Tuesday 08-08-2014 – Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbour's Porch Day

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    What to do with those prolific and occasionally gargantuan zucchinis? In despurration the kits will be sneaking about, under cover of darkness, off-loading some zucchini on the n’bours.



    Zucchini are lovely, but note that the names (zucchini or courgettes) are diminutives of Zucca (Italian) and Courge (French) for squash – gourd – pumpkin. That is, they have to be picked small. The large ones can be used in breads and cakes, but aren’t very good to eat.

    My Nadja loved broccoli, but I’ve never heard of a cat who liked zucchini…



    Scallopini are in the same family as zucchini.

    Giant Irish zucchini plant ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    To my mind zucchini or courgette are small in length and girth while marrow are long and large of girth. Any zucchini that is too big to get your hand around comfortably can be classed as a marrow.

    Spiralised zucchini(zoodles), a fantastic way to eat your zucchini.



    Wow…that big zucchini plant! And yep, that’s how I’d look if there were cops at the neighbor’s house…lol.

    Cleaning houses today and tomorrow, trying to see if I can squeeze in a doctor appt for a health issue that popped up, and enjoying our last couple of weeks of summer vacation.

    Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday!



    Good morning – I like zucchini, but I haven’t grown any in my garden. Brother has had a rough season with it, only getting a few so far. Not big, but very tasty.

    Washed and packed up the kitten stuff yesterday. Yep, I know, well done, and my cats are happy, but I sure miss that little guy.



    ’tis the Season for Zucchini and other Summertime Squash treats!
    Here is a yummy Vegan/GF and Chocolate Recipe to share!

    chocolatge gf vegan zucc bread ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hmm…interesting take on breads/coffee:
    coffee bread cups

    Hmm…now a cuppa fave brew and back to part 1 day 2…later/hopeful!



    Aubergine – Eggplant, not zucchini, but simple and good. I love this food writer’s recipe; she doesn’t overcomplicate things:




    Tks lagatta, eggplant recipe looks like something that even I could manage. I like the mini Italian eggplants. Plus I actually have goat cheese in fridge.

    Speaking of veg/fruits, my fave n’hood store burned down last wk. ๐Ÿ™ Corner of Queen Mary/Decarie late at night. Hopefully they well re-open, but family-run business and everyone so pleasant. Plus I knew where everything was.

    Now those gargantuan zucchini are the one’s destined for off-loading!
    Also, I know of some peeps who, if replaced by a zucchini, well they would only be improved! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Window repair guy came by and assessed situation. New hinges need to be ordered/installed for my 3 windows.Now that weather should be cooling off over next few weeks makes this purrfect timing as currently opening my windows would be dangerous.



    Finally into the cafe today. Went to the fair early today with Avery’s mom and Avery to watch the other granddaughters show their steer and pigs. They did well, no one got hurt, we ate lots of once a year goodies, and came home hot and tired. A successful day!

    I knew a lady that used to take her zucchini and put them in people’s mailboxes at night…. ๐Ÿ˜† but I told her not to put any in mine because I would know where it came from. They are great for shredding for bread when they are big. I have lots of zucchini recipes, most are vegetarian and very good too.

    JJ, I’m sorry you are missing Aslan, it has to be so empty without him. I know how I would feel if Peso was gone… ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I made his appointment for his neuter on the 21st. He will be gone for a few hours and I’ll pick him up in the afternoon a ‘changed’ kitten. He will be going to the new vet I’ve been taking him to–the old vet used to keep them overnight and charged an arm and a leg, but this vet costs $60, plus he will get his boosters then too.



    Kittyzee, are you keeping Peso for good?

    I really don’t think I could foster a kitten; after some hisses Livia would adopt him or her and I’d be stuck.

    I’d be happy to find a reliable, non-sweet zucchini bread recipe. I was pleasantly surprised by the chocolate one as there is little sugar in it. Would be great with tea.

    KJ, Metro has frozen vegetarian burgers on offer now. And they are kosher. No weird ingredients; I’ll try them. https://www.metro.ca/epicerie-en-ligne/allees/aliments-surgeles/repas-et-plats-d-accompagnement/plats-vegetariens/burgers-vegetariens-au-quinoa-surgeles/p/059749947411

    I’m very sad about your neighbourhood fruiterie. I was more likely to go to the one on Cรดte-des-neiges after my night classes at UdM, but I know where it is. A pity, and hope they can get a new start. Odd, I checked many local media and nothing.



    Good afternoon all.
    I must confess that the giant Irish zucchini plant is actually a plant called Gunnera and not a zucchini plant. Looked amazing though.
    JJ, I grow them every year but some years they produce impressive numbers and other years you are lucky if you get enough in a week for a meal.
    Empty nest syndrome JJ.
    JK, despite having excess zucchini some years I have never made zucchini bread. I must give it a try if this coming Summer is a year of abundant zucchini.
    KJ, that is awful about your fav fruit store burning down. I hope there were no injuries and that they re-open. LOL about it being an improvement is some people replaced by a zucchini.
    It is election year here and believe me when I say a zucchini would be an improvement for some of our politicians. Nuff said.
    KZ, you had me chuckling at ‘no one got hurt’. It is always possible when showing animals and there are crowds. Ohhhhh once a year goodies sounds great.
    Today it is pouring down and possibly tomorrow too. HRH was in disgrace for yakking up a furball on the bed, I now have to wash and dry a large candlewick bedspread somehow in Winter. At the moment she is curled up asleep and spent quite a bit of the morning snuggled up on my shoulder.
    Time for lunch – a large bowl of piping hot homemade vegetable soup.



    lagatta, I plan to go to Metro tomorrow when promo is still on so will have to check out these burgers. Never seen them before, usually buy Yves or head to specific kosher section, Queen Mary store is well-stocked in this regard. Pic doesn’t show kosher certification, but I can check it out in purrson.

    The fruiterie fire was covered on radio/TV news as one firefighter had to be taken to hospital for heat exhaustion. Apts above store were being renovated. Thankfully no one was injured. They do plan to re-open at some point. Power in area was also cut for a while, including at my place.

    KZ, I can’t quite imagine opening mailbox and discovering a zucchini. Wondering if n’bour also gift-wrapped them. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    MS I hear you re politicians and zucchini and I won’t get started either! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Well I got into srs knitting mode. Basically finished another sweater, just the neckline and some seaming to do, then it gets it’s “maiden” wash. I did cast on the neckline so I’ll do the 1st of 5 rows total and then head off to bed.



    Oops, KJ, the sale starts tomorrow (Thursday) I was just looking at this weeks flyers. I went to the metro.ca site and looked up veggie burgers or whatever the exact name on the package was and found the ingredients as well as the K certification.

    A nice way of eating burgers is wrapped in a large lettuce leaf, like Romaine…

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