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    Time to release our inner crafty purrson! Anything goes, but everything must be completed by the end of this Month LOL.



    I feel somewhat “obligated” to use this Special Month as excuse to buy me more yarn that I 100% don’t really need. But it’s for my infamous cable sweater, of which I now boast 34, IMHO and in that of my sweater admirers, it’s prob my prettiest pattern! OK I admit to having ordered a sweater’s worth of yarn on Mon. – price was too good to pass up and stock might have gone fast.

    Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself knitting! Esp when I learned from one lesson with “that place” colleague/books/I’Net, no Mum/Grandma teaching me (which was generally the case for most of my knit cohorts.) I do have a “mentor” in n’hood shoppe who will gladly help me out if need be. Don’t feel comfy asking for help from Knitting Circle store mgr as I don’t buy anything there, way expensive yarn, ie smallest size sweater would cost like $150, when online I don’t pay more thatn $36 w/CAD exchange/shipping). Guess that anything’s pawsible, if I set my mind to it.

    I’ve posted this before – free pattern with Michelle Pfeiffer-esque model!
    Over time I’ve adapted it by adding more cable repeats so it is way longer, ie below hip length, and sleeves hit wrist length.



    Crossover pic – craft with a kitnapped caption

    Love the string theory pic.
    KJ, do you ever really need an excuse to buy more yarn? Aha, I see you have already done so this week. My point proven.
    Nice jersey(that’s what we call sweaters)pattern. I can see how it would be better longer in the body and arms for a Canadian Winter.
    It has been raining steadily for 4 hours now and finally HRH Shadz has grown tired of counting raindrops on the front porch and come inside to be toweled off and have a second dinner.



    So darned cute.
    Nighty night all, see you on the flip side.



    Morning friends! …. KJ, you are the queen of sweaters …. I have like 2. Florida, who wears them? LOL
    MS, reading back posts, I hope you have a pain free day! …. (oh and BTW, I’ve never forgotten to put the potatoes in the pot – NOT! LOL, happens more times that I care to admit πŸ˜‰

    …. that newborn giraffe is squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

    Miss Caddy loves her new bowl bed that I bought her, she spends a lot of time in it, and I like it cause I can look out the window and see a bowl of black furr …… I like to keep tabs on my babies …..

    busy Tues. have a great one all!!



    Paw up waves to anyone still around lurking…finally made it into cafΓ©!
    Fun theme/shares…esp like mini giraffe and beaver art…had problem w/them Up North cutting/chewing down some trees near lake…sigh!

    Adding my 2.5 cents:
    cat crafts hand print
    Easy peasy – fun to do πŸ™‚
    paperplate cat
    one more…
    glove with cats
    Opps…almost forgot for colorbook fans:
    cat color book fun
    OK…now time for cuppa java…mwah thanks Tux…later/maybe!



    Tks AV. Knitting is my passion as far as crafts go. I also make summer sweaters, same pattern in soft Pima cotton. Just sayin. πŸ˜‰

    Well weather peeps over-dramatized. Usual style of speed walking worked, although I was happy for my cleats when navigating icy front stairs of my bldg. Raining for rest of day, catnap planned as I only slept like 2 hrs last night. πŸ™

    Actually saw a guy on icy side streets on his bike. Not wearing helmet of course. Stupid defines him.

    MS, squeeee on baby giraffe! He’s going to grow up to be a great tall fellow!
    Crossover pic is neat, that’s the basic stockinette stitch, done English style. I discovered myriad ways of holding the needles each with pros/cons, English works best for me.
    My place has at times resembled Basement Cats abode, with no kit to blame! Not fun.

    So I just sent a KJ-style email to guy whom I did well-paying project for, and who is past due in sending my cheque. Very terse yet polite. I also took the liberty of cc’ing his boss who is director of org and from previous email on second project seems to hold that payment is due even before deadline. I actually enjoy taking action, but TDKers already knew that LOL.



    Looks like catnap is non-event as got caught up in household stuff. Don’t use d/w much but when I can fill it up with an entire load it’s worth it, just so it gets a workout.

    And then a jar of coffee spilled – efurrywhere! Had to strip down, change outfit and throw stuff into 3rd wash of day, so much for saving on electricity! πŸ™„ On bright side, kitchen floor is esp clean! When I go to hair stylist same deal re clothes. He and partner are smokers πŸ™ and even though they never smoke while working, the odour is lingering on furniture, etc and after my stuff needs laundering.

    But back to coffee. Just watched doc on “Hipsters.” Supposedly it’s “in” to go to coffee shoppes where a single cup costs $12!!! Now in my plans – anytime! I actually use instant and for that price could get me umpteen cups. Perhaps my “kewelness” defines itself in other ways, at least I hope so. πŸ™„



    Hey, I made it into the cafe today!! Woohoooo!! KJ, love the pic of the cabled sweater and I also wear light weight sweaters in the summer–most places (including home) are air conditioned and a sweater feels pretty good most of the time.

    Baby giraffe–EEEEK!!! Avery has a giraffe she takes everywhere with her, his name is Buddy. She can’t go anywhere without him and he sleeps with her too.

    I’m not much on crafts, but would love to knit again. I did it a long time ago, but of course I don’t have time now with Avery here. I would like to pick my art work up again soon….*sigh*

    It has rained here for two days with mild temps. Temperatures on on the way down again into the 30’s, but the grass here is getting so green!

    Saw my surgeon today–he told me my elliptical would be great as the motion is perfect for a hip. The no impact rotating motion is perfect for a healing hip or otherwise. YAY!! I can drive again, and when I asked him about out patient physical therapy, he said he didn’t think I needed it!! I am doing stairs the ‘right way’ once again, even though I am slow, but I am very proud of myself. It feels so good to walk again and be pain free.



    Hi all – spent much of this rainy day down at mom’s. Once home, after a short walk in between rain showers, started reading a book and promptly let the rain lull me to sleep. Hubby and I went out to eat – nothing fancy; we were going to go to IHOP (International House of Pancakes). Today was free pancake day, with patrons encouraged to donate to worthy children’s charities. There was a line out the door when we got there so opted for a nearby Italian place instead.
    I’m glad Caddy likes her new bowl bed!
    HRH has it made, knowing she will get toweled off after being in the rain. Jiggs loved that too!
    Oh JK, I think that is the coloring book I bought!
    I like that sweater, KJ, but like you I prefer my sweaters longer.
    Nice that the doc is good with you using the elipical, KZ. I am glad you are pain free.
    I have dreams of crafty things, but never seem to get to them. There was a TDKr who painted pawprints on stones, which I would like to do at some point. I did make one, a prototype, I suppose. It’s a start, just have to practice my pawprint drawing. Will at some point collect mom’s yarn and pick up the croceting needle again as well, not to mention her sewing machine, which she has forgotten about. Her book shelf fell apart, so brother fixed it, and wants to put fewer books back, so went thru them and took a few.
    The rain has let up for now but more expected later. Although not super cold, it has been a raw day and the wood burner takes the chill out. Leela is happy!



    Excellent news KZ! Gr8 that your doc has given you the go-ahead to get into more activity!

    JJ, in one of my “interesting” gift catalogues, ie some neat stuff, some sorta weird, well they have some neat stone-look pawprints to lay out in one’s garden, – and way expensive, so if someone can make them, well more power to them. You can always re-take up crochet at some point if you so choose, crafts will never go out of style. πŸ™‚

    Well it’s raining here too. And to quote “The Weather Girls” not “men! Hallelujah!” either. Which is a good segue into tomorrow’s CafΓ© …

    Nite all!




    MS, I went back to read the end of yesterday’s thread about your knee pain. I am so sorry to hear about it, even though I did chuckle at your potato fiasco…I lived with pain like you at a much higher level than what I actually though I had. Arthritis is no joke, and yes, changes in the weather wreak havoc on those stinkin’ joints! Exercise is wonderful, however, I would pay for it for days afterwards. The surgeon told me today that my hip was ‘horrible’ and he knew I had to be feeling better. Apparently, while the bone was good, the cartiledge was torn to shreds even causing cysts in the joint. I am sorry I waited so long. I hope you can come up with a plan to be feeling better, and at least, not living in a ‘pain fog’!

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