Tuesday 13-02-2018 – All Set for Mardi Gras!

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    Do I hear jazz? ‘Cause today the kits are trying to outdo each other NOLA Purrade style! As for beads …



    Good morning – fun to see agency kits dancing and parading around the cafe. Woo-hoo, caught some beads, blue and silver, yay!

    Sunny but chilly here in Jersey. Leela doesn’t know whether to nap at the skybox or curl up by the fire.
    It’s good to be a cat!



    Ah, Mardi Gras – drunkenness and debauchery encouraged!



    Paw up waves…luv mardis gras theme!
    Plus it’s Fat Tuesday ~ Paczki Day!
    paczki explained
    cat scootie wanna be with paczki
    Cheers with purrz…no, this is NOT my kitteh Scootie…she’d prefer tuna instead! 😉

    Ok…time to continue w/days fun!



    Our version of Mardi gras involves the Carnaval in Québec City – beautiful place, but far too cold this time of year – it is northeast of Mtl. I’ve worked in Québec City (at conferences, and public sector labour-management negotiations) during the carnaval decades ago, and was NOT impressed by the excessive drinking and resulting mess (to be polite) but it has become more family-friendly.

    Back then we had to be on the spot to translate, edit and collate the notes from the contending parties. That is ancient history now.

    There are the same beautiful wrought-iron balconies in Québec as in our southern cousin New Orleans (la Nouvelle Orléans) but covered in ice!

    Those Polish doughnuts are lovely. I try to avoid sweets but have succumbed to them a few times.

    Mardi Gras used to involve eating up all fat (including CHEESE!!!!) and meat before Lent. I don’t know anyone from Catholic backgrounds now who keeps Lent strictly, but I do have Orthodox (Greek and Lebanese) friends who do.



    Happy Tues all! …. well ya’ll all know, my ‘Marti Gras’ is our huge Gasparilla fest/parades ….. it lasts all month! ….. and this year the day parade was done in conjunction with the Hockey event, to turn out was huge!!!
    My Hazel is here today, cleaning and sanitizing the whole house, as Mr. AV and I both had a bit of the nasty flu bug that’s going around …. I still feel somewhat puny, but I think I’m on the upswing finally! …. just need to get rid of this lingering chest cough that hurts! …. ick!

    Just got plans settled for Son’s GF coming in from Africa for his 30th bday in a couple weeks …. also bought Dau and SIL plane tickets so they can some down at the first of April, it’s her spring break from nursing school and a week or so before her bday, so it will be fun to have everyone together!

    Have a great rest of your day all!



    Paw up PM waves – Happy Mardis Gras/Fat Tuesday for all!
    Feel better wishes for Av and anyone under the weather.

    May go out for lite meal tonight – pass up on tomorrow’s
    costly/crowded evening being Valentine’s Day Evening.

    Hmm…this should work!
    lady cuppa java
    OK – now for Afternoon cuppa fave brew!
    Back on flip!



    Happy FAT TUESDAY all! Well, had a fun day with both daughters and Avery–out to eat and had our nails done! Red polish for me with silver foil decoration on one ring finger nail and on the other a silver heart. Not overdone, but very classy. LOL, haven’t had my nails done in years and usually don’t do red, but tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so why not? Had lunch out too, what a great GIRLS day–with my beloved daughters and 1 granddaughter. The other two will have to wait until they are out of school to celebrate with us! 😆

    We have had two really beautiful sunny days, but the clouds are rolling in and supposed to be rainy/snowy mix for a couple of days, even though the temperatures will be in the 50’s.

    A Happy Lent to those who observe, and don’t overdo tonight so that tomorrow you suffer!



    KZ your nail polish sounds real kewel. Polish never stays on my nails and I find keeping them short works better for knitting, but i always keep a natural shade on, just for a “done” look.

    I don’t travel, but if I did, New Orleans would be on my list. The French flavour and all that.

    Just got back from dentist and not done yet! 🙁 😥 He could not do all the fillings at one go said it would take too much time and in a sense be too much freezing and wear me out. And now I get it as I feel somewhat whacked out. Srsly frozen and hope that when it all thaws it’s easy on me. So next wk I go back for the bottom teeth fillings.

    Changed my mind re new cell phone. Careful rethink in that I rarely if ever use up my minutes, don’t use data and never use it for long-distance. Don’t even have ans machine set up. I have it for the odd call/text when I’m out, and it’s good to have n case I need to call a cab or something. Turns out request was never processed, lovely customer service, but in this case to my benefit. An ISP recommended place has batteries for $35. So to pay even a bit more and transfer all my contacts seems like not such a good plan.

    Anyway, must plan early night as another appt way early in am. But often getting the first appt means no wait time.



    Well, I confess that for more French flavour I’d simply head to France, as I have several friends in Paris, and others in Lyon, which is close enough to Turin that I could do both of them. But that will be when I’m crossing the Atlantic for a conference or something, to avoid excessive air travel.

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