Tuesday – 12-09-2017 – Wear out your Paws on National Video Games Day!

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    A Special Day that’s dedicated to popular video games that stormed onto the market, changing the way that kids (of all ages) as well as kits play games.



    There’s a real call of doody!

    Who know that ping-pong and frogger were only the beginning? 😆

    Duh, This is me!

    Cya and have a happy~




    I couldn’t resist the “boom headshot’ as we had a game for one of out earlier computers that involved that phrase.



    Good morning! Not really a video game person here, but does solitaire on my Kindle count?



    JJ, to me anything on your kindle counts! I’ve never played a video game either, guess I’d need all sorts of gizmos and contraptions and what with my ‘puter … well no. But it kinda looks like it could be fun.

    Stopping in for a minute to pick up my coffee and set up for a srs work afternoon. Client suddenly under tremendous pressure for translation to be done ASAP, pressure passed on to me. Not a prob and guess I’ll earn Brownie points. 😉

    ‘Cept that I only slept 1.5 hrs last night. Woke up exhausted. And went flying on sidewalk on way to gym , quite a bit of bleeding/bruising, but this happens with me. I keep large bandages and anti-bacterial gel in my bag and instant ice packs and ace bandage at gym. Took care of it, and natch did class, but achy and my legs will look like cr**p and tights will be welcome. Got med advice on how to take care of srsly not srs injury. But I did not need this.

    OK, got to get a move on. L8R!



    What a perfect theme for us. We got our power back around noon…yay! And the boys have been having some screen time to make up for severe deprivation…lol. They looked over the pics today and laughed.

    We feel really lucky to have power back. I’m only now seeing how bad things are around Jacksonville…yikes!

    Won’t even go into detail on the yard mess…I’m sure you can imagine. We had two urgent trees removed recently but now we’re considering removing the “these really should go too” trees. Too many trees right over the roof in the back and side of the house. And they’re the shorter lived, weaker laurel oaks as opposed to the live oaks we have in the front yard. They’ve also been improperly pruned in the past, so too tall and top heavy. We’re really glad the mess is on the roof, not through the roof though!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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