Tuesday – 06-02-2018 – It's An Affair To Remember Month!

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    Our kits have probably gotten into “affairs” that they may or may not care to remember! Likewise ourselves – care to disclose? Hmmm … purrhaps not! 😉





    I can so relate to Saffy’s purrdicament- right! 😉
    Poor kit neglected by callous FOOFANY! 😥



    Such adorable pics today…cats have all kinds of emotions, I see it on my cats’ faces off and on all day. Willow is so stoic and serious..I will catch him just staring at me like a big owl. Peso is goofy and never serious. Thumbalina is my hugger and is a love bug, as is Leona who gets so carried away that she drools on me and everything. Bowtie is a beggar for breakfast sausage, only likes petted when she is sitting in front of you at the kitchen table. But they do show their emotions in their faces and their tails!

    I love the movie ‘An Affair to Remember’, one of my very favorites!



    I like the toylet paperz and Mavis.

    Well, I’m going to see my shrink. Why do they call them shrinks? Guess I’ll look that up later.

    Have a happy~




    OK, tried posting but got kicked out earlier…here goes!
    Few Choices for today’s theme:

    cat bride fun

    cat flowers bride

    cat groom lol
    Reminder: Cats are Forever…hoomins not always 😉

    Ok, time for Tuesday’s cuppa fave brew!
    coffee cookie
    Mmm…hits the spot, later/hope!

    Oops…almost forgot:
    cat wedding cake
    Best choice for that special day’s cake 😀



    PG, WikiAnswer to the rescue for those of us with enquiring minds:

    The term “shrink” to refer to psychologists supposedly was coined by author Thomas Pynchon in his book The Crying of Lot 49 published in 1966. Most likely it came from the term “headshrinker,” comparing the process of psychotherapy to primitive tribal practices of shrinking the heads of enemies. One of the symptoms of SEVERE depression is a sensation of pressure inside the skull- like your brain is swollen. After experiencing this once, patients are vigilant for early warning signs of depression and seek treatment before symptoms progress to severe. Psychiatrists were the original headshrinkers. Later shortened to shrinks.

    I prefurr therapist. Speaking of which gym cohort is a psychologist who told us that some of her teen clients are actually checking their cell phones during session. She calls them on it but if they refuse to turn it off, it’s their parents who are paying. I find it rude to the extreme. 🙄

    I’m off to dentist for 6 mos cleaning. I like him a lot and better yet his receptionist/assistant is not only a knitter but is owned by a Tonkinese kit (Mr. Hubert) and a Cornish Rex kit (Miss Cara) so we have what to chat about before I get in the chair.



    The bride is definitely making the right choice by marrying the Noir kit. I wonder if the cake has tuna inside? Blah

    Thank you KJ. I would think, at some point, the parents would like to see some improvements in their kids. If they don’t then they either don’t notice or don’t care. Phones in the session-NOT!

    A Tonkinese and a Cornish Rex? What a cute combination!



    Ok…pm purry/furry fun as FYI:
    cat chicks lol
    Yuppurs…Cats are t’e Best 😀

    Back on the flip/hopeful
    (Officemate will be on vaca FL 10 days – so, I’ll be in when able…) Later!



    Hi all – such cute and funny pics! KZ, I love hearing about your kitties’ purrsonalities. Comet has the biggest purrsonality, followed by goofy Huey.

    I took a few pics of Miss Taz around the time of my wedding. Little black kitties go with everything!

    Expecting snow tomorrow, followed by rain, then sub-freezing temps. The driveway is still a sheet of ice from the snow/rain/cold storm on Sunday. Yikes!



    “Chicks” heh-heh-heh! Don’t overtax yourself JK!

    Considering some of the so-called “catches” that have been “kindly” suggested for me, I’d for sure opt for the Noir. 🙄

    Teef feel nice and scrubbed. But have to go back same time next wk for some fillings. Thankfully nothing major and at least I’ll get to continue chatting about knitting and kits.

    PG, I signed into Coursera. Tomorrow I plan to check out catalogue and see what might be interesting. Someone also mentioned that this is an excellent idea.

    So on the way home I was on the bus when the “unfluffy” conductor decided to ignore peeps wanting to get off, and the bell was not working. Now I made it clear what stop I wanted in my usual way. But 2 peeps, both using canes, had no idea where they were. I gave them directions, but they had to walk back like 2 blocks. And in the slush and ice. The conductor said not a single word. And I would have given him what for had I not gotten off. Some real “winners” in this world – and getting paid too! And on bus trip to dentist some girl was busy chatting on her cell, sitting in a seat reserved for “challenged” peeps, while an elderly woman stood. I said that girl should offer seat to the woman, but the girl pretended that no one else was there. Charming! 😡

    Anyway the arnica seems to have helped my glute muscle some. And physio reminded me that ice, never heat is the way to go. I’m just that tired out now so prob L8R. Plus there’s a certain kit wanting his noms – like right meow!

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