Tuesday 05/12/2017 – It's Bathtub Party Day – Fun for Kits – Not!

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    A tub full of warm water. Purrhaps a few bath oil beads, and voila! How soothing and relaxing! But not for the majority of kits. And they have their purrsonal ways of informing us!



    Max and I splash and play games in the pool pretty much annoying everyone else. 🙂

    My Coursera class on Global Security and Safety required a write up on Hurricane Katrina. I identified who failed to do their jobs (Everyone) and why (because they’re government idiots). LilBit keeps circling so I go to pick him up and he throws his weight down. He did this a couple times until he finally let me pick him up. Now he’s curled up on my shoulder.

    Yea, my beloved Steelers won. Cleveland and Pittsburgh have long antagonized each other and night wasn’t any different. One of the best Steelers is in hospital for a potential back injury. No news yet.

    Cya and have a happy~

    Pssst! Ich schlafe



    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !

    Hi all, yesterday was another hot day and I have the fan on me now at 9.30pm. My toof is feeling so much better thanks to the ministrations of the dentist and regular salty mouthwashes. Many thanks for your kind thought on that topic. I am still battling with HRH to eat, she seems to have completely gone off raw meat and now will only eat Fancy Feast cans and pate by preference. At least she is drinking her kitten milk. I may see about a v-e-t visit if I can find the time in my very full timetable just to set my mind at ease.
    I managed to get to the gym today and feel so much better for my workout.



    “Bubblebaff kitty” squeeee!!!!!

    Love the tiles in the “Nooooo!” pic – look just a bit like the ones in my throne room.

    Poor Sphynx has to move fast to keep warm – I can so relate!

    PG, I guess it was a short essay as you seem to have made your point at the outset. 😉



    Morning all! ….. at least HRH will eat FF! ….. my crew love it, of course, I can only buy tuna flavors …. LOL

    I’m headed out to do my work out (I walk 2-3 miles along Bayshore) ….. a beautiful morning, not too hot …. looks like later this week we might even get a cool down …. it will be nice to be out of the 80s …. hey, it’s supposed to be winter, right??!!??

    Have a great Tuesday all!!



    Paw Up – Tuesday Waves…
    Not a fan of bathing cats with water…
    IMHO they have their own way of grooming themselves –
    cat nope for bathtime
    not like usual dog need as bath time…
    pampered pooch
    Hee hee, woof!
    But…here’s my 2.5 cent share as bathroom etiquette 😉
    proceed lol
    OK, back to part 1’s fun day 2…later/hopeful…



    I gave Willow a bath a couple of weeks ago, and he absolutely enjoyed it. He’s always liked water and drinks from the sink–even hops in the tub when I am getting ready to get in the shower. I put water in the tub and washed him off after a vet visit, because they gave him fluids and he was covered in them and pee. I couldn’t let him be covered in them and be stinky…but he loved the warm rinse and towel dry. He’s afraid of the blow dryer…so I didn’t go that route!

    The pic of of the little smooshie calico in bubbles is ADORABLE!!!



    Bubbly kittah is so cute and really seems to enjoy it. I’m glad your toof is feeling a bit better.

    I went through this with my cats. They loved Fancy Feast (in Gravy) and always ate it. Then the vet. and I switched their dry food from Prescription Diet to Science Diet, that I can get PetSmart, because they felt Miss Gaea hadn’t had struvite crystals so it was’t needed. They loved the new dry food. So I thought (first mistake) why not get the same food only wet. They loved it…for about 3 weeks. We went back to FF…didn’t want it. I tried other foods with no luck so I went back to FF. They were going to eat it or not. I spent a lot change buying this and that and that was it. They’re back to FF. BRATS, I say, BRATS!

    That’s the problem with me writing essays. I identify the problem, explain it and find a solution. But the professors what all sorts of other words in between and that’s where I struggle.

    I finally climbed stairs. Well, 5 stairs but I did it.



    PG, while 5 stairs is better than no stairs I do understand your frustration, as does this orangie:

    I also get the essay thing. Peeps used to complain about having to cut their essays, while I struggled to pad mine. I would get to the point and not get having to add a lot of blather. I guess that’s why I’m good at and enjoy editing and cutting the c**p! In my HS yearbook my English teacher wrote “For brevity is often good, when we are, or are not understood.”

    It’s srsly pouring out and good to be in. Plus all but one of my gifts to self have arrived. Well two pkgs, as I so liked my new kewel tights that I instantly ordered one more pr in each shade, they’re low stocked in store and shipping is free today. 🙂



    Good morning all. Another scorcher of a day forecast here.
    KJ, impressive sounding throne room you have. Pretty tile pattern.
    PG, succinct. Nodding.
    As for HRH and her food change I forgot to mention that all meals MUST be served outside on the deck in the shade. She will look at her plate inside and walk away but if I take it outside then she will usually eat. And they say men are difficult to understand! KK just txtd to ask if Shadz insists on a wee cocktail umbrella in her food too.
    AV, at the moment she is preferring turkey giblets flavour and some fishy ones. Of course that will change the moment I stock up on them to something I don’t have in the pantry.
    JK, I love the furry toilet companion pic.
    PG, congrats on the stair climbing. LOL at BRATS, I know exactly what you mean. As for the essay, you have been trained to identify, solve and act, anything else in between is waffle.



    Well we all know who that little white one reminds me of. Aslan probably would have screamed like that too; other than some tushie cleanup, I didn’t bathe him. And can I just say that I love that the kitty in the sink of the yellow tiled kitchen looks so photoshopped! We all know that pic is in our dreams! The doggie one, of course, is totally real. After all, that long luxurious fur needs pampering!

    I’m glad your toof is feeling a bit better, MS. Good to get a workout in.

    Happy for your Steelers, PG! More drama in Giants-land. At this point I’m kinda rooting against them so they can get some good draft picks.

    Big day today. Went to the bank and paid off the second mortgage. Woo-hoo!



    WOOHOO JJ, that must be a great feeling.



    Awesome news JJ! That is a relief too!



    Wonderful news JJ!



    it has been raining, but very warm for the season 10c in Mtl. I was happy to get a bit of cycling in, when the rain abated. Though the sun hadn’t gone down, I snapped on my lights as there is less visibility in the dull weather. Livia was sitting out on the back “gallery” (local porches the length of triplex units in the back) but I called her back in as it will get colder overnight.

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