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    Kitties have it down pat, they instinctively know just how to make a lonely person happy. But kitties can get lonely too, so today let’s take the opportunity to cuddle an extra kitty, or two, or three as we enjoy the Café’s delights.



    One of my fave New Wave tunes of all time!!! So 80s!!!!! Lead singer Martha Davis manages to copy KJ’s catty eye makeup rather well – or more likely vice-versa! 😉

    Actually my fave “Motel’s” tune is “Suddenly Last Summer”. On a literary note the films of the same title, based on Tennessee William’s play are super fab! The original starring Elizabeth Taylor/Montgomery Clift/Katharine Hepburn and the more recent version starring Natasha Richardson/Rob Lowe/Maggie Smith.



    I love the original film. Mrs. Venable. I didn’t know there had been a remake.



    Good morning, good morning~

    In response to prior threads: yes, in the States, and also yes General Practitioner/general care provider. I’ve got some friends across the pond, so perhaps that’s where I got it, lol! And also yes, I suppose if I need a two-letter nick, KC works just fine 😀

    I’m trying to be proactive in getting in shape, since this surgery; while technically an elective; might honestly cure my depression, and mitigate most if not all my physical issues. Being ‘in shape’ and otherwise healthy really impacts the results, so I’m getting down to business when the getting’s good! If I’m lucky, most of it will be covered under insurance with some hoop-jumping and red tape. But I’ve got time to get it all sorted, my life isn’t in direct danger thankfully.

    Now that I’m re-reading yesterday’s thread I’m grateful I missed the Twilight discussion 😛 The only things supposed to sparkle are fairies and other such critters… give me a Dracula, Carmilla, or at worst, Anne Rice vampire and I’ll be happy!






    Wondering if the “lonely and single” kit is reason why Dorry sleeps in my bed. And all this time I thought he was “lonely and single” and I was doing him a huge favour! Hmmm …

    Hey KC,

    The 2-letter name thing is in no way a “rule” as the only basic TDK “rule” is not to be “unfluffy”, ie we treat each other with utmost respect and have fun. The two-letter thing makes typing a bit faster! I also read lots of Anne Rice as well as Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Sainte Germain) novels some time back.

    MS, in Canada the term GP/general practitioner is common parlance at times replaced by “family doctor.” Then again most often we use British spelling, and only for certain words although when I worked for US company we used American spelling. Just to make things confusing. When I translate I default to British, ie “favour” instead of “favor.” On TDK too, ’cause I can! 😉

    Went to bed late – again. Getting ready for gym where I hope that “unfluffiness” re mgmt will not be called for. *Sigh*



    In French here too, many people will say “médecin de famille”, though the official term is omnipraticien – omnipraticienne for women – which translates as …. general practitioner.

    But for many of us, a family doctor would have to also be a vet. Here is a TED talk by a cardiologist who now also treats animals, alongside her veterinary peers.

    I was searching for vets who are also “human” doctors, but was unable to find any references, looking quickly, and have other things to do today.



    All the pics are precious. Lonely cat and heart full of lonelies brought tears to my eyes.

    It’s going to be another hot day but only 89f/31c. 🙄 The humidity is up too. Yes, AV, humidity levels are relative and our levels would be a paradise for you.

    I’m not sure what to do. Miss Gaea is getting around better so I think we’ll pass on her pain meds. this morning. If she seems to be in pain, I’ll give it to her.

    You can call yourself George Takei or Luke Evens (Yum) or anyone else Kincaid. I’m lazy enough to find typing a whole name too much. 🙄 😆

    Have a happy~



    While a doctor for humans studies for one animal, veterinarians have to study a whole bunch of different species–large and small animals, and even exotics. I love a veterinarian who is not afraid to tackle a difficult surgery if needed instead of farming it out to a teaching hospital where it costs upwards of over $3000!!

    I love the sweet pics today! They tug at my heart, but made me laugh with cat hair being lonely people glitter 😆 I’m not lonely…but I sure do have lots of cat hair! And the cat that wants to hang out with someone but ‘not with you, you’re exhausting’ almost made me spit my coffee!!

    I hope that everyone that’s feeling the crud (MS) and those that are achy and feeling pain and depression, get a break today. It’s no fun fighting off a virus and wondering when the he$$ it’s going to leave your body and being in pain is no joke either. I have an appointment with my ortho guy on Thursday–my 6 month checkup!! Xrays this time, but they do them fast in his office and I hope he likes my progress.

    Off in search of coffee and a newspaper I think….



    Paw up waves on Tuesday…Monday’s next of kin!
    dog outside
    Psst…doggie Friday not til 3 more dayz 😉
    Melon collie

    It’s Coffee time with a li’l Treat…
    coffee & treat
    OK, back to more of part 1s fun on day 2!



    LOL @ JK and the melon collie! Good afternoon everyone! …..

    I’m so frustrated trying to set up my S8 with my doorbell app – so I hear/see whomever comes to the door and rings the bell, no matter where I am ….. I can get the live feed and camera to work, but not the sound … ugh!!

    Hope everyone is feeling better today, good for you Kincaid being proactive getting in shape …. I need to do the same!

    PG, your humidity levels would be heaven for me!

    KZ, isn’t cat hair an accessory?

    KJ, I liked that new wave song too! and the eye make up 😉

    Lagatta, thanks for explaining the lingo …. funny how there are so many different sayings for the same thing, depending on where you are from! ….. my Daughter is getting her masters in nursing, then will get her nurse practitioner degree ….. in the US, they can practice independently in most states, they can write scrips, and can choose very specialized fields if they choose.

    Well, I’ve been waiting 20 min. for the ‘support’ people to pick up, they’re coming on the line now …. wish me luck! Have a great day all!



    Hee hee…waves to Av!
    Better late with today’s li’l fleur find on lunchtime walk:
    blue  pink fleurs
    Spotted today – partly sunny with fleurs 😀
    Mwah, smooch for Tux…missed ya kit!
    Back on the flip as wootsday!



    Melon collie hehehe – I love word play! Tks JK!

    AV, I am waiting for a customer service rep to call me back! Seems that “no one is at home” and I even resorted to leaving msg for head office mgr. Not a major issue, but I do like getting any questions that I have answered.

    My Walmart prob seems to be on its way to getting solved. That’s as soon as they escalate issue as it would seem that there is prob with Canada Post. I just want my d**n knitting needle to arrive and have no intention of paying shipping which costs more than the item when I was more than willing to p/u at local post office which is free. So far they waived “handling fee” so I might be getting somewhere.

    At gym seems that the incorrect time for Sun. am class is getting fixed, after much confusion and my proactivity as well as the instructor’s. Today someone complained that new locker room resembles a military barracks. And that’s a problem because?

    Well KZ, that kit could be talking about me – or as I once saw on a card “I was meant for someone enjoys a challenge.”

    Anyway all this sorting out has kept me from being lonely – which I am at times, working at home when I work, although I am not made for corporate world. But no need to get out your violins, ’cause actually, I’ve come to prefurr surface relationships, ie gym cohorts, the peeps that I can deal with at Knitting Circle, over “friends” who are not there for me, when I was always there for them. I’ve never been a “group” sorta purrson anyway.

    Email tells me that Canada Post has solved prob. Time to recall my friends at Walmart! L8R!


    Lois DELL Sweatt

    Hi all. KJ, I’ve admired you for so long for your resourcefulness and your unwavering dedication to your spinning. I also admire your knitting because not many people do it anymore and I was never able to learn. Although my mother, who was born and raised in Scotland, told me she started knitting at age 4 and said that I would never sit still long enough to learn anything. She could knit crochet, tat, embroider and sew.
    As for today’s topic, thank you, KJ. I am concerned about lonliness in cats because I have a blind cat that lives in my kitchen and I worry that she is lonely and bored because I am gone so long nearly every day. She has a good scratcher that she uses but, when I have given her real-fur, fuzzy mice, she bats it away and can’t find it. I don’t know what to do to make her days brighter and fun. She sleeps an awful lot. Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.
    Thanks to everyone for all the great pictures as usual, and MS I do so appreciate the white rat, so sweet. I love them and once had two as pets but can’t now as is obvious. They are so smart!



    Hi Lois! Nice to see you! Try a refillable nip top. Being blind, usually their other senses are heightened.

    Son had a pet white mouse as a kid named Steve ….. cute little guy that would ride around in his pocket



    Tks Dell! Actually over the past decade or so knitting and other fabric arts have made a huge comeback. The Knitting Circle that I attend weekly has like 25 peeps at times and there are so many meet-ups and shops that let you grab a seat and knit. And the knitters are relatively young now, and the pattern designers are way kewel!

    Yeah spinning is my hobby/passion/addiction hehehe!

    So I got all my little probs dealt with based on the theory that if I don’t ask the answer is always “No.” Walmart order down from a ridiculous $12.72 to $6.42. Got hold of customer service rep (at hair dryer mfr) and confirmed that my assumed issue was in fact a non-issue. Well it wasn’t in the manual so how was I to know!

    Volunteer translation to do but it can wait ’til Wed. Now it’s time to feed Dorry and do my quota of knitting.

    Amazingly humid/sticky outside. Indoors the A/C – yes!



    Good morning all. Cold but sunny here and further south it’s all snow,sleet, gales, closed roads, cancelled ferries awesome pictures.
    I posted the ‘lonely’ last night and now here are the ‘cheer up’ pics.


    Kincaid, KC it will be from me, easier typing. 😀 Thanks for the reply on the GP comment. Congrats on getting ‘in shape’ so to speak. I have been doing something similar because of osteoarthritis and have benefited greatly already with so much less pain. I love the positive feeling I get after a workout.
    KJ, I would expect the term GP to be common being a Commonwealth country. The spelling thing has me chuckling at times wondering if TDKers think I am a an atrocious speller of words like neighbour and colour. Meh ! What the heck.
    Ah PG, heat. Savour it while you can. Here is some pics of the snow in NZ to cool you all down. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/94637597/in-photos-snow-hits-the-south-island-and-leaves-new-zealand-shivering
    KZ I guess all of us here have a lot of glitter.
    The crud is improving thanks, I just breathe noisily when I exert myself lugging firewood inside or the basket of clean washing upstairs.
    Wow has it really been 6 months? I guess it must be. You have done so well.
    JK, I couldn’t help laughing at the cat ecstatic about the dog being put outside and Melon Collie is a favourite, I love word play.
    Ohhhhhhh JK, great flower pic. The blue flowers look like scabiosa but I have no idea what the pretty wee pink flower is.
    Hi Dell, I thought the wee rat was so cute and as long as they are pet rats I have no problems with them.
    I keep meaning to ask if anyone has seen/heard from CatsWScotia as I haven’t seen her post for some while.



    Hi all – I don’t think my cats are lonely, though they don’t hang out together. As it turns out, Leela would have been purrfectly fine without feline additions to the household, but she gets clingy with me so maybe she is lonely when I’m not around. I love being home with them; when I’m out I can’t wait to get home. Of course that’s the introvert in me too!
    Noticed the mention of GP. I said it the other day and had to clarify and say “referring physician”. I’m old school, I guess.
    JK, I sure like the flowers you share from your lunchtime walks!
    I agree with AV, Dell. Maybe your kitchen kit would enjoy some catnip toys.

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