Esta noche disfrutar de snuggles conejo



    PG amazing pics and the bunny – squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !
    Time I hopped on up to bed.

    Catch you on the flip side.



    So many adorable fun pics MS and PG!

    The sleepy bunny – so glad that my airbag deployed in timely fashion! Portuguese PG? (And I resisted looking it up.)

    So purrhaps having more or less mastered cat eye – should I try butterfly eye? Hmmm … and it would not be as part of costume either. 😉

    I truly feel for the scared lion and the koalas who are being out-cuted.

    According to our weather reports. NJ is being hit hard by blizzard – JJ stay in, warm and safe! Our appt with Winter’s “gift” is at around 10 am so I’ll see it happen when getting ready to leave gym and should be OK to go out again in pm – purrhaps. Then come home to cocoon. Hehehe!



    Good morning! That’s an awful lot of cuteness today, MS, KJ and PG. I also thought of Joan and the rest of you up in the cold North when I saw the news this morning. Stay safe and warm!



    The wee black kitty and grey butterfly is such a cute pic! I’ve got a blingy butterfly pin. The rainbow kitten unicorn butterfly pretty much covers it all!
    KJ, you should definitely try that butterfly eye! Intricate work but doable.
    Sooo, greetings from inside the blizzard, aka, Winter Storm Stella. I have no idea how much snow is out there, it’s coming down sideways at least 2 inches per hour, quite probably more. The center of the storm hasn’t hit yet, but it has gotten more intense over the past hour or so. Last night I went out and found four kitties tucked in shelters. I haven’t checked on them yet this morning; I don’t want anyone to come out when they hear the door.
    Hoping the power stays on. And yes, we do have the required milk, bread and eggs. Someone on the radio reminded me that it is required by law to have these things as one must make French toast. Actually I’m getting set to make some pea soup so that regardless of the power situation, we’ll have something hot to eat.



    Yes, you must make something that can be carried over to the wood burning stove and it can simmer there until done!! It’s times like these that makes me feel like a pioneer woman. We thankfully, are not getting the blizzard. Just a little snow, cold temps, and lots of wind.

    LOVE the adorable pics this morning, and yes I love that butterfly eye! That would certainly take a while, and after getting it on one eye, would wonder if I could duplicate it on the other!



    Pretty butterflies with theme – plus thanks for Simon fun smiles!
    No Butterflies here…coming in w/reminder for all in this week’s snow belt!
    NO More Snow cat
    snow shit with cat
    Just ask the cat…No More Ma Nature 😉
    Hey, it’s Tuesday & time for cuppa fave brew!
    duo purry cuppa brew
    Make it two…mmm, luv my java… li’l fur as crunch…later/hopeful!

    Oops – can’t forget:
    PI Day Pie
    Happy PI Day with Pie…dig in…mmmm…Yummers, thanks tdk café Kits for today’s treat 😀



    Agree JK – they promised that blizzard type snow would start at around noon – and seems that they were right! Not too bad out as yet so I’ll attend this pm’s lecture.

    Seems that I did set benchmark as former colleague is paying me for everything that I do – no complaints on my part. 🙂

    JJ, I should mention that French Toast must be drowned in maple syrup – purrhaps that’s only in Canada. 😉



    Oooh, that pie/pi looks yummy! And yes, KJ, French toast must have way too much syrup on it.
    My pea soup smells awesome! I added a bunch of diced potatoes and sliced up some carrots; I’ll probably have to add more water! For me though, thicker is better when it comes to pea soup, to which I’ll add cheese upon serving.
    Well, Dewey asked to go out for quite a while before giving up. It is still snowing sideways so I have no idea how much snow is on the ground. At one point Star made her way to the cubby a few feet from the front door, as I suspect the wind was blowing snow into her shelter. Even if I could get the back door open, she is the one cat who has never willingly come inside. Later when this lets up, we’ll push our way out and see who is ready to come out of hiding. If they come inside, purrhaps they will dine by the fire!



    Found furry FB fun quiz to share…
    Which breed of cat are you?
    Psst – I got Maine Coon & O’Lucky Approves 😉
    Li’l bit o’early Irish Feline Fun 😀

    Took a li’l walk…bright/sunny but still chilly +23!
    May reach +30 tomorrow – woo hoo!
    OK, time for cuppa pm brew to warm up…back to my desk!



    OMG Can’t Forget! Happy Potato Chip Day!
    potato chips  like cats
    LOL t shirt
    Summertime fashion suggestion 😉



    Technically, we aren’t getting a blizzard, like some places to our southeast, as we don’t have the extremely high winds, but we are getting what they call a “winter storm”. Since this is a civil site, I’ll keep what I call it to myself. Livia is howling. She HATES it. (So do I, Livia).

    KJ, tomorrow is the CONCLUSION to X-Company? Wonder who’ll be left standing? I’m working on something relating to this dark era, in Italy…



    I got Siamese cat. The description doesn’t really fit me, but Siamese kitties are cool!
    There is easily two feet of snow out there and the wind is blowing it everywhere. So far Berta and Huey have checked in. Hubby and I have done some shoveling, so hopefully with some areas clear Star and Mama Cat will make an appearance. Star’s favorite shelter got snow in it, which turned slushy because it has the heated pad in it, so she went somewhere else. I sure wish she would have gone to one of the other shelters, but she is her own kitty. Dewey went out for a bit, but didn’t take long to decide to come back in!



    Well Lagatta, to me who was out in it this is def a blizzard, I don’t much care what term weather peeps use. Plus it’s just a bit slippery which is way not fun. What I call it is not suitable for this site either LOL.

    Fascist Italy? Must be intense project, ‘cept for part where Mussolini and mistress got hung upside down, just sayin’. Although “Garden of the Finzi Continis” is one of my fave films depicting an aspect of the time.

    Re “X Company” I have a sense (probably wrong) that Sabine might kill herself and the little girl. Truly hope that Faber and Schmidt get what’s coming to them, would like to see Faber accused of treason by the Reich. Really hope the rest make it out OK. Wonder if Sinclair’s son is still alive, really got to me when he committed suicide but there was really no other way out for him.

    I wanted to do the quiz but my browser refused to cooperate. 🙁 I guess that I can be any kit that I want. Dorry insists that I am a silver grey tabby! And feisty, just like him.

    Did attend lecture on “Home as Canvas,” prob the most interesting one of the entire series as I love deco stuff. After speaker and I shared our joy in awesome street finds. She has several kits so no wonder she seems to be a lovely purrson!

    Suddenly (happy dance) more paid work is coming my way. Thankfully not a necessity, and a tad stressful (well, not really all that much, but I am a perfectionist.) And it deals with culture (music,) I am learning a lot about the subject. Plus I am well treated, strangely I have done vol work over past few years since leaving my “that place” and been treated like c**p. So I just walked away. Whatever.

    Anyway looking out my big window all I see is blowing snow. Home until mid pm tomorrow, ideally thing will have calmed down some by then. So glad to be inside! 🙂



    Forgot to mention that something interesting did happen – before the pavement got totally covered in snow drifts. On way to lecture I found a crisp and cold $20 bill on street! How fun is that!

    Finally got all the stuff that I wanted to accomplished and can now chill indoors that is. Blizzard is actually quite pretty from indoors that is. 😉



    I got a Maine Coon. I don’t see the connection but whatevs….

    The one thing I agree with is the Maine Coon is a Majestic Beast! 😉

    I guess weather peeps invented the “sliding scale” of storm definitions so they’d be half right some of the time. 😆



    Star made her appearance and actually came inside when she realized food was there. I opened a can and gave her some. When she was done, Huey came in and ate, then Berta. Dewey wanted to participate too, but he got a king’s din-din with the indoor gang. Though I showed Star the shelter she likes, she wasn’t interested, probably thinking it was still wet. I had dried the liner by the fire, cleaned the snow out of the crate and put the heating pad back in. Last I saw, Star found the shelter right by the back door satisfactory, which leaves me wondering where Huey went, as there are no paw-prints to the other shelters.
    Depending on where Mama Cat spent the night, it may have been difficult for her to make her way here. Now that the street has been plowed and we have shoveled, I hope to see her tomorrow.
    The snow has cleared out and a bright full moon is on the rise. Winds are still howling and temps are expected to be in the low teens tonight.
    Oh and the pea soup was AWESOME!



    Joan, you are a blessing to those babies! … cool here, mid 40s, but Miss Caddy is tucked tight on her fleece bowl bed, and A’tuin is closed in his pen, tarped with his solar cover and buried under his pine straw …… life is good, night all!

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