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    “If you go out in the woods today …” Picnic Month as celebrated on Sunday would not be complete without this Special Day! No disguises needed as no danger lurks in TDK land. And many teddy bears are kept, even as one attains adulthood. Even by kitties!



    When one of us comes into an unexpected fortune and we finally enact the long-awaited TDK meet-up, we could also enact a different type of Picnic. Manet’s famous “Dejeuner sur l’herbe” (ref. Sunday CafΓ©for impurroved version). Only this time grrls would be fully clothed (in designer swag, mais oui!) and guys would be nekked! What say you all – grrls rule! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜† 😎



    I love the sleeping with the wiggly ear. Mwah! Teddy Bears, Hmmm…I never had a teddy bear, which may splain a lot. πŸ˜› That’s a plan, KJ. πŸ˜†

    I forgot to tell you that they closed the pool down the street. They’re weren’t many people using it and Recreation dept. is having trouble recruiting enough lifeguards. I bought an Huffy bike at the thrift shop; it needs new tires but fine otherwise.

    We only got to 98f/36c today…more of the same tomorrow. I got an appointment in the morning and then World Cup semi-finals between Belgium vs. France at 11:30 MST.

    Have a happy~



    KJ, πŸ˜† πŸ˜†
    PG, that is sad about the pool being closed down especially in the middle of a hot Summer. Happy cycling. Hang on ONLY got to 38C today. Faints with heat exhaustion and you with a leaky cooler too.
    Awwwwwwwwww, the kitty and teddy under the blanket are so cute and love ‘don’t look at me like that’ and wiggly ear and ‘we’re twins’.
    I have finally lit the fire and am warming up. I have prepared crispy garlic parmesan chicken tenders for dinner and having homemade potato wedges and roast Brussels sprouts and mashed pumpkin. The pumpkin was a huge buttercup that I grew and I have kept the seeds but was upset to discover one side had begun to go off.
    I see the next phase of the Thailand cave rescue has begun, Positive Vibes for another successful rescue.
    PG, I too had a deprived childhood with no teddy bear. Instead I had two koalas, one was from an English Great Uncle who must have bought it in Australia when the ship stopped there on the way to NZ(we’re talking way back in time before long haul flights) but I have no idea where the other one came from. I got my first teddy bear from daughter Airy when she was about 11 years old and she made it herself, complete with movable joints.



    PG, ever too late. Now Gloria Steinem maintained at a speech I attended that “it is never too late to have a happy childhood.” She would know, but IMHO she’s wrong. And I would know. BUT it is ever too late to acquire a teddy bear. I got my first one when i was an adult, at a teddy bear boutique – the famous Paddington. His tag with the wording “Please look after this bear. Thank you.” can get the tears welling up at certain times. I say acquire a teddy bear that speaks to you – figuratively that is πŸ˜‰

    Sucks that they closed your n’hood pool. And then there all those campaigns encouraging kids to get more exercise. Makes no sense. πŸ™„

    What is a Huffy bike? I could look it up I guess.

    The wee C, did 2 Basement kitteh!

    Wee white kitteh, tell that body-shaming teddy bear that you’re in purrfect shape!

    That famous Manet – this time with teddy bears – and just the grrl bears – bare nekked! Hmmm …

    Took me longer than it should to find stealth kitty in laundry basket.

    Looks like it’s going to be 2.5 hrs sleep tonight. *Sigh* Can always sleep in dentist chair. Purrhaps not a plan.



    KJ, it is never too late. There is a child in all of us ad sometimes you have to let that child have free rein even if it’s for something simple like puddle jumping, drawing on a steamed up mirror or window or colouring in a pretty picture. Indulge the ‘child in you and the adult soul feels lighter. πŸ˜€
    Do you still have your Paddington bear?
    I did search for a reverse of the Manet pic but couldn’t find one with the man nekkid and the ladies clothed. That says plenty.



    I never had teddy bears because all my cuddly toys were feline. An aunt (much wealthier than our immediate family) kept me in Steiff stuffies: tabby cats and tigers.

    Huffy is a US bicycle manufacturing company; they weren’t sold in Canada but at the company site there are now specifics for Canada and for Mexico. I’m sure that like everything else they are made in China or somewhere else in Asia now.



    Well, the kitty pics today are just darling. I just can’t like one over the other. I believe I had teddy bears and lots of other stuffed animals over the years. I have a stuffed otter holding a starfish which was given to me by youngest dau years ago…it has special meaning to both of us because it reminds us of a favorite book that she always wanted me to read to her called “Ottie and the star”.

    Has anyone else noticed that a column at the bottom of the page has disappeared– the RECENT REPLIES column is now gone, at least for me it has disappeared.

    MS, your dinner sounds scrumptious! I love roasted brussels sprouts!

    And this morning’s news said that all have been rescued from the cave in Thailand, including the coach. Great news!

    Congrats on the new bike PG! Huffy bikes are popular here and I’ve owned a few. I need to clean my bike up and get new tires for it. Haven’t ridden it for a while, but it would be nice to do so again when it cools off–if it ever does!



    Huffy is a brand name. Long, long ago when I was a kid…when I was growing up it was the “bike” to own. I’m sure it’s similar to Lagatta’s bike.

    Your dinner does sound delish except Brussels sprouts…Yak!

    KZ-I wondered about that column, too. The bottom seems off-center to me.

    Yea for the scouts in Thailand and big thanks to all the rescuers.

    Good for Gloria Steinem.



    Aw, COA alerts ~ Kits w/Teddies!
    Looks as if cafΓ© kit Tux has found his fave to nap with!
    tuxie and teddie
    Purrrz πŸ™‚

    This is for KJ – your geography lesson as map!
    wi map w/canada
    WI shown – I vaca near Crandon area on upper right of WI State…
    Canada a li’l ways away!
    Folks from Thunder Bay usually partake in my li’l town of 3Lakes 4th of July Parade yearly!

    Ok, now time for cuppa java!
    teddy mug
    fill’er up please…later/? hope



    Mine is a Raleigh Sprite mixte. They are English, though some were assembled in Canada. I think mine is from around 1975. The one shown is a bit newer but still vintage, and has obviously been restored to its new beauty: http://minisystem.blogspot.com/2012/04/personal-masterpiece-raleigh-sprite-3.html

    Mine is a bit more bedraggled looking. Oh, I do touch up the paint and clean the shiny metal, but if I had one as beautifully refinished as that one it would be stolen in a matter of minutes.

    I don’t have the fancy lights (I use lights that are easy to put on and take off, again as they’d be stolen otherwise) but I do have a very large, shiny bell, which I bought when in Amsterdam!



    Afternoon all! whew! HOT HOT HOT!!!! LOL

    I don’t remember sleeping with a stuffed toy, I was more into my Barbie dolls & their fashion, but they were hard plastic and not good sleeping partners! I think I had a soft blankie when I was real little ….

    My dad always bought us Schwin bikes (another brand name) …. that, along with our radio flyers and skates with keys – we practically lived outdoors.

    Miss Caddy gave me the worst fright yesterday!! She was caught on the back yard camera around 6:30am doing her usual parameter patrol, but she didn’t come home for breakfast, still hadn’t seen her at lunch, or by afternoon …. I had circled the block calling several times – I was beside myself! Finally around 4:30 she comes slauntering up the front steps, and promptly demanded her crunchies …. I figure she had snuck into someone’s garage or shed early that morning and accidently got closed up in there until they got back home. She wears a bright red collar, so the entire neighborhood knows she’s ours. She probably bolted out like a streak when they came back! …. she just looked at me like ‘what?’ …. glad to have the monkey home!



    Hi all – I have a Vermont Teddy Bear that hubby gave me many years ago. The cats have a little teddy bear among their toys. Last saw Huey playing with it during the winter.
    Love the pics!
    Rorschach’s people are nice. They just let him out when he wants to, I guess. They may not be aware of his aggression to other cats, and other people!



    JJ, so could you have a chat with his peeps, seeing that they’re approachable?

    Anyway I emailed KM about y Star Kit prob – seems that no one else is implicated, ‘cept I think MS. In any case in his reply he explained some of the changes to site layout. I’ve PM’d some of you on this.

    Paddington is indeed alive and well MS! On a shelf guarding my knitting needles and PVR box. Other teddy bears have other jobs. The one with a wardrobe of first sweater attempts is on my new bed. Dorry communes with him! πŸ˜‰

    So now I am informed about Huffy bikes!

    Good thing that I went to dentist today. My chipped fang was indicative of a hole in tooth with decay starting. My teeth are not in optimal condition ergo dentist check ea 6 mos. I take care of them but other reasons. he really froze me big – good – but 5 hrs later and numbness still not gone.

    And I’m in a mood and N’s here and hard to keep from letting it all out. Must work on self. Must get proper sleep tonight. 2.5 hrs for sure does not cut it, but I knew this.



    At least you know why the tooth broke easily. Did the dentist fill it? Maybe you’ll get some sleep with a froze mouth!

    I heard of the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory but never looked it up.

    Naughty, naughty Miss Caddy! You gave your mom such a fright! The heat and humidity…blah. I set up TDKers and Tutus Chat for you.



    Yeah, he filled fang and sanded down tooth next to it. It was more annoying than painful, but good that I went before it got worse. Freezing gone now, need to freeze my brain or rather shut down my racing thoughts some. Seem to have not gotten message that complicated knitting in middle of night is asking for probs as in having to to unravel and do more than initial section again during daylight hours. Add this to list of things that I have not gotten as yet.

    Kerfuffle in gym as instructors will not get paid when cycle classes are cancelled during end of week through next week roof repair. Now from what I know none of them need the little that they get to live on and it is not appropriate for them to complain to members. It is for them to go to management. Now I like my instructors but today one of them was lacking in professionalism. And I told a cohort and a manager that my way is only getting proactive about things that concern me. Manager heartily agreed but cohort I sensed found e to be cold-hearted. Don’t much care. Others growl and then do nothing. Whatever.

    And get this. Called hot water tank co. If one has a prob a tech has to come for like $139 as thermostat is inside tank not accessible by just anyone. IHO not very nice! Landlord still asks that repair guy who is coming to re-fix floor take a look at it. So naturally shower seems to be working normally. Going to opt for shower instead of bath tonight just to be sure. Separate glassed in shower which I do love.

    Guess I’m just overtired and grumpy. And even though I like the heat it does suck away some energy. That and discharging stress about things about which I can do nothing about. And I’ve discovered long ago that knowing something on a rational level does not transfer to the emotional level all that easily. Again, whatever.



    Good afternoon. We have sunshine and the warmth is divine.
    I am surprised at how many of us didn’t have teddy bears as youngsters.
    KZ, yes the Recent Replies column has disappeared. I used it a lot to see if I had missed something overnight.
    Wonderful news from Thailand about the rescue, we were able to hear that several boys had been brought out before we went to bed this time.
    Dinner was delicious except I needed more herbs and spices in the chicken tenders. LOL PG, I’ll eat your share of the Brussels sprouts because I love them.
    JK, awwww Tux and Teddy. Had a look at the area you vacation near and wow trees, trees and more trees. Beautiful looking and so many lakes.
    Miss Caddy ! ! You do realise your Mama was frantic looking for you and then you eventually casually wander home. Cats ! No sense of urgency.
    KJ, glad to hear Paddington has a job to keep him out of trouble. I have a white rabbit modeled on the Alice in Wonderland stories that Mum made for me when I was four and he sits watch over the DVR along with a giant peanut. The peanut was the advertising symbol for a brand of peanut butter and I won him. Definitely you had your chipped fang checked out. Sleep lady, sleep.
    PG, LOL @ dry heat.



    Yes, the rescue was extraordinary, but we must also remember the heroic diver and former Thai Navy Seal who died during the rescue attempts. His wife and his father remember him


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