Tuesday 10-10-2017 – The Café Honours those Intrepid Newspaper Carriers

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    Even in the cyber-age newspaper carriers still deliver the newspaper each day to millions of readers, whatever the weather!

    Guess this qualifies as bathroom humour! 😉



    Crossover pic – Worth a second look.



    OMG, went to let HRH shadz inside just before 8pm and there was a young white rabbit sitting on the road. We then spent the next 10 minutes trying to catch it while fending off cheeky young kids trying to claim it was theirs which was patently a huge fib. Unfortunately we couldn’t catch bunny and goodness knows where it has got to now among the gardens and trees in the neighbourhood and I have sore feet from running up and down the rough road seal barefoot. Poor wee bunny I hope it’s alright.



    I hope that the bunny escapes to safety too! Recalls “Jefferson Airplane’s famous tune “White Rabbit.”



    KJ so do I but with cats being outdoors even through the night . . . and some neighbours allow their dogs to roam at night . . .
    🙁 😕
    You’re up early. Oh wait hang on that’s your usual MO.
    Wait, just checked time and you are up early.



    Heartwarming story from the UK.

    This is me now.
    Nighty night
    Catch you on the flip side.



    Oh, thanks for that story. I always worry about the animals who die in such disasters and whose demise isn’t even a matter of record. Rosie is a lovely girl too.



    Good morning – Yep, leave it to a cat to find the loophole.
    Yikes Lagatta, glad you are feeling better.
    Poor widdle white bunny, hope it’s okay.
    It’s a bright sunny day here in Jersey. I’ve got a full day ahead so must get to it!



    Me too JJ, but wanted to say ‘hi’! I’ll try and be back later…took too long reading up on yesterday and this mornings’ threads. Gotta go fix lunch–and more on THAT later too! 😉 😆



    MS, I’m whacked from not 3 hrs sleep last nite. Feel like “sleepy kitty” gif! But charged up at same time – strange.

    Busy day for me as well, JJ and KZ – prob my overly long posts that took up so much of your time! 😉

    Good that you’re feeling somewhat better Lagatta.

    I don’t get newspaper delivery as delivery person cannot get past entry (locked door) and if paper is not on my door ledge and I have to dress propurrly to go down and get it (if it’s still there!) not worth it.

    Sorted out knitting pattern with yarn company help – at least I know that pattern was confusing so it was not me. And getting closer to gathering all the pre-shopping ‘puter info. My tech guy suggests bringing old/new ‘puters to office for migration process (5-6 hrs) and then we can arrange f/u where he comes over and connects printer, sets up ISP, etc. I’m relatively in n’hood so no added charge for in-home deal. Gotta run! L8R!



    Happy Tues everyone! … 92 today! ….. can’t believe it for October! …. Glad you’re feeling better, LG! …. today my Hazel is here, I love the smell of the oil/soap she uses on the furniture …. it’s a great feeling to have everything tidied up! ..

    Taking a break from my inputting for a while, best I get back to it …. have a great day all!



    Paw Up – PM Waves ~ solo today so peeking in to say Hi…with Bye in a couple hours!
    cat newspaper art
    My 2.5cents share with reminder ~ make more time for Art…purry art with recycled newspapers…best use for them…esp our Local Right leaning Rag…only reason still get it if for Sun ads and comics/inclMutts!
    Oh, thanks Tux for timely reminder too!
    tux very good news

    …oh yes, can’t forget my first crush…Newspaper Carrier…Tommy B…gorgeous eyelashes…flirty smile 😉
    Oh well…to be 13 again/NOT 😀
    Time to finish up stuff on desk/back on flip!



    Bahahaha JK, you just reminded me of our first paper delivery boy that I can remember. He also delivered the milk a decade or so later. He is now a friend of ours and is in his 70’s and bald. I must have been just starting school. We have had some good laughs about his time delivering the paper as a teen. I Aging, I guess it comes to most of us eventually.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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