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    Do you have a green thumb? If so we’re sure that your place is a lush paradise. As for kits, aside from many plant varieties being toxic, they probably prefurr ‘nip!

    The “dope” on strawberry plants:
    “A tasty fruit for us humans, but not high on the wish list for many cats, your feline friend can eat a little strawberry and not come to any harm. However, you should limit the amount to just a nibble if they do seem to like it. You should also keep them away from the strawberry plant as it might give your cat a rash.”
    Note ‘nip alternative! 😉



    I love the way the kit stares at that very suspicious plant. 😆

    I don’t have houseplants. Well, that’s not true…I have a little Christmas Cactus that hangs from the ceiling. I had a lovely Spider plant that was fronds everywhere. Alas, Miss Moppet decided the fronds were for her so I gave it to my friends.

    I love a mint on my pillow too

    How often have we seen this look?

    I’m watching The Strain. Of course, the kits are sleeping away.

    Cya l8r and have a happy~

    nighty night



    I was about to start a Tuesday Cafe as I couldn’t see one for Tuesday in the TDK Cafe list. It was going to be Peculiar People day but then I found the Cafe in General Chat.
    Crossover pic –

    Good Kitty.
    Bad Kitty

    / Spider plant for PG.
    Spider Plant Toxicity You may have heard about the so-called hallucinogenic properties found in spider plants. Maybe not. But, according to the North Dakota State University Extension Service, studies have found that this plant does, indeed, give off a mild hallucinogenic effect to felines, though this is said to be harmless. In fact, according to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.), the spider plant is listed as non toxic to cats and other pets. Nonetheless, it is still advised that cats eating spider plant leaves may pose a potential risk. Spider plants contain chemical compounds related to opium. While considered non toxic, these compounds can still result in an upset stomach, vomiting and diarrhea. For this reason, it is recommended that you keep cats away from the plants to avoid any spider plant toxicity, regardless of its mild effects. Like people, all cats are different and what affects one mildly may affect another quite differently.
    Opium ! ! !

    Wow did we have a hot day today – 28C/82F and it was humid too. I didn’t see HRH all day as she was hiding in a cool patch somewhere on the property. She has come in this evening for a nibble at her food and a saucer full of cat milk and will no doubt hog the bed as usual tonight.

    Prickly heat. LOL

    😆 😆



    OOOps, sry MS for confusing you. 😮 That’s what could happen when I start 2 knitting projects at same time. At o’dark thirty. One is IMHO a lovely shade called “fig” – timely with today’s theme! 🙂

    Ohhhh prickly heat – porcupine is soooo cute – but best not to get too close! 😮



    Good morning, I don’t have houseplants. You may remember the story of when we first bought our house and I put lots of plants in the garden window, only to have Taz, then Smokie, then Shaddo and Jiggs, show me that the window is for cats. These days, Comet is my plant-eating machine, and though I had a few plants out of his reach, none have survived. I like the idea of putting plants in a cage though. I have a couple of cat crates – something to consider if I decide to do some indoor gardening or get a few pretty houseplants.
    Nice color on the yarn, KJ. I can see a nice sweater in its future. Hope the crud eases for you soon.
    It’s cloudy and cold here today, though temps are on the rise later tonight.
    Peculiar People, eh? We all know a few of them, don’t we?




    When you don’t like something, you just don’t! 😆




    PG, post as above is one of my operating modes! 😉

    JJ, that yarn is slated to become a classic sweater, with some pleating above border, a bit diff to explain and I got the pattern from library bk.

    Wouldn’t ya know my free yarn arrived just as I finished sweater and manage with the bit that I had left. Oh well, I will now have a matching cowl. And if there’s any left N. will get a ski band/

    I’m now on the prowl for one of those srs foam mattress toppers, sorta egg crate look, which I would cover with mattress cover, which also has padding. I am srsly going “Princess and the Pea” mode and while a firm mattress is a good thing, well, extra padding is a plan as I don’t have any LOL. Prices srsly vary. Might take a look at top-of-the-line, ie Sleep Country (Dormez-Vous here.) Last night slept on body pillow, but now ideal.

    At gym had to write yet another “note” to coordinator as spin cycle room mike works intermittently. Other prob is there are no batteries! I’m actually going to bring in 2 AA batteries from my stock, not my job but it impacts flow of class. Now how expensive are batteries? Even obtainable at $$$ store. Shopping are 6 mins away from gym. What does staff get paid for? *Sigh* Peeps do excel at complaining to each other, I seem to be the only proactive purrson in the place.

    But, I asked today’s instructor and should I ever get bored with my bi-weekly DIY, she would give me a private class in cycle studio. Would be fab tunes, we could turn sound way up and use the strobes. And we’d do what I want. Sure, cost involved, but not all that much, and might be a treat! 🙂

    Weather fickle as per usual. Lots o’ snow l8r today (I’m in and don’t much care.) Thurs +4C/Fri -4C. Caturday down to -13C (I’m in and sleeping and don’t much care.)



    Paw up waves to anyone still around/lurking. No lunchtime walk today – it’s now raining and slippery since we had sleet/snow earlier…not my style as relaxing walk vs slipping/sliding!

    My kits don’t bother the plants -because they were both outdoor/ferals! They appreciate cozy appeal of indoors with comfy place to hang out plus li’l bit of nip!

    Awesome must share:

    Cupcake bouquet

    This is a bouquet of cupcakes

    Posted by INSIDER dessert on Wednesday, October 19, 2016

    Maybe even better than tradn’l flowers: A Cupcake Bouquet!
    Just click the blue tag…

    OK, headed to part 2 on day 2!
    Will be on sporadically since doing the solo thing here for 1-1/2wks!
    Mwah, smooch for special kit Tux…later!



    OOOH houseplants, I love houseplants, and I have several–all of which are hanging in my large bay window so the cats don’t bother them. They are the type the cats don’t bother anyway, succulent types with long thick draping leaves. I have a couple of orchids too, but the cats don’t bother them. Only the type of plants that look like grass (palms, spider plants, etc.) then they , especially Thumbalina, munch and yak. She is my yakker, and I even quit growing grass for them since I figure what good does it do to grow plants and clean up green, sudsy yak? 😆

    Quite windy here, gusts up to 45 mph, but temps are mild today and rest of week. What a wacky January we have had.

    I love the “I can’t feel my whiskers” cat! Hahahaaa! I think I have had eyes like that too in my younger years, and maybe couldn’t feel my face.. 😛

    KJ, love the color of the yarn! Very nice and will go with everything too!

    I don’t know what that little prickly heat animal is, but it’s adorable!



    Good morning all.
    No worries KJ, I guessed you were distracted but two projects at once? that’s like Meegz having three books on the go at the same time. 🙄
    I have two houseplants at the moment, one a basil that hasn’t reached the garden yet and the other a tuberous begonia I got for my birthday several years ago. It’s not lie I need to keep HRH away from plants as she is among,under,in and on plants all day outside. I guess they just don’t hold any interest for her as they are just a fact of daily life.
    It’s another very warm day so far and only going to get warmer, 28C predicted again. Less clouds today so it may go higher.
    JJ, it was silly of you to expect to be able to put plants in a garden window. I love it how cats can re-educate us as to the real purpose of things.
    PG, awesome image of the Rockies. I love looking at http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/ for the amazing images they post.
    LOL, yup when you don’t like something you just don’t.
    KJ, we got one of those topper pads the Winter we have just had. What a difference it made to our sleep and warmth. Don’t get one of those really thick ones as your sheets, if you use fitted ones won’t be able to fit down over it and your mattress. We still have it on the bed for Summer as it seems to be cooling in the hot weather. That surprised me. We paid around $50 and the way more expensive ones we looked at were no different in construction and we would have been paying for the name otherwise. We did not get a Memory Foam one as they don’t have a long term memory despite what they say.
    Waving to JK. Wow amazing cupcake bouquet. I would be happy to receive that.
    KZ, the prickly heat critter is a little hedgehog.
    Yakkage ! ! I found all about that lastnight, just as I was about to go to bed for the night I hear *hicka* *hicka* yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakk !
    Poor HRH had been affected by the heat I think and the little bit she had for dinner made a spectacular reappearance across the bed and in various spots along the hall, down the stairs and even in the garage. I did a hasty clean up and remade the bed with clean sheets etc and then spent sometime consoling a cat who thought she had done something bad. Poor girl was hanging her head and not making eye contact until I swept her up for a long cuddle. She then spent the night velcroed to me, not the best on a hot muggy night. She seems fine today and is off somewhere amongst the plants.
    Lunch time, think I will have a salad with cherry tomatoes.



    I can smell the delish cupcakes baking now. Mmmm…

    There are times when I can’t feel my whiskers either…hehehe

    Here are some links on mattress pads, KJ. As a general rule, the egg crate ones are less expensive because they are cheap. The construction doesn’t stand up very long.

    Finding The Best Mattress Toppers and Pads: Buyers Guide


    Mattress Topper Reviews – Best Mattress Toppers

    Sorry about the crap at the gym. I’m glad you still get an awesome workout.



    A hedgehog? Hmmm … then I would feel confident getting up close and purrsonal. 😉

    Tks MS and PG for mattress topper advice. Clearly some rsch will be involved. Is this what is meant by egg crate? I wouldn’t think so, looks more like waves. This one’s from mattress specialty store, about $80. It’s also Memory Foam but all the ones that I checked out online are. So true re needing to fit sheet on the thing.

    Not egg crate style per se, plus they might have other models available in store. And I got my excellent mattress there.

    Not something that I could find on street, plus I would never bring home soft furnishings. Everything brought in gets scrubbed down to the nth degree.

    Thurs I have appt right across street from store. Worth stopping in.

    There’s always something going on at the gym and sometimes it does not involve me. As in they either got rid of a newish highly rude receptionist, or purrhaps she left of her own accord. Several of us complained as no one bothered explaining to her that paying members have to be treated nicely.

    5 hrs to wind a replacement yarn ball! Anyway it’s done and I have to dial my stress back a bit. Or purrhaps get me a spider plant to nibble on and see if it has calming/doping effect. It’s legal I’d assume (Justin hasn’t fulfilled his promise, but hey he’s only been PM for a year or so and is too busy posing for selfies.) 😉

    New course starts tomorrow 10 am. Can’t see how “British Palaces and Country Houses” won’t be enjoyable for me. The Philo course really went downhill 2nd session. Whatever.



    LOL @ MS and PG … I can smell ‘the cupcakes’ too! LOL ….. HRH is a fiesty girl, and like my Caddy, will come hilly/neither what she wills! …

    Son arrived safely from Canada visit, and we’re glad to have him in the house … switched our internet/cable service today (always painful) … and of course, everything is f&&$%Ked ud up, so now we’re dealing with that fall out …. it’s another new day tmrw, so it goes! ….



    KJ, our topper pad has waves and zig zags and egg crate effect all in different zones, I guess depending on where the most support is required. How many years do you expect to be using considering it really isn’t washable but can be aired. Do you want to spend big $$$ on something that you will use for only a few years or less money and not feel the pain as much when replacing it after a few years after doing a similar service.
    All worth considering. I checked our Consumer magazine to see if they had trialed them but they hadn’t.
    AV, glad that son arrived back safely, do you still have Venus an ???(I have a memory block)with you? If so I bet they were pleased to see him. I hope the internet/cable service change doesn’t give you problems too long.
    Hot hot hot here.
    29C inside with every door and window open and fan on and strong winds outside.



    I agree some research is needed because looking for good mattress pad is just as important as a mattress, KJ. The majority of egg crate type foam mattress pads are made from polyurethane, a petrochemical. You’ll want to check for hypoallergenic fill and breathable all cotton cover. I love my feather mattress but some people don’t like them.

    I’m glad your Son made home safely. Are you still caring for Venus and Luna?

    Poor HRH. It’s not any better for kits than for us.

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