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    Even with so many ways to say “I love you,” there’s nothing quite like an armful of warm purring kitty to bring affection into your life.



    HAPPEH VALENTINEZ DAI to all TDKers. I hope you have a wonderful day with the ones you love!

    nighty night sweet dreams



    Happy Valentine’s Day – I love all of you here in TDK land!
    Kits have been making Valentines all morning so if you hear a scuffle at your place, it’s probably some love arriving through the wormhole!



    Ditto on what Joan said! This is a special place!

    Mr. AV and I celebrate Valentine’s day quietly at home (our preference) …. we celebrate having gotten engaged on this day 32 years ago! …. can’t believe it’s been that long!

    I’m making grilled filets with baked potatoes and grilled asparagus …. simple and easy …. I imagine we’ll eat out on the porch, as the weather is beautiful! …..

    This weekend I’m going to work on my antique light fixture that I bought to go on the new porch …. I’ll try to post before/after pics so ya’ll can see my progress ….

    Have a great Tuesday all! ….. and enjoy those you love …. hooman and furry!



    Hee hee – luv today’s theme pics!
    Adding my 2.5 cents worth:
    valentine from cat
    with 😉
    cat cut out valentine
    Enjoying another sunny +40 day…Feb thaw continues!
    Wishing all a purry Tuesday!
    coffee tues
    Now time for afternoon cuppa java & back to part 2 day 2 – mwah thanks Tux!



    Is there anything more aggravating than typing in a thread and having it disappear? 🙁

    I hope everyone celebrates their Valentine’s day in the perfect way!

    Had a great visit with my PT today. I went up the steps with my surgery leg leading the way and came down the opposite with no problems. From a seated position did squats up and down without holding on and no pain. I am so thrilled with my progress. I just have to remember to not overdo like I did yesterday and to rest with my feet up. But I got up this morning feeling good, so I did no damage, just overly tired. 😳

    Think I may have to walk outside on the patio for a few minutes today, the sun is blazing and it’s dry outside!!



    Dinner sounds lovely, AV. My bff was married 20 years ago today. It was a Friday and I took a personal day, but it snowed and the schools were closed so I got my personal day back! The brides maids wore red velvet dresses, but since we didn’t want to slip and fall or get our black velvet shoes messed up, we (including the bride) wore workboots while out in the snow! Another perfect photo that no one took. (The other was the family photo at niece’s wedding – if someone had taken a picture from the back it would have showed all the drinks that we put down behind us!)
    I still have my red velvet dress. I had it cut from tea length to cocktail length and wore it one other time. Now there seems to be something wrong with the zipper and it won’t zip up, if you get my drift.
    Had a nice day down at mom’s. Our littlest Valentine, Baby Tyler, was looking dapper and handsome as ever!



    KZ, the case of the disappearing thread has happened to me and it is not fun. When I post a thread that IMHO is very meaningful I sometimes copy/paste in into blank doc, just in case.

    So neat to hear of your progress. And so glad that you are doing what your physio says, so many peeps just give up and thus never achieve a complete recovery, which due to your determination will not be the case for you.

    Busy day, which works best for me. Gym then hair trim which as per usual I have to get used to, as it’s usually a 2-day wait until it “falls in” even as short as it is, meaning #2 clippers on sides/ back, long enough on top/bangs to cover eyes. It’s a certain “edgy” look, but works very well on me. I was told to ditch flat iron as it was making bangs to flat, and to now use volumizing mousse. I believe that I will follow his directives.

    Then more work arrived, along with confirmation that I will be (nicely) paid for each text as client has gone over initial amount of texts to be translated. Plus it’s fun job.

    While working I was also giving N. knitting lessons. She will be making a scarf in a sorta ribbed design using some extra yarn that I have in my stash and no plans to use it. She really catches on very quickly. Plus there were some DIY table repairs going on. Thankfully weird downstairs n’bour didn’t come up to complain about the hammering.

    Luck might be coming my way in that I heard back from someone about my lost bracelet. Supposedly it’s been left in what seems like a safe place in classroom. I’ll check for it tomorrow. Hopefully it’s still there and it’s my bracelet. It does mean that I will have to attend last class of session, which I was dithering about. And we’re expecting srs snow tomorrow. Whatever.

    Among all these goings on Dorry did get fed. Now it’s my turn.



    Good morning all.
    Happy Valentines Day to all my TDK friends and family.
    Mr MS and I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day.
    Loving the pics today, super adorable.
    AV your dinner sounds wonderful. Looking forward to seeing pic of your light fixture.
    JK, perfect wording in the Valentine from the cat. 🙂
    KZ, it’s always a tragedy when your carefully thought out and worded post disappears into the ether. You can never recreate it quite the same can you. Wonderful to hear your PT is going so well, you’ll be doing the can-can before you know it.
    😆 😉 😮
    JJ, great story about the boot wearing bridesmaids. I think that zip problem happens a lot, and not just on bridesmaids dresses either. 😳
    KJ, woohoo on the bracelet. Hope you do get it back.
    It’s a very hot day here and for some reason the Universe is continuing to s–t on us from a great height. Had a very trying morning with our vehicles and now we are minus one and who knows how much it will cost to repair. May I please ask for more TDK White Light. Things are definitely not going our way here. We still have our sense of humour though, if we didn’t 😆 😆 😆 😆 we’d be 😥 😥
    Oh, cat cuddles help us keep perspective too.



    MS, prayers that things go better.



    Thank you KJ. We could do with a break from the bad luck thaat’s come our way lately.



    Yes, such a terrible time in NZ when you should be enjoying the Austral summer.

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